Mindy Project Recap: Danny's Home — and Why That's Maybe a Bad Thing

Mindy Project Danny Return Season 4

Absence makes the heart grow fonder — and it definitely makes the heart forget about how the heart’s fiancé wants the heart to give up her professional goals and dreams.

That’s the situation on this week’s Mindy Project, in which Danny is back after a long visit with his ailing dad (yay!) and wants to set a date for the wedding (yay again!) but completely reverts to AggroDan upon hearing that Mindy has started a side business while he was gone — after all, won’t Leo just shrivel and grow up to be a serial killer if she’s not a stay-at-home mom? (So. much. boo.)

Thankfully, Annette (and Dot, of course) save us from a wedding-related panic attack by being completely ridiculous about meeting Mindy’s visiting family. Read on for a recap of “The Lahiris and the Castellanos.”

FULL STEAM AHEAD! | Danny wakes Mindy with a surprise on his first morning back at their place: a date in a box, indicating that he wants to move forward with their wedding plans, starting by picking a day. Mindy’s elated. “Now go get your checkbook, because this bitch gon’ be expensive,” she informs him.

Plans start to fall into place: Rishi will be the DJ, Ritchie will be a bridesmaid, and Annette and Dot have come up with invitations (complete with an illustration of Jesus’ crucifixion) and a theme: “very religious,” Danny’s mom gleefully announces. Mindy chafes at Annette’s suggestions until Ma confesses that Christina and her mother boxed her out of Danny’s first wedding; she’s hoping for a different experience with the second. So Mindy plays nice and lets Annette think she’s on board with the very conservative dress (think 1970s nun) she picks. (Meanwhile, Mindy is secretly planning to wear a sexy — and aspirational — two-piece she has Tamra model at Shulman & Associates.)

NOW, BABY | Jody is proud that he’s booked his alma mater for a Later, Baby seminar that weekend, but Mindy says she can’t go: She hasn’t told Danny about the fertility company she started — and of which Jody is now a partner — while he was away. And because he already wants her to quit the two jobs of which he’s aware… Plus: Her family has shown up from India, and they’re throwing her and Danny an engagement party that she can’t miss.

Despite Danny’s best efforts to keep his mom separate from Sonu Lahiri, Annette finds out about the party and shows up in a thrown-together sari. (Too bad no one else is wearing traditional dress.) At Mindy’s request, the Shulman gang is there to try to keep the moms apart, but of course they wind up trying to outdo each other throughout the evening. Everything comes to a head when Mindy’s mother announces that she and her husband want to pay for the entire wedding, which will take place in Boston.

SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY | But Mindy and Danny don’t hear that part, because they’re in the bedroom, arguing about whether or not she should be working at all, much less holding down three positions (at Shulman, her fertility clinic and Later, Baby, in case you’re wondering). Danny’s point is understandable — he wants Leo to have family around all the time, something he did not have as a child — but the jerky way he goes about making it is not. “I don’t like to be bullied like this!” Mindy finally says. “I don’t even recognize this relationship anymore,” Danny grumps back. Ouch.

MA MAKES A GOOD POINT | Danny’s mother, of all people, is the one who best understands Mindy’s plight — and supports her future daughter-in-law’s plan. Sure, Annette gives her a hard time, but she’s aware that “You’re working to make your dreams come true,” she says. It’s a very sweet scene, prompting Mindy to say, “Sonu might be my mom, but you’re my Ma.” Aw, guys!

Meanwhile, Tarun and Danny have a heart-to-heart about how it’s hard to give up one’s passion. So Danny surprises Mindy at her very successful talk at Jody’s college, and he’s pleasantly surprised by how good she is at selling her egg-freezing program to undergrads. It seems like everything’s going to be fine again… until he calls the business her “hobby.” “You can stay home with Leo and do this on the weekends!” Danny says, as though he’s come up with the solution Min’s been looking for all along.

While Danny sleeps on the flight home, Jody says he knows that Mindy isn’t making her true desires known. “Is that what you want?” the southern doc asks pointedly, and for once, Mindy doesn’t really have an answer. And we end with a conflicted Dr. Lahiri looking out the window. I thought planes were supposed to be Mindy and Danny’s happy places, guys!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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