Downton Abbey Tom Returns

Downton Abbey Recap: Wedding Crasher

Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ wedding turned out to be a cause for celebration on Sunday’s Downton Abbey — though not for the reason you might have expected.

Downton’s “it” couple barely had time to swap vows before having its thunder stolen by the return of Tom and little Sybil, not that I’m complaining. After all, I did practically beg for Tom’s comeback in this week’s 20 questions column. “I learned that Downton is my home, and you are my family,” he told the Crawleys of his time in Boston. “If I didn’t quite know that before I left, I do now.”

Of course, Tom almost didn’t have a party to crash, following some unpleasantness between Cora and Mrs. Hughes. After the bride-to-be was essentially ambushed with a wedding intervention, Mary offered Mrs. Hughes one of her mother’s coats to wear down the aisle. Unfortunately, Mary failed to relay this offer to Cora, who was more than a little surprised to find Anna, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore rummaging through her closet.

But like all unpleasantness at Downton — well, except for the “mystery” of Cora’s miscarriage — this unfortunate incident was quickly amended; Cora gifted one of her coats to the blushing bride and all was well. (Side note: It was kind of adorable watching Carson all flustered on his big day, right?)

Elsewhere this week…

MAYBE BABY | Given Anna’s reproductive history, it’s probably not a good idea to get our hopes up, but I can’t help myself: She told Mary she thinks she’s pregnant again! If anyone on this show deserves a happy ending, it’s Anna, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Mary’s sketchy fertility doctor is able to make this happen for the Bates.

OFFICE ROMANCE | The only thing worse than Anna’s history with pregnancies is Edith’s history with men — remember when that old guy jilted her at the altar, or when her baby daddy was killed by Nazis? — so I’m especially thrilled about the new man in her life. When she canceled their drink plans because of work, he offered his assistance in the office, without which she never would have gotten her magazine to the printer on time. Maybe it’s because this is the show’s final season, but I really see things lasting between these two; the moment he solved her party photo crisis, I knew he was her equal.

Odds and Ends:
* Does anyone else fear that Robert was feeling more than just “indigestion” after dinner?
* Every interaction between Thomas and Andy makes me want to hide under a table out of second-hand embarrassment.
* The sexual tension between Danker and Spratt was at an all-time high this week.

Your thoughts on Downton‘s big wedding — and even bigger return? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Downton fan says:

    In the first episode, Robert told Mary that he was exhausted after the fox hunt and that she shouldn’t tell her mother. Yes. He’s sick.

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah….I’m not taking all of these small moments as a good sign of him being around after the finale.

    • delfiteblu says:

      It was an ulcer and he had to go on a special diet and couldn’t drink til Christmas, which is why he got wasted ON Christmas. But yes, I’m worried about him now. That little pain wasn’t stuck in there for nothing – there’s a reason behind it and it ISN’T an ulcer and if that’s they way they end the show my heart will break.

    • Kristy says:

      he doesn’t look well , either. I think losing his dog, isis did him in.

  2. don’t eat before watching week after next.

    • S. says:

      I dunno what that’s supposed to mean but dude, no spoilers. Not even a hint that something might be traumatic. The US hasn’t gotten those episodes yet and that’s the air date situation TVLine is dealing with, so manners, please.

      • no spoilage intended. but, you do realize that the full season is available on DVD in america already if you wanted to binge watch the the whole season like a Netflix show you don’t have to watch masterpiece theater to see how it ends stateside,

        • I must correct myself. I imported the UK DVD if you want to binge the PBS DVD you have to wait till a week from Tuesday a.k.a January 26 which is still way ahead of PBS airing it.

          • delfiteblu says:

            since I already had seasons 1-5 and donated to my local PBS station, I got the season 6 DVD two weeks ago. But I wouldn’t begin to binge on it, anymore than I would PUT UP SPOILERS ABOUT ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BE GOING TO HAPPEN. We had to wait nearly a year to see this and we’re mourning it. Don’t DARE put up spoilers unless you want to go to hell.

    • Kristy says:

      Bet it is a whole episode of them complaining about the hospital. I hope they wrap that plotline up soon.

  3. That’s not sexual tension between Danker and Spratt because Spratt has a lot more in common with Mr. barrow and Dr. Clarkson

    • Larc says:

      Danker and Spratt are both dreadful people. They deserve whatever misery each can inflict on the other.

      • delfiteblu says:

        And I wish they’d do it sooner rather than later so they don’t have to waste any more screen time on them. They’re both nauseating people and make my skin crawl. I don’t care if they marry or kill each other in a duel. I just don’t want to see their ugly faces anymore!

        • Kristy says:

          They are both so weird. The dumb anal things they do make me laugh. I dunno why.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I don’t have a problem with Spratt. He’s like Carson Jr. but less. Danker on the other hand makes Thomas’ cohort Mrs. O’Brien look angelic. I hope the countess fires her.

    • Downton fan says:

      Danker is dreadful-er than Spratt–she’s threatening him now and will eventually blackmail him. The season will not be satisfying if she doesn’t get what’s coming to her,

  4. Kathy Bergeron says:

    My British pen pal says she had to hide her head at the ” awful” episode 😑, but wouldn’t tell me what that was about. I suspect Robert is going to have a heart attack or something along those lines and soon.

    • delfiteblu says:

      Thanks so much for sharing – NOT. Spoilers are the worst kind of nastiness. It’s clear from his actions that something is going to happen but with people like you and whatshisname up above, we won’t NEED to watch it. You can just TELL all of us.

  5. Ally Oop says:

    I was so happy with a great big smile on my face when Tom appeared. Yay! One of my favourites is back. I’m wondering about the lack of male suitors for Mary since the season’s start. I’ve often wondered if she and Tom will end up together and I hope they do.

    • Downton fan says:

      I dont know any spoilers, but I’m guessing that Matthew Goode will reappear, and Mary will realize how dreamy he is.

  6. Kailani says:

    The minute he said indigestion, I said to my hubby ‘he’s going to have a heart attack.’ Just a matter of when, not if. :(

  7. Sammy says:

    Andy Swift- exactly what was sketchy about Mary’s Obgyn? Come one there was and is nothing there…
    And there is nothing sexual between Denkar and Spratt. Spratt dislikes Denkar becuase Denkar won’t follow him in what he wants and Denkar doesnt like Spratt because he wants to rule her and she knowz that The Dowager would choose Spratt over her. Besides i have a feeling spratt bats for the other team.

  8. Malissa R. says:

    I think Robert being sick will settle the dispute over the hospital take over. He will need the updated treatment facilities and Violet will have to give in to save her son. Sexual tension between Danker and Spratt? All I can say to that is “Ewww….” Danker is a nasty person. She’s just happy because now she has something to hold over Spratt. I’m thrilled that Tom is back. It would be so cool if Anna was pregnant and was able to maintain the pregnancy.

  9. Luis says:

    1. When I saw Allen Leech being interviewed with Hugh Bonneville and Michelle Dockery I was fairly confident, but YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. A baby was about the only drama left for Anna and Bates to go through. Look forward to the pitter-patter of little feet.
    3. TV rule of threes: if somebody gets married, and somebody is getting pregnant, you can be damn sure somebody else is dying, or coming awfully close.

  10. Libby says:

    I never caught the name of Edith’s rather nice chap. Anyone know?

    • Gail says:

      Bertie Pelham, the agent from Brancaster Castle from last season’s Christmas episode.

    • Kristy says:

      bertie what a sweet guy. It would nice if something could work out for edith, but it probably won’t.I think Mary knows about marigold and that is why she made a big deal about marigold and George going to see pigs.

  11. Gail says:

    I guess it was last episode where Mary said that Carson had been at the estate for about 50 years. However in Season 1 it was established that Carson had been in vaudeville and that his former partner was blackmailing him to keep this a secret. Are we to suppose he left service to go into vaudeville and came back? If he was in vaudeville first, he must be nearly as old as Maggie Smith’s character.

  12. delfiteblu says:

    Well, the spoiler dealers are out in full force and I can tell I won’t be back here for recaps. It used to be a nice place to come and discuss the show but evidently not any more. To me, there’s nothing worse than somebody who gives out spoilers to purposely ruin it for other people. There are plenty of articles and reviews from when it was on BBC and if you want to know everything that happened you can go there and read about it. But this is just mean.

    • If you come back here two weeks from now and read the comments again you will realize nobody including me provided any spoilers, nobody said anything at all that could have made it even remotely possible to know what is going to happen.

  13. Kristy says:

    did anyone else think mary baited her mom and mrs. hughes again each other. Because Mrs. Hughes wouldn’t kotow to her whims?

  14. Q says:

    Yeah, I ‘m worried that Robert will be the next Downton tragedy. I hope not.
    I wish Edith would grow some stones and tell Mary where to get off, at least once. I love Mary’s guts and gumption but she’s kind of like the Downton version of the Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper; she’s that combo of pushy/pain in the rear yet still amusing and God help me, likable. Makes my head spin sometimes.
    Me thinks Danker’s got a hankering for a Spratt sandwich too. It’s hilarious.
    I too would love to see Anna get some happiness so here’s hoping for good luck in the wee baby department.
    Finally, Violet and Isobel warring over the hospital. Its like old lady verbal fight club and its entertaining as anything. I’ll miss Downton Abby’s craziness when it’s finally over.

  15. SUSAN says:

    Was so happy to see Tom back. Watched it 3 times, back to back. Would love to see Tom and Mary get together. Tom is such a wonder character, thanks to wonderful acting talents.

  16. Emma Llewellyn says:

    Why would anybody wish for a happy ending for Edith? From the first episode on she has done nothing but cause grief for those around her and she deserves nothing but grief in return.

    If you doubt what I say just take a moment to remember the expression on the face of the woman who so lovingly cared for Marigold only to have her taken away or for the expression on her husband’s face as he lost his farm due to Edith’s selfishness. Is this really a woman who deserves a happy ending?