Mom's Anna Faris Previews Christy and Marjorie's Post-Tragedy 'Fallout'

If last week’s episode of Mom was a gut punch, this Thursday’s installment (9/8c on CBS) is all about the bruising after-effects.

Indeed, in the wake of Jodi’s heartbreaking overdose — and Christy’s decision to let Marjorie go on her honeymoon without any knowledge of their friend’s death — viewers will witness “the first time that there’s been a lot of tension in Marjorie and Christy’s relationship,” previews series star Anna Faris.

“Marjorie understandably is really upset. Her argument is, ‘Instead of getting to grieve with you, I was in Alaska,'” Faris explains. “I actually really struggled with [Christy’s decision]. Is that something I would do personally? I don’t know. Christy was put in a really difficult position, and she’s also devastated by the loss of this young woman who showed a lot of promise, and who she really loved.”

Faris says the situation is further complicated by her character’s indignant response to Marjorie’s anger, as well as the guilt Christy carries about brushing off Jodi’s phone call in the final hours of her life. “Christy really underestimated Jodi’s struggle. And that speaks to the idea that maybe it was premature for Christy to be a sponsor” in the first place, the actress reasons.

Fortunately, the heavy weight of Jodi’s death is lightened by a road trip to Canada, spearheaded by Bonnie’s quest to procure stolen maple syrup and sell it at a huge markup back in the states. “Our writers are brilliant at combining these broader comedic storylines with these really serious, deeply personal and very timely problems associated with the addiction epidemic in our country right now,” says Faris. “There’s a lot of thoughtfulness behind what we do.”

Scoring big laughs while still being able to explore “richly developed” inner lives is one of Faris’ favorite things about Mom. “I don’t know if you saw Scary Movie 2, but I haven’t always been able to play characters who are so dimensional and complicated,” she says with a big laugh. “That’s really rewarding.”

Still reeling from Jodi’s death? Will Christy and Marjorie’s relationship be changed by this tragedy? Share your thoughts and predictions below!

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