Grimm Episode 100: EPs, Stars Tease Mythology Answers in Milestone Hour: 'It's the Best of What We Do'

Grimm Episode 100 Spoilers Keys

“We could tell it was cooking when we were making it.”

Grimm‘s Silas Weir Mitchell sits in a Portland, Ore., hotel’s dining room, co-star and onscreen wife Bree Turner to his left, during a breakfast with reporters in February. He’s speaking not of the giant and heavenly smelling German pancake a waiter has just placed in front of him — “a Grimm pancake,” he jokes — but of the NBC series’ upcoming 100th episode.

The milestone hour, which airs Friday (9/8c), continues Monroe and Nick’s search for a mysterious object hidden in the Black Forest. “It’s the best of what we do,” Turner chimes in, agreeing that the making of the hour felt somehow different, even though most of the cast was working in familiar territory and with a beloved director (executive producer Noberto Barba, who has helmed many of the series’ big episodes).

Grimm Episode 100 Spoilers

“The sets were amazing, the story is cool and there were just a couple of moments that felt really on,” Mitchell says. “When you get tingly now” — aka five seasons in — “you know you’re onto something.”

The actors promise “a lot of payoff” for fans who’ve been invested in the saga of fairytale monsters and the Grimm who hunts them. And later that day, when TVLine talks with series co-creators David Greenwalt and James Kouf on the show’s Portland set, the cryptic pair — who wrote the ep — offers a (rare) definitive answer about mythology that has been a through line since the supernatural drama’s first season.

“We finally answer the damn keys,” Greenwalt says, laughing as Kouf adds, “We wrap up those suckers!”

The mystical objects in question were scattered all over the globe centuries ago; over the course of the series, David Giuntoli’s Nick Burkhardt has slowly collected several of them, which seem to point to a mysterious spot in Germany. But why? And for what? And are Kouf and Greenwalt sure they’re not going to revisit the subject in the future?

“Well,” Greenwalt says, “we don’t need the keys, but the thing that’s in there —”

” — that carries on,” Kouf says, finishing the EP’s sentence. “What they find.”

“And it’s not just the keys,” Greenwalt continues. “There are some other things needed to open that darn box when they finally get their hands on it after a lot of toil.”

“Not that there is a box!” Kouf says, laughing.

We’re starting to understand what Turner and Mitchell mean earlier when they attempt to sum up the hour.

“Four or five things are answered,” she says. “Kind of. Ish,” he adds. “And of course, there’s a thousand more questions.”

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