Sleepy Hollow EP Answers Lingering Q: Which Agent Is the FBI Watching?

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After Sleepy Hollow fans got past the shock of the fall finale’s final moments — in which Abbie sacrificed herself in order to save Jenny, Ichabod, Joe and the rest of the town — a small yet important question rose from the rubble:

Was Abbie the “diamond in the rough” alluded to by an FBI bigwig the week before?

In case you weren’t blessed with Ichabod’s photographic memory, allow us to remind you about the scene, which took place in “The Art of War” episode. When Daniel visited the home of one of his superiors to ask for an extension on the Nevins case, the higher-up asked, “How’s our agent doing? The diamond in the rough?,” and Reynolds replied, “I have no doubt she’ll be one of the very best in the Bureau.”

“Good to hear,” his boss said, “because there are eyes on her, as well.”

The dialogue, though intriguing, was merely a bit of misdirection, showrunner Clifton Campbell tells TVLine.

“Because at that point we didn’t know Sophie was an undercover FBI agent, the audience believed that to be Abbie. But he was actually referencing Sophie,” Campbell says.

And speaking of Agent Foster… remember that turncoat tease that came out of New York Comic Con?

“It was a nice tease,” Campbell says, adding that it’s already happened — when Sophie revealed herself as an undercover FBI agent (and not the sleazy Nevins gofer we thought she was). “That was in reference to Sophie.”

Still processing the Sleepy fall finale? Thoughts on the turncoat reveal? Hit the comments!

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