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Quantico EP on the Bomber's Identity, Ryan's Sad Love Song and the Reveal That [Spoiler] 'Definitely Is a Terrorist'

Quantico Elias Dead Dies

This post contains spoilers for Sunday’s fall finale of Quantico.

After weeks of Quantico‘s mystery and misdirection, we can happily report that at least one pressing question is resolved this week: Agent Vasquez’s first name is spelled Natalie (as some of you suggested), not Nathalie (the way TVLine has been spelling it).

We’d been writing her name that way because that’s how it was in all the press materials when the show started, but then the show made a change and… oh wait, that‘s not the giant revelation from the fall finale you want to hear about?

Kidding! We talked to executive producer Joshua Safran about the events of Sunday’s episode, including:

* Elias trying to frame Simon as the bomber — but when Alex & Co. figured out that the lawyer was involved in the attack, Elias confessed that he’d been blackmailed into kidnapping Alex on the morning of the bombing and leaving her at the hotel. And with that admission made, Elias ended his own life by flinging himself out a window.

* The FBI realizing that a second bomb had been planted in the hotel’s boiler room. That device was defused with seconds to spare… but then another bomb detonated underneath the bank that had been converted into the bureau’s command center near Grand Central.

* Caleb visiting that same location (in his Mark Raymond persona) weeks before the first bombing and remarking that the building was so close to Grand Central…

Meanwhile, in the Quantico timeline, we met Caleb’s senator mom Claire (played by Marcia Cross) and Ryan’s ex-wife/current FBI partner Hannah (played by Eliza Coupe) at a fancy New Year’s Eve party at the Haas estate.

All caught up? Cool. Read on to hear what Safran has to say about what’s next for the NATs (and for some fun intel on Ryan’s turn as a lovelorn troubadour).

Quantico Elias Dies DeadTVLINE | The promos for this episode promised that we’d learn the identity of the bomber. This may make me sound like an idiot, but are we supposed to come away from the episode thinking Caleb is the bomber?

I cannot answer that, but of course, it is an interesting development that the bank that Mark Raymond is depositing his money in is the same bank that would come to be the emergency command center at a later date.

TVLINE | You’ve got to admit, that is not as clear-cut as it might be.
Well, I mean, Elias definitely is a terrorist, but whether he is a pawn of a larger mastermind or whether he acted alone is going to form sort of an arc of episodes moving forward. But he still did enact at least part of a plan — if not the plan that ended up killing many, many people. So you have definitely learned the identity of a terrorist. The question of whether he’s the only one remains to be seen, and it comes down to whether you believe what Elias was saying in the hotel room as the truth, or if you believe it was purely him biding time to get everybody in place in the emergency command center.

TVLINE | Alex’s sentencing was scheduled to happen in a few hours. Will that get put off by everyone dealing with the second bombing?
The sentencing is off the table with the events of the episode, I would say.

TVLINE | They were pretty high up in that hotel room, so I assume Elias is no longer with us?
Yes. Unfortunately for time, I had to cut the shot of his body on the ground… because we felt like it was fairly clear that they are high up, and he is dead.

Quantico Elias Dies DeadTVLINE | In the past, we meet Claire Haas and Hannah Wyland. Let’s deal with Hannah first. Is she really working in Ryan’s best interests?
Well, she is working in what she believes are Ryan’s best interests… One of the most fun things about that character is that she really lays everything out the way she sees it, and how you choose to take those is up to you… She is not a Machiavellian character.

TVLINE | Will we ever hear the song that Ryan wrote for Alex?
[Laughs] As a funny joke, Josh Hopkins said, “Oh my god, you have to write the song. Don’t tell Jake [McLaughlin],” so Hunter [Ellis], my assistant, who is a composer, wrote a song, but like on purpose bad, and attached it to the back of the script for release with the production draft. I didn’t tell Jake, so when he was reading the script and he got to the song, it was really funny.

TVLINE | Shelby and Senator Haas have two very different interactions in this episode, in the past and in the present. Will we see them interact more in the future? Maybe will Clayton get a scene with the two ladies?
I cannot answer what happens to any of those characters in the future, as they are all in the bank when the bomb goes off.

TVLINE | We see Charlie returned to Miranda’s house in pretty bad shape. Will he be able to tell them anything about what’s happened to him?
He would be able to. Whether it feels safe to is the question that’s answered in Episode 12.

TVLINE | My last question — and this is a pressing one, so please pay attention — is: How did Shelby and the ladies know to have all these ball gowns in their closets at Quantico?
[Laughs] You know, we talked about this way, way back in Episode 5, when they went undercover at the cocktail party. Samantha Rattner, the costume designer, and I talked about this: the idea that when they went out to get those dresses… that they were going to need, these were the dresses they didn’t wear that evening. [Laughs]

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