Teen Wolf Recap: 'That's Not My Name'

Teen Wolf Recap

Mason’s game of hide-and-seek reached an unfortunate conclusion Tuesday on the penultimate episode of Teen Wolf‘s fifth season.

While Scott and his pack tracked down Mason, a flurry of new details came to light about Liam’s BFF. For starters, he is a genetic chimera; as Mama McCall tactfully pointed out, Mason “ate his twin” in utero. And as Gerard added, it’s OK to start searching for the legendary Beast-impaling pike because, by now, “Mason Hewitt is gone.”

Sadly, once Scott and Liam found their missing pal — who may or may not have been hooked up to a former Nazi werewolf, I’m still investigating — they realized that Gerard was right. When they addressed him as “Mason,” he growled, “That’s not my name,” before entering full Stitch mode. And when they were finally able to subdue him, he didn’t transform back into Mason, but into that no-good Sebastian — the Man of Gévaudan!

All in all, this episode was a huge help to my overburdened brain. Heck, even the Dread Doctors decided to suddenly start speaking in full sentences this week, offering Theo an explanation for why Mason was chosen to help revive the Beast:

Your failure taught us one thing: the banality of evil. That you were, and would always be, an ordinary evil. … We believed that to resurrect the perfect killer, we had to start with the perfect evil. From you, we learned true evil only comes from corrupting something truly good.

The intense hour also served as the perfect set-up for next week’s finale, with Parrish going after the Beast in its final moments. If anyone reading this has experience with prayers circles, now would be the time to start forming one.

‘I LOVE A CAGE MATCH’ | Malia and Braeden’s ongoing battle with the Desert Wolf — excuse me, Corinne — also took a dangerous turn this week. Though Braeden’s (brilliant) trail of nuts provided sufficient warning of Corinne’s attack, I can’t help but worry about the three women all trapped under the same roof, especially knowing how much Teen Wolf enjoys killing off beloved characters in its finales. (Also, how funny was Stiles’ bit with the gun? Everything about that exchange felt very Season 1, and I loved it.)

Additional Thoughts:

* Can Deucalion’s “pain, life, power” mantra become MTV’s new “gym, tan, laundry”? #PLP

* After the skin-walkers help Kira save Mason, can she help them by picking up a bottle of lotion at CVS? (Their weird, cracked faces make my skill crawl every single time.)

* Even Stiles and Lydia’s non-romantic encounters are somehow romantic. I don’t know why I ever gave up on that ‘ship.

Your thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf? Hopes and fears for next week’s finale? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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