All About Eve: Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch Talks Her Intriguing New Alter Ego

Grimm Season 5 Spoilers Eve Bitsie Tulloch

Yes, the woman who showed up in the final moments of last week’s Grimm‘s looks like the believed-dead Juliette. She sounds like Juliette. And she knows everything Juliette knew. But series star Bitsie Tulloch wants this, if nothing else, to be crystal clear:

“Juliette’s flesh and blood, her DNA, is still alive,” the actress says. “But this is not Juliette.”

But who, exactly, is the woman known as Eve? After all, the sum total of what we know about her is that she stopped Nick’s beat-down with a flick of her wrist and she’s fond of dramatic entrances and exits.

Good thing Tulloch is a bit more forthcoming about her new alter ego. Below, the actress clues us in about what to expect from Eve.

HEXENBUFF | As soon as Juliette went the way of the dinosaur, Tulloch says, she started working out with a trainer in order to nail Eve’s warrior-like physicality. “I started training really hard five or six days a week,” she says. “I was eating a ton of protein, just getting myself really in fighting shape.”

NO WARM FUZZIES | Remember how Juliette was an animal-loving, tagine-cooking, friendly almost-fiancée? Yeah, Eve’s none of those things. The new character “is a weapon,” Tulloch says. “She is very badass, and she’s almost robotic… It’s not so much that she’s ruthless, it’s that she’s very calculated and all she’s focused on is getting the job done.”

A LITTLE HELP FROM HER FRIEND | That job — assisting Hadrian’s Wall — means Eve and Meisner have spent a considerable amount of time together. “She’s laser-focused as far as her mission, and Meisner has played a really instrumental role in training her and getting her ready for this.” Most of Eve’s learning curve, Tulloch adds, involved getting a handle on Juliette’s uncontrolled Hexenbiest skills. (Oh yeah, Eve’s still a ‘biest.) “The new character is all about reining it in in and utilizing this in the best possible way, not wasting an ounce of this incredible power that she has.”

GANG RELATIONS | As you can imagine, the Scoobies are likely to have huge issues with seeing someone who looks exactly like their dead friend running around town. “There is a pretty pivotal scene with Nick at some point after the new year, where they sit down and try to discuss what the hell is going on, because he’s obviously confused,” Tulloch previews.

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PREPARE, INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS | Just because Tulloch hasn’t been posting pics from the set doesn’t mean she doesn’t have ’em — and in the weeks to come, expect her backlog to hit her social media accounts. “I love our fans so much, and one of the things I used to always do was tweet behind the scenes,” she says. “So I’m excited to get back into the swing of things… I have a store of cool behind-the-scenes photos, stories and videos that I can finally start releasing.”

What else are you wondering about this new Eve? How do you think she’ll affect the rest of the season? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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