The 100 Season 3: Clarke's Rebirth, New Romances and More Scoop

We hope you’ve been practicing your Earth skills during The 100‘s hiatus, because The CW drama returns tonight (9/8c) with its darkest season yet, and you’ll need all the preparation you can get.

TVLine spoke with the sci-fi series’ cast and crew for a taste of what’s to come, and even though they remain (notoriously) tight-lipped about specific developments, we managed to squeeze some scoop out of them:

CLARKE 2.0 | Following the three-month time jump between Seasons 2 and 3, Clarke (now known as “Wanheda,” or “the Death Commander”) is “still out there, still broken and still running away from what she’s done — and who she’s become,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine. “Over the course of the season, she’ll need to put what she’s done into perspective.” And while we wait for that emotional closure to settle in… costume change! “She’s in a state where she kind of needs to blend in and be accepted by the Grounders, so she kind goes all out with the Grounders get-up, which is really cool,” Eliza Taylor adds.

NEW ROMANCE | Regardless of your personal ‘ship, you’re likely to have some pretty strong opinions about the new pairings introduced in Season 3. “New relationships begin, old relationships end, things change,” Rothenberg says. “Whether or not you’re happy about the new developments will depend on your perspective to begin with, but it was important to show that life has moved on.”

OLD FLAMES | Of course, not everything in Season 3 is brand-new. For example, Clarke’s eventual reunion with Lexa — aka she who betrayed us all — will stir up lots of old (and very mixed) emotions. “It’s not going to be fun for Clarke at all,” Taylor says of the long-awaited “Clexa” reunion. “I think she’s really torn up about it. … It’s going to be a pretty shaky reunion. … Her forgiveness would take a while, if it’s going to happen at all.”

CLARKE VS. OCTAVIA? | Taylor adds that she’s excited for fans to see Clarke’s first interaction with Octavia in Season 3. “Their relationship is going to be very strained because of [the events at Mount Weather], which we haven’t dealt with yet,” she says, though she believes that “Octavia is going to love seeing Clarke [as a Grounder, being like], ‘These are my people now.'” (Bonus Octavia scoop: Her relationship with Lincoln will be put to the test when he assumes a new role in the Arkers’ camp.)

HELL ON EARTH | And don’t think we forgot about ol’ Murphy! He’s still in his tricked-out bunker when Season 3 picks up, but like most things on The 100, appearances can be deceiving. Richard Harmon describes it as a “be careful what you wish for” situation, likening it to the episode of The Twilight Zone where the main character thinks he’s in heaven — only to discover he’s actually in hell. And although Murphy “never bought into the hype” of the City of Light, that doesn’t mean Jaha won’t find a way to rope him into his A.L.I.E.-related shenanigans.

We’ll have more Season 3 scoop following tonight’s premiere, so be sure to check back for more at 10/9c. In the meantime, drop a comment with your hopes for the new season below.

Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman

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