X-Files Revival Premiere Recap

X-Files Revival Premiere Recap: The Blind Leading the Resigned

Dana Katherine Scully, this is on you.

Before you arch that eyebrow, hear me out. The X-Files‘ revival gives this longtime X-‘Phile the same pleasant feeling inside that Mulder’s CPR gave your frozen, sludgy self in the first movie. I’m like Eugene Tooms with a fresh liver, Donnie Pfaster with a natural redhead, the chupacabra with plenty of cabra to chupa: Bottom line, I’m stoked.

But Doc, can we have some really real girl talk for a minute? The fact that Season 10’s central premise — the X-Files are open again! Whee! — even happens is because you make some very terrible decisions whenever it comes to that red Speedo-wearing, sunflower-seed chomping, pencil-throwing tall drink of water you call a partner ex-partner former lover baby daddy Mulder.

You had gotten out, Red! You had distanced yourself from the crazy that follows Fox Mulder around like Pig Pen’s dust cloud. Your life might’ve been a little less fun and a little more predictable, but I’m guessing it also was a little less likely you’d end up digested by a hallucinogenic fungus, so maybe we call it a draw?

Yes, Mulder is hella smart. Yes, he’s William’s dad. Yes, I, too, probably would’ve let him coast for years on that orange-is-the-new-hawt reunion kiss in the series finale. But I can’t for the life of me figure out why you decided to take one more turn on the tilt-a-whirl by rolling your eyes, shaking your head and resignedly agreeing again to be his partner-in-weird… though I’m certainly glad you did.

Read on for the highlights of “My Struggle.”

THE FIELD WHERE I DIED | While we see a series of photos from the original series’ run, Mulder’s voiceover catches us up on all nine seasons of the Fox drama — and the movies — in just about a minute. (How I’ve missed that bored drone!) He wraps the review by telling us that the X-Files closed years before, “but my personal obsession did not.” Same, Mulder. Same.

After the classic credits, in which Scully in particular looks like a zygote, a flashback takes us to the scene of a UFO crash in the 1940s. A scared-looking military doctor gapes at the smoking rubble… and the injured, humanoid alien crawling away from the wreckage. The soldiers shoot it to death, to the doctor’s horror; he wraps the body in a sheet and carries it off to see what he can learn from its corpse.

THE EX FILES | In the present day, Scully is scrubbing in for a surgery at a Washington, D.C.-area hospital when she gets a call from her old boss, Skinner. Long story short: a conservative and wildly popular Internet talk-show host named Tad O’Malley is “desperate to meet” with both Mulder and Scully about something super secret and rather important.

So the former partners meet up to talk to Tad, and that’s where it becomes clear that they’re no longer together romantically. First piece of evidence: Mulder looks like an unmade bed in which you might spend a hungover weekend. Even when he was the Unabearder in I Want to Believe, he didn’t look this rough. Second piece of evidence: They flat-out say they’ve split, though the vibe is cordial. “It’s good for you to get out of that little house every once in a while,” she says. “It certainly was good for you,” he replies.

I’d be remiss not to mention that this scene feels a little… off. Duchovny and Anderson say “Mulder” and “Scully” like they’re speaking a foreign language, and I can only imagine that it must’ve been weird to reacclimate to a life they haven’t lived in quite some time. But luckily that awkward feeling works well for a scene between two former lovers, and it fades soon enough.

X-Files Revival Premiere Recap

WEIRDOS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER | Tad (played by Community‘s Joel McHale) adores Mulder and Scully and, after a brief extraterrestrial pissing match with Mulder, proves that he’s as obsessed with the idea of an alien-tinged conspiracy as Fox is. O’Malley needs their “expertise” before he goes public with what he knows — uh, OK? — so he introduces them to a multiple abductee named Sveta (The Americans’ Annet Mahendru) who claims multiple alien pregnancies and the ability to read people’s minds and move objects without touching them. Oh yeah, and she has alien DNA. “Something you could test, Dana?” Mulder asks of his increasingly skeptical partner, whose face says, “First-naming me not even halfway into the premiere? Really?!”

O’Malley takes Mulder to see a UFO developed by humans using alien technology. Aw, Mulder. You look so happy! Scully, as usual, gets the suckier job: collecting Sveta’s blood to see if there’s anything amiss. After an unsettling conversation when the younger woman intimates that she knows about William, the son Scully gave up for adoption years ago, Scully decides to take send a vial of her own blood for testing, too. Then Tad shows up and hits on her. I think most of us would think it’s a little creepy that he’s putting the moves on her in the worst-lit surgical suite ever, but poor Scully has only known the love of a med school professor in midlife crisis, an FBI instructor who switched souls with a bank robber, a lowly lab tech, Mulder and some guy named Rob… so she agrees to take a ride in O’Malley’s limo.

AN ABRUPT CHANGE OF COURSE | Of course that’s the exact moment that Mulder, fresh off a conversation with Sveta, decides that the abductee’s thesis — that men, not aliens, are the ones taking her, impregnating her and performing tests on her — is The Truth. So he calls Scully and tells her, “Sveta is the key to everything,” then gets cagey and hangs up. (I wish I were condensing for the sake of this recap, but that’s pretty much exactly how it plays out.) Also: Mulder, are you high? This is a big leap, even for you.

Anyway, Mulder runs to the old basement office he and Scully used to share (the pencils in the ceiling!), gets surly with Skinner, laments his wasted time at the FBI chasing bad leads and kicks the “I Want to Believe” poster so it rips. Mulder then meets with a contact — the now-elderly physician from the flashback — who tells him that his idea of a “venal conspiracy of men” armed with alien technology and working against humanity is close, but not quite there yet.

SCULLY SHUTS. IT. DOWN. | Pretty soon, a worried Scully, an eager Tad, a wary Sveta and a frothing-with-excitement Mulder convene at Mulder’s place, where Mulder lays out what he believes are the conspiracy’s plans for the destruction of civilization. If you watch Gillian Anderson closely in this scene, you can see Scully’s frustration go from rolling boil to pressure-cooker malfunction as Mulder speaks, until all that’s left is for her to go off. Calling her former partner’s thesis “fear-mongering claptrap isolationist technoparanoia so bogus, dangerous and stupid that it borders on treason,” she deflates everyone’s excitement by announcing that Sveta has no evidence of alien DNA.

GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER | But something is definitely up, because it’s not long before Sveta is refuting/smearing Tad to reporters and Tad’s show goes offline indefinitely. “They got to her,” Mulder laments as, unbeknownst to him, men in Hummers blow up the UFO Mulder saw and a craft finds Sveta and appears to kill her by incinerating her car.

But now Scully’s anger has burned off, and it’s been replaced by cold dread. She confesses to Mulder that she retested both her and Sveta’s blood; though she doesn’t outright say it, it’s implied that Scully’s sample had wonky DNA, as well. Near tears, Scully mentions William, and then both she and Mulder receive a text from Skinner.

Exactly what happens next is unclear, but when we see a burned-but-very-much-alive Cigarette Smoking Man on the phone, telling someone “We have a small problem: They’ve reopened the X-Files,” IT IS ON!

What did you think of the revival’s premiere? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to expound upon your thoughts!

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  1. thisismenow says:

    Better than I could have hoped for. If this is the “worst” of the reboot then the series has some incredible episodes coming up.m

  2. ninamags says:

    Am I first??

    That was great!!!! Seems like old times. Oh, Mulder, what did we do without you, lo these many years!!!

  3. diz16 says:

    Great recap!

    • sanchopanza says:

      Yeah, I agree, usually I don’t read them when I’ve already watched the show – and paid attention, no channel surfing during commercials. But this time I want to examine all the elements as closely as possible and make sure I know what’s going on.

    • Greg Cantin says:

      Indeed. A great recap by someone who cares. Thanks!

  4. Drew says:

    So first they delay the show’s start time with football stuff, annoying the geeks. Then they open the show with a non-stop political rant that isn’t even well thought out (at times, Carter was confusing crazy liberal ideas with crazy conservative ideas). Then when they’re doing the big monologue of evil plans and destruction, they keep including strange images of George W. Bush… who isn’t the President anymore. And they completely ignore the fact that a lot of what they’re discussing has happened since Obama came into office.
    Chris Carter is a hack.
    The broad strokes are okay. It was kinda what they were getting at in season 5, when Mulder stopped believing in aliens and believed that it was all a big conspiracy by the government. However, in the 90’s, Carter avoided talking about real world politics and the President, because Clinton was in office at the time. His government conspiracies were oddly non-political. But that worked! They should have stuck with that.
    Okay, so I went into this episode excited to see Mulder and Scully back. Writing aside, it was cool to see that. I always knew that Carter’s scripts would suck. So the real excitement is for tomorrow. The next three episodes should be solid fun.

    • Drew says:

      Did anyone else think that the argument between Mulder and Scully on the porch was really awkward? They were both yelling at each other, but neither of them were saying anything, because if either one of them actually expressed their side of the argument, it would have become more of a quiet conversation than an argument. I hate TV arguments where nobody says anything.

      • Alichat says:

        Yeah, I am going to rewatch it because that fight on Mulder’s porch didn’t make sense. To be honest, I didn’t realize it was Mulder’s house. I thought she’d driven to Sveta’s house. For some reason I feel like getting to Mulder’s house by car isn’t a quick road trip. And I agree with Kimberly Roots that the initial meeting on the sidewalk between Mulder and Scully was off. It didn’t feel right. Another thing….when Scully said there wasn’t any alien DNA in Sveta, I thought it was odd since Sveta had that small ‘mind reading’ moment. I rather expected Scully to say something like ‘it was a nice try with the mind reading, but that’s an old con’…….something to reference that moment. All in all though, I enjoyed seeing them together again.

        • Drew says:

          Wait. That was Mulder’s house?! They need more distinct locations. :)
          The first reunion was off. It felt like a lot of the conversation was edited out, so none of what we saw was the actual response to the previous comment.
          And I agree about the DNA reveal moment. It seemed weird. I thought Scully was in on the conspiracy for a minute, because that moment was so awkward.

          • Alichat says:

            Yeah….it would have been helpful if Sveta and Mulder’s homes and properties didn’t look so alike. I thought it was Sveta’s house, but then the interior didn’t look right, and then Kimberly said Mulder’s home in the recap. I’m still confused because I always thought they lived out in the middle of nowhere in “I Want To Believe”.

          • Drew says:

            I try to forget “I Want to Believe” as much as possibly.
            Oddly, one of the things that stands out there was Carter’s odd decision to pan over to a picture of Bush while playing the X-Files music. I don’t mind politics. I just mind juvenile people trying to write political stuff without a real understanding of what they’re talking about. Ideally, Mulder and Scully wouldn’t even share the same political beliefs, since they’re supposed to come from two totally different worldviews. But I’m not sure that Carter (or any of the writers really) could write honest, believable characters who have political opinions that they disagree with, yet they can still sympathize with and love.

        • KLS says:

          There were 2 different houses? I was waiting to see the chemistry between the 2 leads that the series is known for… Still waiting. It looked like Scully wasn’t even looking at Mulder sometimes in the porch scene. The long winded speeches were confusing as well. Here’s hoping the next few eps are better.

          • Alichat says:

            Yeah, I am rewatching the episode now. Sveta’s house has two steps, Mulder’s about 6 or so. When Tad lands the helicopter to pick up Mulder, he is at home. And when Scully shows up and they fight on the porch, she ascends a set of stairs. Now the look makes more sense…..where Scully looks at Sveta and back at Mulder. She stormed off because Sveta was at his house. And another note……now that I’m rewatching……I didn’t understand Scully’s response to Mulder when he called her, gave the vague statement, then hung up. She gets out of the car and says “Can we talk about this soon.” which makes no sense. Wouldn’t “Can we talk about this later?” or “Can we talk about this tomorrow?” or even “Can we talk about this in person?” make more sense in that scene????

    • Colleen Guerra says:

      I totally agree!

    • me says:

      1. Conflating liberal and conservative conspiracy theories into one giant mashup was sorta the point.

      2. Scully was clearly lying when she said Sveta had no alien DNA. You knew that she did, that THEY did, the second she told the tech to run the tests again.

      • ihero2009 says:

        No, she wasn’t lying. They set it up so it looked like it but there was never any confirmation she lied, and in fact she goes onto say she ran the tests again. Why would she lie, then run tests again to disprove her own lie? That doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention that Scully lying is out of character and made no sense for the character or the story. Why lie? Why then run tests and tell the truth? The whole episode was disjointed.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          I havnt even seen the episode yet, and I bet I can answer that. She lied becuz she didn’t want to believe her DNA results, and she did the test again to confirm the first test wasn’t contaminated or a fluke.

        • Ohhkay says:

          She got the results, looked at them, and made the tech run the tests again. Come on. She wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t like what she saw. Did you see her FACE when she looked at the results? Telegraphing that they were positive for alien DNA. Then she went to Mulder’s house and lied to Sveta about the results just to shut down all the nonsense that was being spouted around her. It was only later, after she saw Sveta lying on TV, that she came clean with Mulder about the results.

          Come on, people, Scully working overtime to disprove what she knows in her heart to be true is the cornerstone of her character.

      • Drew says:

        I get the point of the mashup, but it was poorly executed. And there was clearly a tendency to shift blame more to one side.

    • ihero2009 says:

      I felt the same way. Rehash of season 5 and it felt so similar I’d call it a rip off if it wasn’t part of the same show.

    • Andrew says:

      @ Drew – As far as I’m concerned crazy liberal and crazy conservative are the same—crazy. Maybe that was the point he was trying to make? I don’t know.

      My takeaway from the political montage was that—no matter who is in office—the conspiracy would continue. In the clip with Jimmy Kimmel, if you watch the whole thing, he denies the existence of aliens, and in the world of The X-Files, when there is denial, there is a conspiracy.

      • Drew says:

        Yeah, but Obama was conveniently left out of the montage of evil. The only part they showed him in was a happy funny moment, whereas Bush was eeeeeevil.
        I’m all for making both parties part of the conspiracy. Both parties are messed up. But you have to at least keep track of which side of the wreck they’re a part of.
        Maybe it was bad scripting or editing. But it came across as trying to tell a story that was beyond their grasp.

        • Jeff says:

          Is Carter a bleeding hart liberal or what? What’s with all the conservative overtones? To much politics that should have been left alone. Just Saying

  5. Steven says:

    I was lucky enough to get to see the premiere at NYCC back in October and I don’t understand all the negative reviews. The conspiracy portion of The X Files has always been weird and confusing. That doesn’t make it any less amazing to have the show back!

    • ihero2009 says:

      The conspiracy is weird and confusing but it always starts with a seed of believability that you follow until it grows and grows. Here it was “Scully, this is the key!” “They’ve been lying all along” without any foundation. Mulder sounded insane, and he’s never sounded like that in the previous seasons.

  6. Theresa says:

    Great way to restart the conspiracy!

  7. TvPeong says:

    It’s like being re-acquainted with an old friend. I love that they kept the same opening credits.

  8. Angela says:

    I think most of us would think it’s a little creepy that he’s putting the moves on her in the worst-lit surgical suite ever
    Very much agreed. But then again, considering how good-looking Tad/Joel McHale is, well…kinda can’t blame the girl, I gotta say :p.
    Very intriguing start. That ending with Scully’s DNA revelations has me particularly curious. And this whole “men armed with alien technology” thing sounds like one hell of a mystery, too. So I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

  9. Lysh says:

    Yeah…after that chat with Sveta and Mulder calls Scully and then says vague things and hangs up on her. Like, what? You called her, dude. Then I became slightly confused. It was an interesting but slow episode, though the last ten minutes or so pumped me up.
    I noticed this with the last movie, but Chris likes to start a character’s first scene behind them and then pan around them like seeing the back of their head is an exciting tease. I could tell he was directing just from that.

    • Zoeyz Ante says:

      Mulder has always done that to Scully (call with an epiphany and then leave her hanging for awhile).
      That’s one of the reasons that Scully complained about how maddening her relationship was with Mulder.

  10. Don Yu says:

    Who Reopened the X-files? Skinner or Skinner’s superiors?

  11. Scully still give Mulder that “look” that she does so well that says she still has the hots for him even though he’s batcrap crazy depressed but I’ll still bang him in a Minnesota minute.

  12. Lisa says:

    Gah, I have missed this show!! It is great to have it back. Like you, I am stoked.

  13. Flo says:

    That was what excellent. My inner nerd loves the conspiracy and exposition.

  14. Sandra says:

    AMAZING first episode!!!

  15. msstargate says:

    I loved it!

  16. heartmony says:

    Great start… New spin on things… And they’ve managed to conjure up yet another round if UST. Sweet!

    • Annie says:

      The Castle writers should take a note lol. This is how you do a for-dramas-sake breakup. The UST THE UST!! I’ve been reading all my favourite old MSR fanfics all night now :P

  17. Imagecrafters says:

    Awesome, creepy ending with Cigarette Man! Loved the show!

  18. Kevan says:

    It was kinda…rough around the edges. The line delivery was wooden and they didn’t seem comfortable. Also, several moments screamed “setting up the rest of the plot arc!” But the preview at the end hooked me, so I’ll see how things shape up in the following episodes. And who says “the net” anymore and uses a search engine to go to the site they already know they want to visit? It’s like Chris Carter forgot that it’s 2016.

    • ihero2009 says:

      David phoned in the entire performance which is ironic because Gillian constantly says how she struggles getting back into character while he says he does it easily and yet his performance was so bad, and hers was pretty good. Reminds you why she had all the awards back when the series was airing. I think David can’t judge his own performance that well.

  19. Paul says:

    Never thought I’d see the day when Gillian Anderson sucked at anything but man, that’s not Scully.

    • Drew says:

      It’s the voice. She sounded deeper and throatier than Scully normally did. Something about the higher tone gave her more energy and personality. Her rants were even playful at times. Here, she sounded tired. But, that could have been on purpose. Maybe Scully is bored with her life.

  20. Adas says:

    is there an episode in the original that has a young Sveta?

  21. True X-File fans can’t say this was an amazing episode. Like it was good but I mean the X-Files was a show in it’s peak no one could talk crap about. It’s on a different level, like Game Of Thrones can’t touch that s**t level but to be honest, I felt even the worst season 9 episodes was better than this. SAYING that it has been 13 years and everyone is rusty and even Duchovny & Anderson agreed they were rusty the first couple of days so I’m holding out hope. As far as reboots go this is probably 2nd to 24 which is an achievement and I bet the next 5 episodes will be much better and out do expectation (particularly the monster episodes).

    BUT following the story from 1993 did it really make sense to throw 9 years of our viewing under the bus as pointless but have the writers call it a “twist in the mythology” with the syndicate plots etc?

    • ihero2009 says:

      I agree because season 9 at least had a slow, steady foundation. Even if it ended at something you hated like super soldiers, the build up was there. It was smooth and elegant and the season had some really great horror episodes, too, so it still had peak moments. This episode was so jumbled. I actually cannot think of another episode that was this jumbled and all over the place. I can think of worse eps that were just so boring like space and we all know what a disaster the final x-files movies but in terms of an episode not sounding right, feeling right, this stands out. I hope the rest of the season finds its way because I want there to be more than just one season. No matter what, I’ll watch the show, but damn, did I want to enjoy it more than I did.

    • Andrew says:

      @ Lee-Loi Chieng – I didn’t feel like it was a reset at all, but a jumping off point for those watching today that might not have seen the original episodes.

      I’m not a TV writer, but if you want to move a series (or franchise) forward, you can’t let a new story arc be weighed down by the continuity of a previous installment.

      I thought it was a smart choice, and I’m excited to see the rest of this new story.

      With that said, as far as I’m concerned, those 202 episodes happened, though.

      • right says:

        Exactly. And this is not the first time Mulder has come to believe he’d been led down the garden path, so to speak. That’s happened plenty of times.

  22. ndixit says:

    I love Gillian Anderson to death and love almost all of her work, but am I the only one who though her performance was a little flat in this ep. She has said in the build up the the revival that getting back into Scully’s head was tougher than she anticipated. Maybe this was a reflection of that. Duchovny was largely on point though, if a little low key, but it made sense within the character’s history.

    • ihero2009 says:

      It’s funny because I had the exact opposite reaction. David’s delivery was beyond dry and deadpan which you EXPECT of mulder. It was just phoning it in. He sounded like he was reading lines, directly from a script most of the time. My sister who is more of a casual fan said his acting was terrible. That’s how she prefaced her review, so I’m more prone to believe he had the worst acting. But it’s interesting to hear others thought he did well. I feel he can get away with bad acting because Mulder is more monotone, but even at such, he failed. Duchovny seemed bored with the role.

      • ndixit says:

        Well, I do think Mulder’s mannerisms are more modeled on Duchovny then Scully’s are on Anderson, so maybe Duchovny gets away a little easier when he is a bit lazy, but I didn’t really see any issue with Duchovny’s performance here. But Anderson just didn’t seem in the Scully headspace and she was giving flat line readings which is not the character at all.

        • right says:

          I think people are expecting the Mulder and Scully of 15 years ago. They’ve changed. Their relationship has changed. Mulder looked like hell. Clearly he’d been through hell. Scully had rededicated herself to ignoring/denying everything she knew to be true about the X-Files. Anyone who expected them to be the same people they were when last we saw them on tv is seriously missing the point. They’re older. More weary. Especially Mulder.

  23. DavidJ says:

    Ugh. As awesome as it was to see Mulder and Scully again, the story itself just felt incredibly dull and tired and outdated to me. And I had a hard time taking this new human/alien conspiracy, which somehow sounds even more loony and ridiculous than the old one, even remotely seriously.

    And the actors frankly looked and sounded just as bored throughout as I was.

    • ihero2009 says:

      I don’t believe it felt “outdated” but it was rehash of what this show itself has already been told and that’s even worse.

  24. CW says:

    So glad to see Mulder and Scully back in action. I’m looking forward to the rest of the ride.

  25. datdudemurphy says:

    I was giddy as can be as soon as I heard Mulder’s voice…..then, when the music hit, I about lost it.

    Don’t know if I’ll be able to deal with losing this show again.

    • jaimo62 says:

      Loved the opening where they flipped the pictures of past cases onto the table and that sewer sucker dude showed up. Had to laugh I remember when that aired, my son who was really young then and a friend and I were eating ice cream watching that episode one Friday night and that face floated up, we couldn’t eat our ice cream after that. Still makes me laugh.

  26. tigerlily says:

    As much as I loved the show, the thing that I didn’t love was Joel McHale the way he acted.

  27. MH3ndr1ks says:

    I loved every single second of it. I am one happy X-Phile

  28. Andrew says:

    I thought it was EXCELLENT. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a LONG ways away from being downright bad.

    I LOVED that they kept the opening credits virtually the same.

    I thought the flashback element was well done.

    The only thing I didn’t get was the doctor from 1947 saying Roswell was a “smoke screen,” which led both Mulder and O’Malley to reiterate more than once that it wasn’t an alien conspiracy, but a conspiracy of men. If aliens have nothing to do with it now, why flashback to 1947 and show an alien at the saucer crash site?

    Also, am I the only one who felt that ending the episode with CSM was out of place and slightly cheesy?

    Of course, I’m glad he’s back to loom over Mulder, Scully, and Skinner as usual, but having an off-screen character insert a cigarette into his throat chamber before taking a puff was just CHEESY to me. He had arms, right? Why couldn’t he do that himself?

    Also, why did they superimpose the “Guest Starring William B. Davis” title right at the end?

    Granted, I don’t know much about the actor himself, but: If he specifically wanted that done (or he wasn’t going to do the cameo at all), he has one MASSIVE ego! LMAO.

    A good start, for sure. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

    • KCG19 says:

      I think the Roswell smoke screen means that the government are using alien technology to abduct people and make them believe it was aliens so that other people think they’re crazy (explained pretty well in Jose Chung with the Men in Black). Roswell was a legitimate crash site but it doesn’t necessarily mean that aliens are invading. The government is using that to distract from their own wrong doings. I’m finding this difficult to explain so apologies if it doesn’t make sense. How are new viewers supposed to be able to follow this exactly?

      Also I think William B Davis’ name was added at the end because his appearance was supposed to be a surprise and so wasn’t included in the opening credits. As far as I know his ego is pretty regular and seems super happy to be back on XF!

    • KLS says:

      When I saw the guest star credit at the end, I thought a new episode was starting! Weird.

    • Karone says:

      I think William B Davis’ name was added at the end of the episode so as not to spoil his appearance by showing it at the beginning. Don’t think it was an ego thing at all.

  29. Nelson says:

    BRILLIANT, feels like a Pilot episode.

    the entire episode was better than the second movie……but then again that movie was the worst XFiles ever.

    i need to rewatch to understand WTF is happening but it was awesome.

  30. RLR says:

    Would have been good if Fox aired the whole thing.

  31. RedReddington says:

    I didn’t love it the first time I watched it..I was confused about what was going on with the conspiracy, and some of the acting seemed off, but then I watched it a second time and my opinion did a complete 180. It made much more sense the second time around and didn’t feel as slow paced as I had originally thought. I also enjoyed the acting once I got used to them being slightly different from season’s 8 and 9.
    Overall I would give it a 9/10..and I can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

  32. SAXfno1Fan says:

    Loved everything about it! I streamed it from South Africa because I couldn’t wait 18 hours for them to show it here, LOL!!!

    • DaneTheGr8 says:

      Just watched it now in South Africa – delayed because I’ve been busy but FOX SA on DStv and StarSat both simu-cast the episode at the same time it aired in the US in local South African time for us

  33. Bark Star says:

    Hrmm….. I dont know what to make of this yet. That in itself is not a good thing.

  34. Dude says:

    It felt very ‘meh’ and uninteresting and both of them looked like they were thinking about laundry the whole time. I’m sure neither of them really wants to be back but some enthusiasm would have been nice. I hope it does in fact get better.

  35. Jake says:

    Just a question, can someone summarize what the end result of the movies was – was it supposed to be aliens, or humans using alien tech, or what? Or was it still unresolved after all? I thought it was supposed to humans preparing for an alien take over of the earth, but since so much time has passed, I guess that wasn’t it.

    • Jake says:

      Looked it up on Wikipedia, and the first movie was about the alien colonization, the second movie wasn’t. I guess the invasion got called off by the aliens.
      I stopped watching the original series around season five when it seemed to not be going anywhere,

  36. JMay says:

    I felt that the first episode was using the “smokescreen” device that Michael Kritschgau described to Mulder in Season 5. That there was an alien (or three) that crashed landed and various entities in the government took advantage of the advanced tech and started to form alliances of their own (i.e. the Syndicate). It felt a little too much like a clip show to me (understandable, I guess, since it’s been off the air for 13 years) but all in all, it was fun to watch.

  37. Jules says:

    Best parts: Opening credit – the UFO crashing/Mythology arc – seeing the pens are still hanging on the ceiling in Mulder’s office – and CSM (doing is own version of the phantom of the opera) still alive & smoking….
    Worst part : Sveta entire part/story & Scully boring performance (sorry Gillian give back yr Emmy to David right now….he’s the one who literally deserve it…)

    • right says:

      As great an actor as Gillian is (and she is), I will NEVER understand why she won an Emmy for “Memento Mori,” where all she basically did was voiceover work. Never.

  38. Marco says:

    Impressive visual effects, Mulder in paranoia total, Scully being fierce, that is XFiles and its back!!

  39. Becky says:

    Loved it. They fell right back into Mulder and Scully so easily. Can’t wait to watch the rest, and please, please let them make more of these.

  40. “poor Scully has only known the love of a med school professor in midlife crisis, an FBI instructor who switched souls with a bank robber, a lowly lab tech, Mulder and some guy named Rob… so she agrees to take a ride in O’Malley’s limo.”

    I can’t be the only one who sees the accidental double entendre.

  41. Tom Ewing says:

    The X-Files’ conspiracy touts just about every modern conspiracy driving American’s fears and the clearly evidenced and continuing run on gun stores and ammo stockpiling across the nation. From the false-flag 9/11, to the recent unexplained and silent actions by FEMA to drive prices up on prepper goods by their actions to drain national suppliers of emergency trailers and emergency food stocks on a colossal scale. Things that hit the papers driving fear of Texas invasion by national forces… and everything in between. Frankly, this first episode was a summary of everything everyone has feared for many years, and was disturbing on a grand level to hear it summarized. We also know the stealth fighter technology was developed and manufactured going back to the ’70s before the military had any rhyme or reason to possess such technology, and many credible sources (Lear jet founder, et al) citing first hand knowledge of the source of that technology. Big brother that’s evolved around us – by so called need – as the people slumber and play with their gadgets and toys, and cite one-liner rhetoric to keep us fighting amongst ourselves in a pointless 2-party system of inaction and lack of progress as a nation or Mankind. Frankly, we just had every fear thrown in our face wrapped in a cause, and doesn’t surprise me that government’s best friend, the media, slams down on the messenger in their reviews. Scary times.

  42. BrianR says:

    Why no news clips of Obama other than a ridiculous Jimmy Kimmel bit, and none of Bill or Hillary, just GW as an evil conspirator.

  43. JR Riley says:

    Due to the football game, my dvr only recorded the 1st half, is there by chance another showing of the 1st episode this week or will it be available on “On Demand”?

  44. dragonfly says:

    We just got the 1st episode today and I was not disapointed. Hope we will see William…

  45. Charleen Kavleski says:

    I eagerly awaited this program. Unfortunately, without warning, it was preempted by football festivities.

  46. Jack says:

    I missed the part of the episode where it explained why they are no longer on the run, as they were at the end of the original series finale…

    (And yes, I know this was also ignored in the 2008 movie)

  47. i think your positive reviews are in vain, the show that followed, Lucifer .will last longer

  48. Marie says:

    We missed part 2 I thought it was on the Monday after the first episode.