NBC's Chicago Franchise: 10 Totally Plausible Ideas for the Next Spinoff

Chicago Fire PD Spinoff Ideas

Next week, NBC will air the first crossover among all three of its Chicago shows — and perhaps plant the seeds for the next offshoot?

On Wednesday’s episode of Chicago P.D., viewers will meet an Assistant State’s Attorney, played by Revolution‘s Maureen Sebastian. While the character’s introduction is hardly an official declaration that another Windy City-set show is in the works, it got us thinking about how a Law & Order-esque offshoot — let’s call it Chicago Legal — would be the most natural extension of Dick Wolf’s latest empire. After all, someone has to try P.D.‘s criminals.

Below are nine more spinoff suggestions, some of which might seem a little silly, but they could work with the right execution. And hey, we’re sure the NBC execs have been pitched crazier ideas than Chicago Deep Dish! (Yes, that’s one of the following pitches.)

Chicago News: Most of us hear about policemen, firemen and the related goings-on within the city via the local news or online outlets. So where is the media, and what role does it play in Chi-Town? (Think Deadline, the newspaper-themed Law & Order spinoff — which starred Chicago Med doc Oliver Platt — but, y’know, longer-lasting.)

Chicago Fire: The Other Shift: Who’s on duty when the Firehouse 51 crew we know clocks out? Meet the men and women who have the burden of living up to Boden’s beloved team.

Chicago Coast Guard: As Fire stars Monica Raymund and Jesse Spencer pointed out, someone needs to protect Lake Michigan!

Chicago Wives: It’s not easy being the spouse of one of Fire or P.D.‘s finest, especially when they constantly put their lives on the line. Just ask Herrmann or Boden’s other halves.

Chicago Deep Dish: Exploring the world of the city’s most famous pizzerias through two rival, family-run parlors.

Chicago Diner: Set at the restaurant that P.D.‘s Lindsay frequents, but — twist! — it’s a half-hour workplace sitcom. Maybe Dick Wolf’s magic touch can heal NBC’s comedy woes, too?

Chicago Ballers: From the superstar players to the management brass, the alluring but cutthroat arena of professional basketball is full of story potential — and it lends itself to its own baseball-themed spinoff, Chicago Hitters.

Chicago High: Think Boston Public-meets-Degrassi, with an ever-rotating cast.

Chicago fans, what do you think of our pitches? Hit the comments with your own ideas!

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