Madam Secretary Recap: 'Tip of the Spear' — Plus: Henry's Fate Revealed!

Madam Secretary Season 2 Recap

Oh, Henry.

Madame Secretary‘s mister spent much of Sunday’s episode seemingly in danger: His heroic acts following the suicide bombing in last week’s episode left him in the hospital, being treated for radiation poisoning, and possibly beyond medical help.

To make matters worse, Elizabeth found herself sequestered at the White House until the government got a handle on what had happened — meaning while the kids worried and Henry lay in a contamination unit, the Secretary of State was in lockdown with her boss, preoccupied with the very good chance that her man was heading toward that great lectern in the sky.

To take her mind off things, Elizabeth, her staff and a lot of other high ranking officials tried to figure out where the bomber had gotten the uranium for her incendiary device. Long story short, a Libyan terrorist was behind it all, and eventually President Dalton & Co. were pretty sure they had enough intel to bomb his compound. So they did… but later find out that he wasn’t there at the time.

Happy to be alive and wanting to kick bad guy butt, the first thing Henry did when he returned home was to contact Jane and tell her he wanted back into DIA. But she had some bad news: Someone at a higher level put a big red NO on his application.

He thought it was because Elizabeth doesn’t want him to return to his spy job — and she doesn’t — but she wasn’t responsible for the refusal. As we learned, that came straight from President Dalton, who later showed up at the McCord house with Russell and a job offer: He’s starting a working group (proposed by Elizabeth) to be the “tip of the spear” when it comes to eradicating the elusive terrorist and his organization… and the prez wants Henry to be part of it.

A NO-BRAINER | Even better, the State Department will know what this group is up to, meaning that Henry and Elizabeth won’t have to keep secrets about their jobs from each other anymore. An energized Henry barely had to think about it before he answered, “Yeah, I’m in.”

Elsewhere, Nadine hosted Matt when he didn’t want to spend the night in his apartment, thanks to its proximity to the site of the bombing. He was surprised she’s not a cat lady. And I’m not sure where — if anywhere — the show is going with this storyline, but I definitely got a Cam-Arastoo vibe from the two of them during the hour (where my Bones peeps at?!).

What did you think of the episode? Were you afraid for Henry’s life? Sound off in the comments!

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