Grey's Anatomy Recap: Heart to Heart

Grey's Anatomy Recap

After a midseason premiere that was so stressful, it almost sent us to therapy along with Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy got back to business as (mostly) usual with “All I Want Is You.” But to whom did the title refer?

Since “The Sound of Silence” let slip that Jackson had served April with divorce papers, it seemed safe to assume that he wasn’t the “I,” and she wasn’t the “you.” Given last week’s — and, really, the winter finale’s — Alex/Jo cliffhanger, it could certainly have been them. Was it, though?

Read on, and we’ll solve this mystery together!

‘TERRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN EVERY DAY’ | In the aftermath of her attack and physical recovery, Meredith began seeing a hospital-mandated therapist. (Since she wasn’t widowed all that long ago, she was probably due for some couch time, anyway, right?) So, a bit of the episode cut back and forth between her day-to-day life and her meetings with her counselor.

In the former, Mer tried not to complain about the fact that Maggie, a mess of hovering good intentions, kept inviting their friends over as if she feared, were her half sis to be left alone for even a minute, she’d “explode or something.” Would she? No. “I’m a widow,” Mer noted to her shrink. “I’m good at [being alone].” Finally, reminded by her counselor that it’s okay to kick her pals out, Mer did exactly that.

Still, her therapist wasn’t entirely buying her assurances that she was fine. Though she pointed out that no one had died, and “any day when no one dies, that’s a good day,” he wondered why she was so angry. In time, she admitted that yeah, maybe she WAS pissed, because so many people in her life — her mother, Derek, Cristina — had done what she asked her pals to do and left her alone.

Later, the therapist pointed out that as a widow, Mer hadn’t really moved on — a widow is married to a dead guy. And Mer wasn’t exactly a widow anymore. So what was she? “I don’t know,” she admitted. At the end of their sessions, Mer told her shrink that she was fine when she came in and felt terrible now. “You’re really bad at this,” she cracked. So what does she do now? “The truth is,” he replied, “you can do anything you want.”

‘YOU’VE TURNED EVERYONE HERE AGAINST ME!’ | Awaiting the arrival of a patient experiencing burrito-related chest pains, Owen and Nathan argued so incessantly that when at last the ambulance pulled in, April was downright relieved. “Oh yay,” she quipped. “Someone’s hurt.” Nonetheless, the guys went right on fighting until, out of nowhere, the ambulance blew up! Was that what it would take for Bailey’s dream of the guys getting along to come true? Er, no. Even afterward, Owen and Nathan clashed, with Hunt going so far as to refuse to let Nathan treat a victim of the explosion. That night, April asked Riggs what happened between him and Owen but got nothing in the way of an answer.

‘I DON’T TALK ABOUT IT’ | Owen told Amelia that he was welcome to crash with her, but she turned him down, saying it was “not a good idea for my sobriety.” She did, however, agree to have dinner with him… which she then called off when he refused to open up to her. Finally, he confessed that he’d had a sister who loved Nathan. “He was with her the day that we lost her. He should’ve… ” he said, unable to finish the sentence. “But he didn’t.” In response, Amelia gently suggested that Owen’s sister “loved [Nathan] for a reason,” like Derek loved Mer for a reason. “So,” she concluded, “maybe he deserves another chance.” Some progress made, the on-again/off-again couple went for pizza.

The next day, during an OR emergency, Owen did the unthinkable and told April to page Nathan. Miraculously, they worked seamlessly together, saving the patient with a stunning synchronized performance that Bailey likened to “watching ballet.” Unfortunately, afterward, the guys went right back to yelling at each other.

‘YOU’RE FIRED’ | After meeting with a young cancer patient intrigued by the fact that Alex once made “buttholes for babies that didn’t have them,” Karev consulted with Callie and Jo, then ignored their daring suggestions to go for the safest option. “I’m disappointed in you,” the youngster told him, then canned him. Afterward, the girl paged Callie and Maggie, and hired them to take their “Terminator” approach to her surgery. Being the good guy that he is, Alex stood by the teen as she went into surgery and reassured her when she feared that she was going to die. He even made the tough call, supporting the girl, when Callie and Maggie’s approach ran into trouble mid-operation.

Meanwhile, Alex was being kept at arm’s length by Jo, who we learned via Mer’s sessions had neither accepted nor rejected his proposal. But why was Mer even talking about them in her sessions? “Are you in love with Alex?” the shrink asked Mer. “That’s funny,” she replied. Hanging with Ben, Penny and Stephanie, Jo admitted that she didn’t know if she wanted to marry Alex. “I can’t be trusted,” she added. Yet, at the end of the episode, she seemed sure enough of her feelings for Karev for kiss the hell out of him. (So presumably the “I” and “you” of “All I Want Is You” were Jo and Alex.)

‘ARE YOU GOOD?’ | In other twists of plot, Andrew got in hot water with Richard for getting texted so often — by Maggie, who was worried that he had been hurt in the ambulance explosion. (Aww.) Later, Webber — having no idea that DeLuca was seeing his daughter — surmised that the young doc had a date with a wildcat and warned, “You can’t tame a wildcat.” (Aww… kward… especially when Richard figured it out!) A distance seemed to be growing between Callie and Penny that Torres was blaming on Mer (at least according to Mer). However, as the hour ended, the duo were happily making out.

What do you hope Mer will decide she wants? Were you glad that Alex and Jo seemed to get it together? Hit the comments!

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