Walking Dead Recap: Homeward Bound

Walking Dead Season 6 Recap

A funny thing happened on Daryl, Abraham and Sasha’s way back to Alexandria in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. And — imagine that! — a whole lotta horrific and unfunny things happened, too. For instance? Read on…

PLEASED TO BEAT YOU | After being shot at by a group that was pretty clearly supposed to be the infamous Negan’s Saviors, Abraham and Sasha got separated from Daryl, who, after eluding his pursuers, was taken hostage by a guy and two sisters. Mind you, the trio weren’t Saviors, they were on the run from the Saviors and, mistaking Daryl for one of the bad guys, intended to trade him for their freedom. Before that could happen, though, the newbies explained to Daryl how they’d burned up a vast swath of walker-infested woods, and tried in vain to find their friend (?), Patty, at the Pattrick Fuel Co. Disconsolate, the younger sister was suggesting that her companions go back and say that breaking away from the group had been her idea when, all of a sudden, she collapsed. Seizing the opportunity — and his captors’ duffle bag — Daryl made a run for it.

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY | Meanwhile, Abraham and Sasha bickered over Daryl, with the latter insisting that their pal wouldn’t leave them behind and the former pointing out that he’d already done so once. In the end, they decided that the best way to find a tracker was to let the tracker find them. So they holed up in an office space, scrawled “Dixon” on the door, then continued to spar, this time about which of them was more out of control. Sasha seemed to win the argument by noting that Abraham counted on the “noise” from the apocalypse to distract people from the crazy chances he was prone to taking. But, whether people noticed, she concluded — throwing in the hour’s title for good measure — they were “Always Accountable” for their choices.

YOU’RE THE WORST | Back in the woods, Daryl discovered that there was insulin in his abductors’ duffle bag (that was why the younger sister had fainted — she needed a shot) and, stand-up guy that he is, returned it. That was gonna be that as far as the four of them were concerned, but Daryl had only gone a few steps when the Saviors attacked the hapless threesome. Again, being a stand-up guy, Daryl intervened, getting one of the Saviors bitten by a walker (and amputated by mission leader Wade!) and leading his frenemies to safety. Natch, the trio were shocked that, after what they had done to Daryl, he had come back to help them. In the woods, the foursome came upon some friends of the trio’s that they’d accidentally doomed with their fire. When the younger sister moved to place flowers near the bodies, they reanimated, and she was fatally bitten. Off the tragedy, Daryl invited the remaining duo to join Alexandria. Instead, they stole his crossbow and motorcycle, the bastards!

ABRAHAM LINKIN’ | In town, Abraham discovered a zombified soldier and his cargo of missiles (valuable) and cigars (invaluable). After a stare-down with the unfortunate enlisted man, Abraham returned to the office and admitted to Sasha that he had been living as if the end was near. But, since it appeared that the end wasn’t quite so imminent, there were a few things that he wanted to do — starting with getting to know her a whole lot better. What made him think that she wanted to get to know him better? she asked. “A man can tell,” he said. And since she joked that he had “some stuff to take care of” before that could happen, it appeared that he was right. (Man, Rosita is not gonna like this one bit.) As the hour drew to a close, Daryl — having commandeered a fuel truck and rejoined Abraham and Sasha — was finally getting a response on his walkie-talkie… but it was only one word (“Help!”), and it was unclear who was saying it (Glenn, dare we hope?).

So, does an Abraham/Sasha pairing surprise you? Are you eager to meet Negan? Hit the comments!

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