Nathaniel Marston's One Life to Live Co-Star Pens Moving Eulogy: 'I Felt as Though I Had Always Known Him'

Nathaniel Marston Dead Kathy Brier

Kathy Brier, who played Marcie to Nathaniel Marston‘s Michael on One Life to Live, spoke at his recent burial at sea in Kauai, Hawaii. On Friday, at the behest of Marston’s mother Elizabeth Jackson, Brier posted her touching remarks on her Facebook page.

Brier wrote that she and Marston, who died in November from injuries related to a car accident, had “an instant connection. I felt as though I had always known him somehow, a recollection of our souls. We pretty much spoke in short hand from the very beginning and most times no words needed to be spoken. We would just look at each other and know.”

She cited Marston as the reason she was put on contract at the former ABC daytime drama despite the show’s intention to keep her around for only three episodes.

“Before we knew, it we were in the middle of one of the greatest love stories ever written for a soap opera. The real secret to the magic of our story was that as Marcie and Al were falling in love, so were Nathaniel and I,” she wrote. “The love and respect between us naturally carried over onto the screen.”

Brier recalled how her friend would hang out at the stage door while she signed autographs during her run as Tracy Turnblad in the Broadway production of Hairspray.

“I asked why didn’t he just come up to my dressing room? He shrugged his shoulders and with a humungous smile simply said, ‘No. I love watching you do your thing. It makes me happy to just see you, and I know you’re safe at the end of the night.'”

She ended the eulogy by writing, “I take comfort in knowing that he is finally at peace and safe at the end of an epic journey, and I will be forever grateful that I got to go along for the ride.”

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