The X-Files Revival: Lauren Ambrose Weighs In on Spinoff, Frantic Finale

X-Files Lauren Ambrose Revival Preview

Is the basement office about to have two new inhabitants?

Only two episodes are left in The X-Files‘ revival, and Monday’s (Fox, 8/9c) installment introduces Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) and Robie Amell (The Flash) as FBI special agents who bear more than a passing resemblance to Mulder and Scully.

Amell’s Agent Miller is open to nontraditional ideas and explanations, while Ambrose’s Agent Einstein — a redheaded medical doctor who chose to make her career in the Bureau — is far more interested in solving mysteries by using clear-cut, irrefutable science.

Sound familiar?

Are the revival’s last two hours a set up for the rumored spinoff? In advance of her spooky debut, we asked Ambrose that very question (and a bunch more).

TVLINE | Did you have any reservations about taking this particular role in such a fan-loved series?
Well, yeah, I mean I suppose it was a little bit nerve wracking to go into this…this thing that is so beloved and such a touchstone of our cultural identity. [Laughs] Now that I’ve been a part of it, I realize how passionate people are about it. I didn’t have quite as much of a sense when I was just signing up.

TVLINE | So, I gather you hadn’t watched the original series much, if at all?
No. Yeah. It wasn’t really on my radar… I’d never really been much of a TV watcher, but I have watched them as they’ve been on TV, and I love it. I think it’s so wonderful and hopeful and just creative. I was aware of its long tentacles, but I never really saw it when I was younger.

TVLINE | That’s a pretty apt choice of words for this series.
[Laughs] Yeah. But I’ll tell you, they were all very welcoming of an outsider. It’s a very nice place to work, nice group of people. Chris Carter… to me it’s just his show completely, because he wrote and directed the ones I’m in… I felt like I was very much in the hands of an auteur and a creative-madman-genius kind of thing. He very much knew what he wanted and was very specific… I just felt in good hands under him because he was very specific.

TVLINE | I don’t want to spoil anything, but one of your scenes with David Duchovny is really out there.
[Laughs] Oh my god. Yeah.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about that moment, without giving too much away?
Well, as with all of these things, there’s so much talk about how we’ll do it, and what I’m going to wear, and all this stuff — and then it literally was the last scene on a Friday night, and we had about 10 minutes to accomplish the whole thing. It’s one of those moments where like the whole crew is just cracking into gear. Everybody is on point, because we have to get it done… It was pretty surreal to shoot and it all went very, very quickly, and then I jumped in the car and got in an airplane to go home. [Laughs] While pulling the false eyelashes off my eyes in the car on the way to the airport.

TVLINE | Details about the finale are tough to come by. Can you give me any tease at all?
There’s a lot of panic and something goes terribly awry, and of course they need to figure it out on a global scale… And I’m trying to help. My character’s trying to help.

TVLINE | Chris Carter has said that an Einstein-Miller spinoff isn’t officially in the works, but it’s also not off the table. Any update on that front?
Not from my agents, no. [Laughs] All I know is it was a great place to work, and I would love to do more. I love working with Chris and David and Gillian [Anderson]. They’re all amazing, talented people… and I would like nothing more than to do more.

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