Castle Recap: Using Your Noodles

Castle Recap Missing Time

This week on ABC’s Castle, as a murder cast suspicion on an ESL class, it was Rick who learned a most unexpected lesson — about his missing time.

As I previously shared, this episode, “And Justice for All,” was a companion piece of sorts to next week’s L.A.-bound escapade, guest-starring Summer Glau, Gerald McRaney and the GDS. Though even I was caught a bit off guard with how randomly the seed was planted for the revisiting of Rick’s missing time.

When Eddie, an ESL student, is bludgeoned to death, all eyes are on his fellow classmates, due to a seemingly damning text from someone in the group. When RySpo get stonewalled by the law enforcement-averse foreigners, Kate takes Rick up on his offer to ably identify the mangled syntax used in the mystery text. Cue the arrival of new classmate Jean Luc, a chef from Quebec!

Rifling through the teacher’s paperwork, Rick promptly IDs the student who sent the text — only to learn, with thanks to “translator” Hayley, that the Geordie was hounding Eddie about something utterly benign. But later at a class dinner, sampling indigenous cuisine, Rick’s bite of some japchae triggered a flicker of memories from, it seems, Korea.

Rick eventually updates Kate on his recollection, including a temple he spotted in the flashback. He’s game to trek to Korea to follow up on these new clues, but Kate advises against that — quite wisely, it turns out, seeing as at episode’s end, Rick has another flash that reveals he wasn’t in Korea but Koreatown, in Los Angeles. Thus setting the stage for next week’s episode.

The Case of the Week turned out to involve a crooked judge who had an arrangement with the ESL teacher to shake down students until they were rounded up and sent to a detention facility, where the judge received kickbacks for each bed filled. Once the weasely teach was found out, Castle stepped up to finish the class’ education — Alexis Castle, that is.

What did you think of “And Justice for All”? And was anyone else unsettled by Bearded Perlmutter?

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