Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Pete Gardner Talks Darryl's '80s-Inspired Coming-Out Jam

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Spoilers Darryl White Josh

At the moment, the only people who know that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Darryl prefers the company of women and men are Mr. Whitefeather himself and White Josh, the object of his affection. (Well, and maybe the people he was ogling during that aerobics class.) But after tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), Pete Gardner tells TVLine, all of that will change in a big, popped-collar way.

Rebecca’s boss, who has recently realized that he’s bisexual, “invites everybody into the conference room to let them know what he’s discovered about himself,” Gardner previews, chuckling. “He’s got a whole song to tell them… and they couldn’t care less.”

The tune is called “Gettin’ Bi.” “It’s like a Huey Lewis song from the ’80s,” Gardner says, adding that the fun song actually makes some rather salient points. “Sometimes bisexual characters are shown on TV shows as being manipulative or trying to get something, or they’re confused or whatever,” he says. “[Darryl] addresses all those things in the song.”

While we had Gardner on the phone, we asked him for the scoop on our new favorite Crazy pair. Read on for details (and to hear Gardner say “cat’s pajamas.”)

TVLINE | When Darryl’s attraction to White Josh started, I thought maybe the show would play it as a Smithers-on-The-Simpsons thing: a gag that would pop up every now and then. I love that it’s a full-on storyline — did you know, going into the series, that this was the plan?
I did know. When I initially got the job, they invited me over to the writers’ room and they have this huge wall up where they have all the episodes listed. They have the characters, and it tells basically what they’re going to do in each episode. They walked down the thing, they were like, “In [Episode] 5, you’re going to sing a song about your daughter.” I was like, “OK, good to know.” And they were like, “And here, in Episode 11, you’ll be bisexual.” I was like, “Oh, alright!” [Laughs] “Wow!” For me, I was so excited, because it told me — just from what I had seen from the writing so far — it told me my character was going to have a real arc, a real storyline and a romantic relationship rather than just [being] the bumbling boss.

What I really think is great about the writing is, it comes so subtly and it really makes sense. It’s not like one episode and all of a sudden, Darryl’s gay! I’ve had friends of mine who are bisexual who have written to me — when I kissed White Josh — because they said when I kissed him, they were holding their breath because they were waiting for me to go, “Nope! Not gay” or whatever and make it a joke. But what I really love about this show is that Darryl can still be funny, because Darryl’s a funny character. But it’s not at the expense of his sexuality or his relationship with White Josh.

TVLINE | I also love how him figuring out his sexuality doesn’t make him any cooler, or smoother, or less of a dork.
He’s figuring it out for the first time. He’s not closeted; it’s not like he was always secretly gay. He’s just figuring it out. What’s great is that it’s a good thing. He’s on the road to discovery to who he really is, which is what I think the whole show is about… What’s so sweet about this storyline is that White Josh is the first person that’s nice to Darryl in the whole show! [Laughs] Except for Rebecca, I think she really cares about Darryl, and he cares about her genuinely. But White Josh is the first one that really shows him any affection… On the bus episode, he says, “Oh my gosh, that’s Josh. He’s been my fitspiration for years!” He’s known him for years from the health club. So he’s already an admirer of him. Then he talks to him, he can’t believe that he’s talking to him, then he invites him to his party. It all makes sense, and it’s all very gradual.

TVLINE | It seems like people are into Darryl and White Josh as a couple. Did you think that would be the case?
Darryl is such a sweet character, and he’s so goofy and funny, that I think people wanted to see him happy. Also, you get to see a little bit more of him, understand his story a little bit more. Also, I hate to say this, but among the castmembers, [Darryl and White Josh] are the cutest couple on the show! Because everyone else has all these problems, and they’re clicking. Gradually, I’m sure there’s a bunch of things that will put stumbling blocks between them — the age difference — but not yet. Also, I think Darryl is going 100 miles an hour and White Josh is going 30. They’ve kissed twice… and Darryl is thinking about where they’ll have their wedding reception. He’s so excited.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, what can you tell me about Darryl’s future with White Josh?
We’ll see where the writing takes us, but I feel like Darryl’s going to build more confidence, he’s going to be a little more grounded. It’s kind of a big deal that he’s going out with White Josh. He really has always admired White Josh. Now that they’re dating, he really thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas. [Laughs]

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