Outlander (Kinda) Casts Lord John

Outlander Young Lord John Cast Season 2

Claire, prepare to have your honor defended.

Outlander has cast Oscar Kennedy as John William Grey, someone who will play an incredibly important role in both Jamie and Claire’s lives for decades to come, TVLine has confirmed. (The series first announced the casting via Twitter.)

But if you’re a fan of the books who’s dying to meet the smooth, blonde British officer… you’ll have to wait a while. The Starz series is introducing Grey as a boy, the same way readers meet him in Dragonfly in Amber — the Diana Gabaldon novel on which Season 2 is based.

Now we’re going to talk about what happens in books, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip to the bold print at the bottom of this post. In the book, John (who’ll later be known as Lord John) stumbles across Claire and Jamie and immediately assumes that she is his captive. Though he is woefully unequipped to challenge Fraser and his men, John nonetheless attempts to save his countrywoman from the ruthless Scots — and the interaction has ramifications that extend throughout the rest of the books.

Kennedy played Edward in Hunted. His other TV roles include The White Queen and Great Expectations.

Outlanders, are you ready to meet Lord John? Sound off in the comments!

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