Sleepy Hollow: Orlando Jones Breaks Silence on Departure From Fox Drama

Seven months after exiting Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, the Artist Formerly Known as Capt. Irving is having his say.

“Chances are, I won’t be back, because they kinda asked me to leave,” Orlando Jones tells fans in a video released Saturday.

Jones hasn’t spoken publicly about his departure since it was announced in May, ahead of a retooled Season 3. At the beginning of the season, showrunner Clifford Campbell told TVLine that “for a handful of reasons, it became difficult to schedule and make work out” Jones’ appearance to wrap Frank’s storyline.

Jones addressed the subject in an answer to a fan’s tweeted question.

“What led to me leaving was, they changed the show,” he says in the video. “When we started on Sleepy Hollow, there was a headless horseman, and he had a shotgun. You know how awesome that was?”

In the absence of Headless and the demon Moloch (who was killed in Season 2), “I don’t know who Frank Irving would be fighting against,” Jones adds.

Calling the series creators “awesome guys,” the actor says the chances of a Frank return are incredibly slim — but he’d do it.

“I would love to do a guest appearance,” he says.

TVLine has reached out to Fox for comment.

Press PLAY on the video above to hear Jones’ Sleepy Hollow thoughts in their entirety.

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