Nashville: The Rockin' Drama's 19 Best Musical Performances So Far

Nashville Best Songs TV Series ABC

If weeeeeeee didn’t know better, we’d think Nashville were trying to kill us.

After all, the country-music drama’s midseason premiere is still months — plural! — away. What’s a Rayna-obsessed TV viewer to do until March 16?

One suggestion: Keep yourself busy by clicking through our list of the series’ best musical performances so far.

There’s a lot to love in the gallery below, which takes into consideration all four seasons (but not the On the Record specials) of the ABC series. And, before you ask, we interpreted “performance” very loosely, so you’ll see both stadium showstoppers and quiet lullabies represented.

Wrong SongMissippi FloodBorrow My Heart? They’re all here — plus much more. Click on the gallery below to get started, then hit the comments to let us know your favorite Nashville tunes.

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