South Park Season Finale Recap: Welcome to the Gun Show

South Park Gun Control

After skewering Caitlyn Jenner, goofing on ISIS and (literally) raping Donald Trump, South Park‘s best season in years saved the hottest of hot-button issues for Wednesday’s grand finale: gun control.

“Everyone’s getting one of these, Jim,” Nathan sneered at the top of the episode as he laid out the specifics of the war brewing between ads and humans. “No one knows who to trust anymore.” (Side note: I’ve never enjoyed Nathan, but I’d like to formally thank him for introducing us to Classi, “spelled with an I and a little d–k that hangs off the C and f–ks the L out the ass.” She’s a swell lady.)

Indeed, every citizen of South Park had gone trigger happy by the end of the finale — including Cartman and his mom/dad, whose disagreement over bedtime led to a stand-off in the living room, and the Marsh family, whose standard family squabble led to a four-way pistol party. But this is South Park, so rather than escalating these arguments to the point of senseless murder, the guns proved invaluable in getting everyone to voice their opinions and work through their differences. Remarked Randy, “Wow, these things are amazing!”

South Park Gun ControlEverything came to a head at (Purina presents) the South Park Gun Show, where this season’s Scooby Gang — Randy, Mr. Garrison, “Principal” Victoria and Caitlyn Jenner — planned to stop Kyle from unknowingly protecting the ads. But once the truth about Leslie’s existence was made known to all, she was toast; P.C. Principal, having realized that the ads used him for their own sinister purpose, delivered a swift punch to — and through — Leslie’s head, ending her brief romance with Kyle. Oh, and her life.

The hectic, brilliant season drew to a close with Mr. Mackey confessing to getting Principal Victoria fired, Whole Foods returning to its home planet and everyone else in South Park attempting to move on with their lives. I think I speak for all my fellow buckaroos when I say… I’d vote Garrison/Jenner.

A few of my favorite quotes:

“Who would use a Cosby joke to further their own agenda?!” — Cartman

“You don’t want to f–k a vampire. You’ll get hepatitis.” — Caitlyn Jenner
“Oh, girlfriend, I am way beyond that.” — Mr. Garrison

“We’re going to kill him with kindness, but instead of kindness, we’re going to use guns.” — Randy

Were you satisfied by South Park‘s wrap-up to Season 19? Have any hopes for Season 20? Grade the finale below, then drop all of your thoughts in a comment.

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