Vampire Diaries Director Paul Wesley Teases 'Exciting Fight Sequence Between Two Unlikely Characters'

Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Interview

Friday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c) marks star Paul Wesley‘s third episode as director, and he’s got a big surprise for fans — which means a lot coming from someone who once helmed an episode about Stefan and Elena’s children.

This surprise is a “really exciting fight sequence between two unlikely characters,” Wesley tells TVLine. “I can’t say any more because I want it to give anything away.” (Great, just when it was getting good.)

The episode also contains an underwater scene, which Wesley describes as “challenging, because it’s something [he’s] never done as a director before.”

As an actor, you may recall, Wesley’s had plenty of experience with water — from the time he and Elena drove off Wickery Bridge to that other time he was stuffed in a box and thrown into the sea. Ah, memories.

Looking a few weeks into the future — more specifically to the big Originals crossover — Wesley sounds like he’s just as excited about Klaus and Stefan’s reunion as we are.

“Joseph [Morgan] is a great actor, so it was nice to have to step up my game,” he says. “And I thoroughly enjoy the dynamic between Klaus and Stefan, but I prefer when they’re comrades.”

Despite the duo’s lengthy history, though, Wesley says there’s “not a lot” of discussion about Klaus and Stefan’s past: “There’s a little bit here and there, but they’re mostly dealing with the present impending danger at hand.”

Are you excited for Wesley’s directorial return? Drop a comment with your thoughts on all things Stefan below.

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