Nashville's Scout Taylor-Compton Talks 'Bumpy' Tour for Erin & The Exes

Nashville Scout Taylor-Compton Cast

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present The Exes… and the tech?

Nashville‘s newest romantic triangle — former lovers Scarlett and Gunnar, plus Gunny’s new guitar-tech girlfriend Erin — hit the road on tour in this Wednesday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c). Scout Taylor-Compton, who plays the no-strings-attached, free-spirited Erin, says her character is blissfully unconcerned with the havoc her presence creates for the duo.

“Gunnar’s trying to move forward, as Scarlett has, and Erin’s a won’t-take-s—t kind of girl,” Taylor-Compton tells TVLine.  “She doesn’t really feed into that kind of drama… She doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.”

Erin’s prime directive (“to get Gunnar to loosen up a bit,” per the actress) seems to irk his pixie-haired former girlfriend — who, it should be noted, has devoted Dr. Caleb waiting for her at home. Add in the fact that The Exes are at the very beginning of a long outing, and…

“It’s going to be a really bumpy tour,” Taylor-Compton says.

Speaking of long hauls, Taylor-Compton’s path to a role on the country-music drama has been years in the making. The Gilmore Girls alum auditioned for Season 1, then later on for the role of Layla (which eventually went to Aubrey Peeples).

“I am not new to ABC,” she says, laughing. But the wait was worth it. “Erin is me,” she adds. “They really write for you. And I kept all my tattoos and my piercings, my edginess, myself and my goofiness.”

Part of the audition process included singing, so don’t be surprised if Erin grabs one of those six-strings and rocks out in the future.

“I am on quite a few episodes this season. Erin’s staying,” Taylor-Compton says. “You’re going to get to know her. You’re going to see her and Gunnar’s relationship bloom.”

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