Pretty Little Liars Recap: Plan 'A'

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Charlotte’s killer was finally revealed on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars — or so the girls want their stalker to believe.

“Stealing that security drive wasn’t because Aria was on it, it’s because I’m on it,” Hanna told Spencer after revealing that she stabbed Ali’s sister with a candlestick before throwing her off the bell tower. “I murdered Charlotte.”

But as you probably guessed halfway through #HannasConfession, taking the fall for Charlotte’s murder was merely part of Hanna’s plan to catch the stalker who’s been demanding the killer’s name. And as you’re probably predicting, purely because this is PLL we’re talking about, that plan is bound to blow up spectacularly in the Liars’ collective face. I guess we’ll find out during next Tuesday’s big finale!

Elsewhere this week…

A VISIT FROM MOM | We’ve been hearing a lot about PLL‘s upcoming identical twin reveal, and I’m pretty sure it happened this week. After an “accidental” fall sent Alison to the hospital (that’s what you get for planning your afternoon around reading!), the fifth Liar was visited by the ghost of her mother. Or was it a ghost? Fans have been speculating for years that Mrs. DiLaurentis has a twin in town, and this week’s visit certainly supports that theory.

BOOK SQUIRMS | Are Liam and Aria officially dunzo? Not only is Aria staying in Rosewood to work on the book with Ezra, but Liam has asked for some “distance” from the project. Personally, I’d be OK with that; Liam and Aria’s relationship was barely established this season.

Odds and Ends:

* It was nice of Lucas to offer Hanna her own design company in his soon-to-be-renovated factory, but did anyone else detect a layer of creepiness ‘neath his proposal?

* To be fair, Elliott also gave off a creepy vibe this week, no? Has this show just ruined my sense of trust?

* And what did Sara mean when she told Mona she was going to be “lonely”?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you agree that Ali’s mom is the character with a twin? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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