Is Jessica Jones a Super-Easy Costume? Is Glenn Still a Dead Man? How Will Who Bring Clara Back? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Doctor Who, The Good Wife and Chicago Fire!

1 | Has Jessica Jones given young women the easiest (and a modest!) superhero costume to pull off? (That said, doesn’t it kind of look like Shiri Appleby’s UnREAL wardrobe?) And after so many start-and-stops, has Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels, 666 Park, Crisis…) finally found herself a winner?

2 | Shouldn’t Grimm‘s Rosalee be getting some kind of pay for being Nick and Adalind’s 24/7, on-call baby hotline?doctor-who-clara

3 | Now that Girl Meets World is leaving middle school behind, how will the show explain Cory’s inevitable transition to high school teacher?

4 | How do you think Doctor Who will bring back Jenna Coleman for the scene we know has yet to come?

6 | Who did Adele more justice: Miss Piggy or SNL’s Thanksgiving family?

7 | As much as we enjoyed J.Lo’s opening AMAs performance, wouldn’t it have been relatively easy to have her dance to a montage of songs performed live by the nominees in attendance, rather than dance to prerecorded tracks as they sat idly by?

8 | Did you privately hope that last Sunday’s Good Wife featured a “Viewer Discretion Advised” warning because Alicia and Jason were finally going to Get. It. On?

9 | Madam Secretary fans, ever get the feeling that the DIA Henry is working with doesn’t really know what it’s doing?

10 | Since everyone that The Leftovers’ Kevin encountered on the other side was dead, does that mean that Mary is a goner? Also, did anyone not lose it when young Patti tried to make it easier for Kevin to kill her?

11 | Were you relieved that The Walking Dead‘s Glenn survived — even knowing that you might have to mourn him all over again as soon as [COMIC BOOK SPOILER] arrives on the scene? And does anyone really believe that Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick didn’t know Glenn was alive?

Castle12 | How much do we love it when a TV show (e.g. Castle, shown here) works the airdate into that night’s episode?

13 | Jane the Virgin fans, did you find yourself unexpectedly heartbroken when Jane and Petra’s friendship was cut short?

14 | Of all the TV moments that should have been reconsidered after the Paris attacks, is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s “Sexy French Depression” at the top of that list?

15 | How bad are we for wanting Gotham’s Selina to do brutal things to fellow teen Silver St. Cloud?

16 | What Sunday or Wednesday show can we add to Gotham and Limitless to get ourselves three nights in a row of Ron Rifkin?

17 | Talented as Jordan Smith may be, is The Voice‘s relentless promotional push on behalf of the Kentucky belter making this season too predictable — and kind of dreary?

18 | How quickly can Chicago Fire end the tiresome Boden/Severide vs. Riddle/Patterson storyline? Who else got a kick out of the fact that Everwood alumni Treat Williams and Tom Amandes were both in this week’s episode? And how strange was it seeing the typically uniformed crew all glammed up for the department gala?

Chicago Fire19 | Granted it’s still very early in the NBC drama’s run, but is Chicago Med > CBS’ Code Black?

20 | Continuity oops! Did we see NCIS: New Orleans’ LaSalle drive a few blocks from a torrential downpour to an area with bone-dry streets?

21 | Who’s gonna tell Empire that its Manhattan establishing shot is a smidgen dated? And should we worry that the show is writing Anika into the kind of crazy corner that’s impossible to get out of?

Empire22 | Is CBS’ decision to once again air a new Elementary on Thanksgiving — typically a very low-rated night — puzzling? Or do you appreciate having something fresh to watch after all the turkey?

23 | Has Mom‘s Violet suddenly fallen in love with Gregory since we last saw her in Season 2?

24 | Enough time has passed that we feel comfortable asking this: Are Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers doing a better job at covering the news than The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah?

25 | Are you loving Eric Kripke’s Supernatural fun facts on Twitter as much as we are? And for someone so new to the social platform, Kripke’s really doing it right, isn’t he?

26 | How did Amazon’s marketing department Nazi this coming?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!