Downton Abbey Recap: Wedding Crasher

Downton Abbey Tom Returns

Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ wedding turned out to be a cause for celebration on Sunday’s Downton Abbey — though not for the reason you might have expected.

Downton’s “it” couple barely had time to swap vows before having its thunder stolen by the return of Tom and little Sybil, not that I’m complaining. After all, I did practically beg for Tom’s comeback in this week’s 20 questions column. “I learned that Downton is my home, and you are my family,” he told the Crawleys of his time in Boston. “If I didn’t quite know that before I left, I do now.”

Of course, Tom almost didn’t have a party to crash, following some unpleasantness between Cora and Mrs. Hughes. After the bride-to-be was essentially ambushed with a wedding intervention, Mary offered Mrs. Hughes one of her mother’s coats to wear down the aisle. Unfortunately, Mary failed to relay this offer to Cora, who was more than a little surprised to find Anna, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore rummaging through her closet.

But like all unpleasantness at Downton — well, except for the “mystery” of Cora’s miscarriage — this unfortunate incident was quickly amended; Cora gifted one of her coats to the blushing bride and all was well. (Side note: It was kind of adorable watching Carson all flustered on his big day, right?)

Elsewhere this week…

MAYBE BABY | Given Anna’s reproductive history, it’s probably not a good idea to get our hopes up, but I can’t help myself: She told Mary she thinks she’s pregnant again! If anyone on this show deserves a happy ending, it’s Anna, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Mary’s sketchy fertility doctor is able to make this happen for the Bates.

OFFICE ROMANCE | The only thing worse than Anna’s history with pregnancies is Edith’s history with men — remember when that old guy jilted her at the altar, or when her baby daddy was killed by Nazis? — so I’m especially thrilled about the new man in her life. When she canceled their drink plans because of work, he offered his assistance in the office, without which she never would have gotten her magazine to the printer on time. Maybe it’s because this is the show’s final season, but I really see things lasting between these two; the moment he solved her party photo crisis, I knew he was her equal.

Odds and Ends:
* Does anyone else fear that Robert was feeling more than just “indigestion” after dinner?
* Every interaction between Thomas and Andy makes me want to hide under a table out of second-hand embarrassment.
* The sexual tension between Danker and Spratt was at an all-time high this week.

Your thoughts on Downton‘s big wedding — and even bigger return? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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