Quantico EP: Time Jump Will Kick Off Midseason Premiere

Quantico Season 1 Spoilers Time Jump

Can’t wait for Quantico‘s March 6 premiere to find out what happened immediately after the midseason finale bombing?

Yeah, about that…

“There will be a significant time jump in the future segment of our storyline,” executive producer Joshua Safran tells TVLine. Translation: Even though 32 people — including characters we care about — perished in the second terrorist-triggered explosion, it may be a while before we know who’s among the dead.

The leap will take viewers three months into the future, and will start right at the beginning of the winter premiere.

“There is no buffer,” he added.

Also: Though the FBI academy-set timeline will continue apace, don’t expect an instant answer as to whether Alex and Liam had a naked New Year’s (as the finale led us to believe they might) — though the series will address the question within the first few episodes back.

“You will get an answer as to what exactly, if anything at all, transpired between Alex and Liam on New Year’s Eve,” Safran promised.

Quantico viewers: What do you think about the impending time jump? Who do you think died in the explosion? Who do you think set the explosion? Sound off in the comments!

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