Grey's Anatomy Recap: 'Major' Surgery

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Road trip! In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith, Jackson, Callie, Bailey and Jo were recruited by a Col. Miller to visit Bauer Medical, a military hospital, and throw a Hail Mary pass to save the life of a veteran with a monster of a tumor. There was just one problem (well, besides the tumor, obviously).

Though Owen had forewarned the Grey Sloan docs to be on their best behavior, no one had given the same instruction to the patient’s regular oncologist, Major Will Thorpe (Scott Elrod, late of The Young and the Restless). Mind you, it was hard to blame him for being pissed: Not only hadn’t he gotten the memo that outsiders were being brought in, he also wasn’t in the slightest inclined to let “the dream team” use poor Sgt. Carson as “a guinea pig.”

“We are miracle workers,” Callie bragged-slash-assured. But were she and her colleagues able to do the impossible for Will’s patient, especially after only one (horrific-looking) run-through of the surgery? Did anyone notice that Will was the handsomest TV major since Steve Trevor? And what was going on back at Grey Sloan while the Fab Five were away? Read on and find out!

‘YOUR WORK BETTER BE AS GOOD AS YOUR TALK’ | After that inauspicious introduction to Will — during which it looked like Jackson was just about ready to take the conflict outside — things cooled off a bit. During the group’s consultation with Carson, Will warned that, sick as he was, if he rolled the dice on Callie’s procedure, “We could lose you on the table tonight.” On the other hand, if Carson went with Will’s plan of aggressive chemo, he could get a coupla good years. Given those options, Carson chose to take the chance of living a full life that Callie’s treatment offered.

Prepping for the surgery, Jackson found himself the object of a great deal of attention from Capt. Vaughan, who was so interested in him — sorry, in his WORK — that she’d even googled him. “Could she flirt any harder?” Jo marveled, adding that Jackson had been flirting right back. When he protested that he hadn’t said anything even remotely flirtatious, Wilson just gestured at his face and bod, and hilariously explained, “All of this is a flirt.”

Before going into surgery, Baily insisted on praying with her team. Mer wasn’t feeling it, though. “Callie, how long do we stand here doing this?” she asked.  But they needed all the help they could get. Almost from the start, Callie seemed off her game. Sure, she was able to joke with Jo about how Jackson couldn’t help but flirt, cute as he is. Yet she was clearly intimidated by the miracle that she had promised to work. And, just as Will was admitting that Mer’s work impressed him, Callie called her away and confessed, “I don’t think I can do this.” Grey’s helpful response? “Well, you better do something.”

While Callie stepped out to try to think of a way to attach the one leg she was leaving Carson with to the middle of his body as planned when she didn’t have enough body to attach it to — yes, the surgery was that insane! — Will got angry again, calling the patient just “a one-night stand for” Mer and the others. However, after a pep talk from Mer, Callie came up with… well, it was already a Hail Mary of a surgery, so an Our Father? Anyway, she came up with a daring plan to complete the operation and save Carson. “Avery,” she barked, “let’s go see a leg about a femur!” (Now there’s a line you don’t hear on every TV show!) And when they were done, it appeared to be a success. “Told ya,” said Callie. “It’s a miracle.”

‘IT’S GETTING A LITTLE OLD’ | Meanwhile, back at Grey Sloan, a group of injured cheerleaders drove Penny and Stephanie so crazy that they considered intubating them just to shut them up. One of the girls even got so stressed out that she coded. So Stephanie used her past as a cheer captain to convince the girls to rally behind their teammate. Maggie hid Andrew in an on-call room post-tryst in order to keep their romance a secret from Nathan, one of the few doctors left who didn’t already know. What if she became known as the doctor who’d dated the pretty boy, and it all went south? she asked. Who would take her seriously, then? Alex was sick of hearing about it. But “I’m a very serious person!” Maggie insisted. Later, when she was complaining about how silly the cheerleaders were, Alex pointed out that she was being just as immature by keeping her relationship with Andrew on the DL. So, at the end of the hour, Maggie revealed her and Andrew’s coupledom to Nathan so hilariously awkwardly that Arizona quipped, “That was hard to watch.”

‘THE TIME FOR PULLING BONE-HEADED STUNTS IS LONG PAST’ | Ben took it upon himself to perform emergency surgery in the psych ward (!) when a patient crashed. By the time Spencer got Richard there, Ben was slicing into the man using — good God! — a sharp piece of clipboard. Upon making it to the OR, Richard tore Ben a new one. “You did not show skill today,” he said, “you showed bravado.” And bravado in a hospital can be damned dangerous. When Bailey got wind of what happened, the chief chewed out her husband, too. “The man was dying!” Ben argued. “You got lucky,” Bailey shot back. Still, she was only suspending him for three days.

‘I’D LIKE TO FOLLOW UP WITH YOU’ | As “All Eyez on Me” drew to a close, Will tried to flirt with Mer in hopes of seeing her again. And, after initially blowing him off, she had a change of heart and gave him her cell number. “Shut up,” she pleaded to her friends as they all left Bauer. “It was nothing.” But, as we all know, it was… major. (Couldn’t resist.)

OK, your turn! What did you think of the episode? Do you like Thorpe as a potential love interest for Meredith? Hit the comments!

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