The Originals Recap: Strix Feet Under

The Originals Recap

Klaus Mikaelson still has 99 problems, but after Friday’s The Originals, the Strix ain’t one.

In one of the most masterfully executed episodes of the series — it was a great night for both CW vampire shows, really — Klaus and company were finally able to put that nasty prophecy, among other things, behind them. For now.

Klaus and Elijah spent most of the episode trapped in a mental prison designed by Aya’s witches, with only Romeo and Juliet Tristan and Aurora to keep them company. Klaus’ crazy ex-girlfriend was able to do a number on his emotions, but like all sticky situations, he emerged stronger and more enlightened than before. (I love that Freya was able to use the queen chess pieces to free the brothers because they represented the women they’ve betrayed.)

Of course, this is still The Originals, so not everything went according to plan. With a major assist from Davina, Aya was able to break Klaus’ sire bond — before meeting her own end at the hands of Ms. Hayley Marshall. (Having Hayley kill the woman who ripped out Jackson’s heart was a nice bit of poetic justice, not to mention it saved Elijah from the guilt of snuffing out his former flame.)

Speaking of Hayley, if Klaus takes Stefan’s words to heart, he and the mother of his child might have a bright future after all. Following Klaus’ lecture about how Stefan needs to set Caroline free in order to keep her safe, the special guest vampire made Klaus eat his own words: “Take your own advice,” he said. “Do right by [Hayley].”

The episode ended, fittingly enough, with Davina finally completing the resurrection spell and bringing back Kol. (Though I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out what else she’s done in his absence.)

Fellow viewers, did you love this week’s Originals as much as I did? Did you also half expect Stefan and Hayley to start making out in that trunk, forgetting that they’re only together in real life? Drop a comment with your full review of the episode below.

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