Still No Desk for The X-Files' Scully? Is The 100 Overpopulated? Should SNL Maybe Not Spoof Rape? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Shameless, Lucifer, The Flash and Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

1 | Did we hear Hawaii Five-0‘s Clay right? 20qs-jessica-jones-couchHe thought the stolen $250,000 could send both of Glover’s kids through college and leave something for his pal’s retirement…?!

2 | From Jessica Jones Episode 10: Was Wendy compelled to perform that impromptu surgery specifically on her pristine white leather couch, or was she simply being unwise? (Actually, given how that “1,000 Cuts” sequence later played out… our question is very moot.)

3 | What possessed Saturday Night Live to go back to the poisoned well of Pete Davidson playing a teenager testifying in court about how much he enjoyed being a victim of statutory rape — without any meta commentary or smart twist — when it aired an almost identical sketch last April? And can you imagine the outrage had his teachers been played by, say, Beck Bennett and Kenan Thompson instead of Cecily Strong and Ronda Rousey?

4 | TVLine reader Jake asks: “On Galavant, isn’t Madalena still technically married to Richard? They wed in the pilot and never divorced.” Also: Who got misty-eyed when it turned out that the only thing that motivates the zombie army is love?

Recovery Road5 | How could Shameless‘ Fiona not realize that Gus’ song, “The F Word,” was not going to be a positive tune?

6 | Dear Recovery Road: knee and elbow pads, but no helmet?

7 | Does anyone have worse luck with parents than Jane the Virgin‘s Rafael?

| Is The Magicians‘ Julia supposed to be more likable than her erstwhile BFF (and series protagonist) Quentin?

| Be honest: How much does it bother you that Lucifer‘s license plate reads FALLIN1 vs. the more grammatically correct FALLEN1?

10 | Does Crazy Ex-Girlfriend get the Body Double of the Year award for its seamless blending of star Rachel Bloom and the woman who tagged in for the pole-dancing scene?

11 | After all this time, ­X-Files, Scully still doesn’t have a desk?! Also, how did Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster — which Doggett took at the end of the series — wind up back in the basement office, despite everything else being cleared out?

12 | Is The Bachelor slightly overdoing it with the dates that take place in an airplane or helicopter? (And wasn’t that trope one of the things SNL’s recent spoof mocked so perfectly?)Pretty Little Liars

13 | Who else thought Hanna’s outfit on Pretty Little Lairs was a PJs set and robe, not something to don out in public? (Emily seems confused by the ensemble, as well.)

14 | Are we to surmise that Agent Carter avoids wearing fragrances, lest she be detected hiding in a small room beneath a conference room table with a guy standing a foot away? Did Thompson really need to move to L.A.? And Sousa’s sweet-as-a-princess girlfriend has to be bad news, right?

15 | Flash fans, if Jay’s Earth-One doppelganger turns out to be Zoom, how would that work? Is Hunter Zoloman traveling The Flashbetween Earths? And are we to believe that this train passenger wouldn’t bother looking up from her newspaper in the presence of our titular hero?

16 | Would What Would You Do?’s cougar catfishing scenario been markedly less icky if the older woman wasn’t so tackily dressed and overly made up?

17 | Brooklyn Nine-NineBrooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t trying all that hard to hide Melissa Fumero’s pregnancy, is it?

18 | Criminal Minds fans, did it take you a moment to recognize Hart of Dixie heartthrob Wilson Bethel as a homely UnSub?

19 | How did Arrow’s Felicity get that outfit on to visit the lair? (Does the loft have a downstairs closet?) Who’s now in charge at A.R.G.U.S.? And would the super-covert org not have deactivated Chang’s security access the instant he was found dead and missing an eyeball that could access an optical scan? Finally, is the show killing off everyone who’s going to be in the Suicide Squad movie? Should we fret about Katana’s return?20Qs-Legends-porch

20 | In last week’s column, The Flash and Arrow shared a set. This time, was it Legends of Tomorrow’s turn to share with Arrow?

21 | Was The 100 wrong to turn Jasper — the dystopian drama’s lone semblance of comic relief — into a buzz-cut brooder? Also, does it feel like the show now has about 33 percent too many characters?

22 | London Spy fans… Any theories on the purpose of that combination-code device Danny swallowed and snuck out of Alex’s apartment? And is it completely crazy to wonder if — maybe, just maybe — it was somebody else’s body in the trunk? (We never did get a really close look, did we?)

23 | NBC’s You, Me and the Apocalypse was marketed as a comedy, but did you sit there waiting for anything close to an out-loud laugh? And are you shocked to learn that the20qs-colony-kathleen Vatican’s Devil’s Advocate office was a real thing until the 1980s?

24 | Is Colony’s Kathleen Rose Perkins giving off major “Carrie Mathison” vibes in her LEO blazer?

25 | Angel From Hell couldn’t replace its “November 2015” appointment calendar cutaway with “January 2016,” to not remind us the show didn’t make the cut for fall?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

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