The Originals Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The Originals Recap

Klaus Mikaelson’s ancient ex reached #PeakCrazy on Friday’s The Originals — and if Aurora was going down, she was taking everybody with her.

Fortunately for everybody, she did not go down — not completely, anyway — but she and her barrel of white oak bullets still managed to cause plenty of trouble for the Original family.

Like Freya, who was kidnapped, shot and buried alive all in a single afternoon; Klaus might never have found her if she didn’t call on Finn’s power for assistance. It was a harrowing experience, but at least it finally solidified her as a member of the family. (“You are my sister, Freya,” Klaus said. “And you are a part of this family, always and forever.”)

Or Elijah, who also took a bullet to the shoulder after calling Aurora out for being a damn Looney Tune: “You think I’m somehow responsible for your little breakup? How adorably delusional of you, Aurora. You do realize that you’re utterly insane. Niklaus can be resilient, but there’s only so much madness that even he can take.” (I’ve always admired his way with words.)

Unfortunately, the episode ended with a still-alive Aurora gaining a powerful new ally: Aya.

Elsewhere this week…

HEARTS ON FIRE | Kol wasn’t kidding when he told Davina that she really didn’t want to know the binding agent in the sire-bond spell: the heart of an unsired vampire. Only Hayley and Jackson’s hearts fit that bill, and since dead guys are way easier to pin down, the Strix — more specifically, its new leader Marcel — did a little grave-digging this week. This is so, so bad. (But at least we got a few nice Kol/Davina scenes out of his utter disaster. Did anyone not get emotional when he told her she could make it up to him with “a night on the town in a little black dress”?)

TRAINING DAY | “I wonder if keeping busy might distract you from your grief,” Klaus mused before tasking Hayley with whipping Cami into shape — in every possible way. The girls’ sparring sesh at Marcel’s church quickly turned personal, with Hayley telling her, “You haven’t been yourself lately. And in your less-sane moments, you’ve been putting the people I love in danger.” But it turned out to be a teaching moment for both of them, as Hayley was able to face a few of her own demons in the midst of tackling Cami’s.

Odds and Ends:

* Heartwarming moments are fleeting on this show — with all of the random beheadings and whatnot — so I made sure to savor Klaus and Hayley’s chat at Jackson’s grave.

* Which deserves to be labeled Quote of the Week: Klaus’ “Tend to Freya, I have to murder my ex,” or Hayley’s “You don’t need a lecture, but I am taking your ass to school”?

Your thoughts on this week’s Originals? Hopes and fears for the rest of Season 3? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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