Grey's Anatomy Recap: Decisions, Incisions

Grey's Anatomy Recap

In the wake of #JaprilTheMovie, this week’s Chandra Wilson-directed Grey’s Anatomy advanced not only the expectant former couple’s relationship — albeit in a two-steps-backward kinda way — it also put a big, Richard-shaped obstacle in Maggie and Andrew’s path, revealed the status of Arizona’s love life, got Alex a (sorta) answer to his proposal and got Meredith the truth about Owen’s beef with Nathan. In other words, a lot happened. So read on, and we’ll review the twists and turns of “My Next Life”…

‘EVERYTHING’S GONNA GET ALL COMPLICATED’ | As the episode began, Amelia and Owen were finishing up in the sack, Jo was discovering Alex’s engagement ring in a drawer, and Mer was insisting that her students be more respectful of the dead bodies in the classroom. Then, after observing a pleasant exchange between the newly divorced Averys — during which April neglected to say, “Oh, and by the way, I’m pregnant” — Arizona urged the mom-to-be to inform her ex of her delicate condition. “Why?” April asked. “So he’ll come back to me?” No thanks. Since neither would nor should a baby have kept her marriage intact, she wanted to delay her confession and enjoy just being “happy for the first time in a year.” (Sorry, but are anyone else’s feelings ever as important to April as her own?) She’d fill in Jackson, she assured Arizona — but only when she was ready. In the doctors’ lounge, Maggie assumed that Amelia was missing a boot because she was drunk. After Shepherd explained that she was short some footwear because she’d gotten laid, Pierce complained that, since Andrew was an intern and thus always busy, “I know where all my boots are.” Off Ben telling Andrew that he should want to be Richard’s go-to, Webber — fully aware that his daughter was the “wildcat” DeLuca was seeing — assigned the intern a series of degrading tasks including but not limited to performing a rectal exam and picking up his drycleaning.

‘SHE WAS DEREK’S PATIENT, NOW SHE’S MINE’ | When Grey Sloan readmitted Katie Bryce, a former patient of Derek’s — and Meredith’s first surgery as an intern — the young woman was shocked to see Grey, she had been such a train wreck. “They still let you be a doctor here?” Katie marveled. Later, Grey and Amelia bickered possessively over the young woman like she was the last sharp scalpel in the hospital. After promising Stephanie that she could clip their next aneurysm, Amelia discovered that Katie had one the size of a boulder. “I don’t wanna clip that,” admitted Edwards. Neither did her mentor. But Amelia promised Katie that she’d do her “very best.” “Are you as good as your brother?” Katie asked. And questions really don’t come much more loaded than that. Afterward, Amelia — her insecurities turned up to 11 — tried to call things off anew with Owen, who instead reassured her that, no matter what Mer thought, she could handle Katie’s surgery.

‘I DIDN’T BUY IT FOR THE DRAWER’ | If you think you were frustrated by the wait to get Jo’s answer to Alex’s marriage proposal, just imagine being him. Even after their kiss last week, he still hadn’t technically gotten an answer. So when she inquired what he was going to do with the engagement ring, he seized the opportunity to try and get some clarity. “You didn’t say yes or no,” he reminded her. “Is this no?” In response, she said emphatically no, which only prompted him to ask, “‘No’ like ‘no’ or ‘no’ like ‘not no’?” And then — argh! — she left the elevator without anything whatsoever being resolved. Later, Jo admitted to Stephanie, “I don’t want [the ring]… right now.”

‘I’M INVESTED IN THIS PROJECT’ | When Arizona wasn’t forthcoming with details of the dates that Richard had helped set up for her, she at last volunteered TMI. So they were both kinda relieved when Andrew came in from running Webber’s errands and nearly passed out from hunger. Later, Andrew found the strength to hook up with Maggie… but they were interrupted by pages from Richard. Upon realizing that Webber had singled DeLuca out, Maggie confessed — foolishly, without first prescribing a sedative — that Richard was her father. “Oh, I’m so screwed,” Andrew gasped. Later, both Maggie and Arizona sang DeLuca’s praises to Webber. (Though Maggie made the mistake of mentioning that he had good hands — in surgery! In surgery!) In the OR, Arizona diverted Richard’s questions about how many women she was seeing by discussing what a great roommate Andrew was. He’s never there, she said, because he’s always at his girlfriend’s place. Although, she added, once he brought the woman over for the night. “I thought he was killing her in there!” Robbins said, horrifying both Richard and DeLuca. “She’s a screamer!”

‘CALL YOUR SON’ | Discharging a cancer patient, Mer ran into a problem that required help from cardio. To her dismay, “Ugh, Riggs!” was paged. (Her dislike of Nathan was so obvious that even the bleeding patient noticed.) Upon learning that the woman was reluctant to call the son she’d abandoned years earlier (in spite of her promise that she would if Grey got her cancer-free), Riggs encouraged her to do so before they had to wheel her into emergency surgery. Happily, the young man was receptive and was headed for the hospital stat. As Mer and Nathan wheeled the patient into the OR, Grey locked eyes with Katie — also on her way into surgery — and flashed back to Derek. (“It’s a beautiful night to save lives.”)

‘NO TRACE’ | As the hour drew to a close, we learned that Katie pulled through just fine, but Mer and Nathan lost their patient. Off that heartbreak, Grey asked Riggs point blank what was the deal between him and Owen. What did she know already, since she and Hunt were friends? “He said you put [his sister] in a helicopter, and it crashed,” Mer said. In response, Nathan explained that there had only been room for one of them with a patient on a transport chopper, and Meg had argued that, since it was her patient, she should be the one to go. “I would have done the same thing… ” he added, “so I couldn’t tell her no… and the helicopter never got there. No one knows what happened. It just… disappeared.” (Translation: Meg is possibly alive.) Finally pushed too far by Grey’s questions, Nathan snapped, “I don’t go asking about your dead husband, do I?” Elsewhere, Richard warned Arizona against spreading her heart too thin, prompting her to thank him for being her wingman. “You helped me be slutty again,” she said. Jo at last gave Alex an answer (of sorts) to his proposal. “Keep [the ring] in the drawer,” she said. “I don’t want it, but I don’t want it gone.” After Jackson insisted on paying his half of his and April’s last joint cell bill, saying, “I don’t wanna leave anything undone,” Alex revealed that he knew Kepner was preggers — “I work in peds, I figured it out” — and encouraged her to inform her ex before he figured it out, too. Maggie acknowledged to Richard that she liked Andrew — and liked that her dad was looking out for her as well. Owen and Amelia agreed to start over “just like new.” So, when she tried to seduce him, he adorably balked. “I barely know you!” he said. “At least ask me out on a date first!”

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