The Vampire Diaries Recap: The Sword and the (Phoenix) Stone

Vampire Diaries Recap

Stefan and Damon clearly misread Lily’s e-mail telling them what to bring for Thanksgiving, because on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, the Salvatore boys arrived armed with but one dish for their mom: a generous helping of reality.

With a little help from vervain and chains — which also happens to be the name of my Kat Graham cover band — Lily’s sons forced her down the darkest part of memory lane: her hellish marriage to Giuseppe. (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that physical abuse, mind games and making Damon eat his own pet turkey qualifies as being “hellish.”)

And rehashing the good ol’ days was merely Step 1 in the boys’ plan to turn their mother against Julian, equating him to Lily’s dick of a husband. Stefan also told her that Julian murdered his and Valerie’s child — Lily’s grandchild, as he was sure to note — but she dismissed this as one of Val’s many lies.

But as the episode progressed, and as Lily continued to find herself haunted by the memories of her nightmarriage, she also began to see Julian for the monster he really is, eventually inspiring an alliance with her sons to take him down. Major kudos to Annie Wersching for her portrayal of a desperate woman, trapped both by fear and by the times, who’s finally finding the courage to escape her cycle of violence. Mama Salvatore gained about eight new layers in this episode, and everything she’s done up to this point — both for her children and her “children” — suddenly makes a lot more sense.

tvd-enzoSWASHBUCKLERS | Of course, this year’s Turkey Day episode was more complicated than I’m making it sound, largely because I totally left out the part where Bonnie and Enzo tracked down a mystical sword that Julian was also trying to get his handsome little hands on. And because everything in the supernatural world is connected to everything else, it seems this weapon draws its power from — wait for it — the Phoenix Stone! (I could be wrong, though, so feel free to yell at me in the comments section if I misunderstood that bit of mythology.) Enzo and Julian’s subsequent sword fight in the wood was also a nice touch. Can we have more of those on this show?

And back to Bonnie and Enzo for a second: Now that we know they’re together in the future, isn’t it kind of nice watching them fall in love in the present? When she told Enzo he’s “better off without” Lily, which he is, I felt all kinds of emotions.

POSITIVELY PREGNANT | Caroline spent a good part of the hour trying to convince everyone — mostly herself, honestly — that she hasn’t been “mystically knocked up by a coven of dead witches,” but by the end of the episode, there was no denying it. Apparently the babies were cloaked for their own protection, which explains why her pregnancy tests were all negative and why the human doctor couldn’t find them in her uterus. And am I crazy, or are Caroline and Valerie becoming… friends? Valerie told Caroline the truth about losing her child, and while Caroline was obviously shocked by the news, she also seemed genuinely heartbroken for her.

JER-ABOUTS | Though we didn’t get to see Elena’s little brother cousin in this week’s flash-forward — during which Caroline appeared on television with an “urgent message for Stefan Salvatore” — we did hear Matt utter Jeremy’s name during a frantic phone call with Bonnie. “Tyler and Jeremy actually took my calls,” he told her, giving TVD fans across the globe a glimmer of hope that we’ll be seeing Steven R. McQueen at some point this season. (I hear he’s pretty busy putting out fires with Uncle Mason or whatever.)

TVD fans, what’s your take on this week’s episode? Drop it in a comment below.

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