Game of Thrones: A Shot-for-Shot Look at What the Season 6 Trailer Does — and Doesn't — Show Us

OK, Game of Thrones fans: It’s time to throw some furs on the ol’ iron throne, make yourself comfy and settle in, because we’ve got some work ahead of us.Our collective task: Poring over HBO’s just-released trailer for the series’ upcoming sixth season, because it is packed full of images that bear very close scrutiny. As you’ll see once you’ve watched the video — go ahead and do it; we’ll wait — the promo is a dark (literally and figuratively) look at what’s ahead in the seven kingdoms once the drama returns on Sunday, April 24 (9/8c).

We shed some light (again, literally — thanks, photo-editing software! — and figuratively) on almost all of the images you see in the 1:41-minute spot. Some, like a blind Arya, aren’t surprising, based on what took place in the previous season’s finale. Others, like How Cersei Got Her Groove Back, are a pleasant-if-violent surprise. Still others, like Jon Snow’s corpse laid out like a buffet, hit us like a wildling ambush. And some we’re just really not sure about — so you’ll have to help us out.

Click through the gallery below to see nearly every shot in the preview, then hit the comments with your theories, thoughts and predictions for the season to come!

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