Outlander Video: Claire and Jamie Fight in That Pivotal Scene from Book 2

Warning: This post contains detailed descriptions of events that will take place in Season 2 of Outlander. If you’d rather not be spoiled, do not keep reading.

Every couple has its spats. But the argument between the Frasers in this newly released Outlander featurette is a big one — one of the turning points of the second season, we’d say — and so it and the video in which it appears deserve closer scrutiny.

Dust off your tartan and join us, won’t you?

The roughly two-minute sneak peek gives us a good look at Claire and Jamie’s life in France, as they infiltrate Bonnie Prince Charlie’s social circle in an attempt to derail the impending (and doomed) Jacobite rebellion. There are beautiful costumes, lavish location shoots… and Mr. and Mrs. Fraser, brandishing weapons and near-spitting on each other as they hurl passionate, angry words.

Readers of Diana Gabaldon’s novels know that Jamie and Claire’s biggest fight in Dragonfly in Amber — on which Season 2 is based — comes after they learn that [no seriously: Spoiler alert!] Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall survived the stampede at the prison.

When a Jamie makes clear his plan to end Randall’s life, Claire begs him not to: Though she understands his need for vengeance, she reasons that killing Black Jack means her husband Frank will never be born, seeing as how he’s a direct descendant of the sadistic redcoat.

“You owe me that much, James Fraser,” she says, crying, a scene we see in the video. “You owe me a life” — referring to when she saved him from death at the abbey. In the same scene, Jamie gets all up in his wife’s face as he angrily counters, “Must I bear everyone’s weakness?” and offers the ultimatum: “Him or me?”

Later in the featurette, we see Jamie engaged in a duel with someone; in that same scene, it appears that Lord Broch Tuarach screams “Claire!”… and we’d get into what comes next, but I think we’ve all had enough Fraser strife for the time being, no?

Outlander will return in April. Until then, click through the gallery below for some more in-depth analysis of the video at the top of the post (Louise! That weasel of a prince! The men ready for battle!), then hit the comments with what you’re most looking forward to see in Season 2.

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