Chris Hemsworth Hosts SNL: What Were the Best and Worst Sketches?

If it feels like Chris Hemsworth just hosted Saturday Night Live, it’s because he practically did.

Just 13 episodes have passed since the Artist Sometimes Known as Thor last stopped by on March 8, but he returned for the holiday season as game as ever for more Studio 8H tomfoolery.

Admittedly, we weren’t so keen on the God of Thunder’s inaugural hosting stint, but second time’s the charm, right?

The could-be L’Oréal model did his best playing a bullish version of himself in the opening monologue, and a cop who refused to let an open wound get him down, but nothing could top Will Ferrell’s surprise return as our former Commander in Chief.

Overall, it was far from SNL‘s worst, and somewhat of an improvement on Hemsworth’s first time as host, but the writing still left much to be desired, much like the Rotten Tomatoes score for In the Heart of the Sea.

Lo and behold, my picks for best and worst sketches:

BEST: An Announcement from George W. Bush
Will Ferrell’s top-of-show cameo was an absolute delight, and a perfect way for the show to address the current GOP chaos without calling on Taran Killam to impersonate a “knuckle-headed” candidate whose comments can no longer be taken in jest. Best of all was Bush’s assessment of brother Jeb: “It’s a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one.” Though he’ll never get the third term he claims he’s running for, we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Ferrell back as the former POTUS before this election cycle is up.

BEST: Time To Bleed
This short film about a cop who won’t let an open bullet wound stop him from finishing things “all the way” was funnier than it had any right to be. From his effort to finish paperwork as he bled out at his desk, to his attempt at hitting a punching bag as he suffered through lead poisoning, we couldn’t help but laugh right up until Kalowski’s inevitable demise.

HONORABLE MENTION: Opening Monologue
There’s nothing quite like a classic Chris Hemsworth psych-out. But even better was a classic Michael Che psych-out, as he doubled down on Hemsworth’s prank and knocked the script pages right back out of Colin Jost’s hands.

WORST: Deborah’s Time
“Oh God, Deborah: When are you going to stop this?” Our thoughts exactly. We couldn’t help but ask ourselves that very question as this sketch about an obscure Broadway tune sing-a-long carried on for four minutes without ever landing on a decent punchline.

WORST: Mark the Pirate
Newest Not Ready for Primetime Player Jon Rudnitsky hasn’t had much screen time this fall. Unfortunately, his first big showcase was one giant bomb. This pirate sketch about a seafarer named Mark who likes to “keep things light” should’ve walked the plank immediately after dress rehearsal.

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