Nashville Recap: On the Rocks

Nashville Season 4 Recap

A drycleaning shop. A barre-workout studio. A fro-yo franchise.

If Nashville‘s Deacon wanted to become a small business owner, any/all of these would’ve been a far smarter investment than his current obsession: being an active proprietor in a bar.

As the saying goes, if you don’t wanna slip, don’t walk where it’s slippery. And for a recovering alcoholic, it’s hard to think of a more treacherous icy patch than a building full of booze you already own.

Yes, I’m aware that the entire endeavor is a tribute to his late sister. But the point Rayna makes in this week’s episode is a good one: Nowhere in the “One day at a time” mantra is there an asterisk that says *unless you really think you’ve kinda sorta got things under control.

In other Music City news: Juliette finally has a come-to-Jesus moment and Will and Avery are my new favorite couple. Read on for the highlights of “Can’t Get Used to Losing You.”

FAREWELL, FORDHAM | The morning after Jeff’s death, Juliette has no recollection of being on the roof the night before, a fact she angrily reminds anyone (the cops, Luke, Gabriella) who asks. And the fact that Colt swears he saw everything that went down between the petite blonde and her smirky turtle of a manager is tempered by the fact that the teen was very, very drunk at the time.

Meanwhile, Layla gets treated terribly by Jeff’s bitchy sister, Kate, who’s the human incarnation of Scrubbing Bubbles: efficient at cleaning up messes, but also incredibly caustic. “My brother never mentioned your name,” Kate swiftly informs Layla before adding that she’s not welcome at the funeral.

A LONG WAY DOWN | Back in Nashville, Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records prepares the most perfunctory of tributes to Jeff for the beginning of that night’s show. But even then, Juliette is under the impression that she spend the night in her hotel room — and even nastily turns down Layla’s request that Ju use her star power to reach out to Jeff’s family on her behalf. “The best way for you to get over him is jus to pretend that they two of you never happened,” Juliette advises, and I don’t really like Layla much but damn, Jujubee. That was cold.

It’s not until Colt barges into Juliette’s dressing room, demanding that she admit what really happened, that Ju remembers everything. She gets so upset that she mumbles her way through the tribute and then locks herself in her dressing room right before her set; Layla seizes the opportunity to go out and do an acoustic set in honor of Jeff, singing a lovely, teary ballad while bookended by giant photos of the Turtle on the Jumbotron. And a crying Juliette finds Luke and confesses what she now remembers: “I tried to kill myself. Jeff died trying to save me.”

Next thing you know, Gabriella is checking Juliette into a posh rehab center in the middle of the night. “Are you ready?” the rep asks Ju. “No,” she replies, walking into the facility.

BAR FOR THE COURSE | Deacon brings Rayna to Frank’s watering hole and treats it like it’s a huge surprise. “It’s my bar,” he announces, and Rayna’s face says, “Well that’s convenient, because I’d like to order a double shot of NOPE.”

“You’re going into business with your sponsor? Is that a thing?” she later asks, still conveying “This is a terrible idea” with every ginger molecule of her being. Deke says no, he’ll get a new Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, and isn’t this all just great? He’s got plans to make The Beverly another Bluebird-type of venue, especially given that Frank is a singer, as well.

Eventually, Ray flat-out tells Deacon that she thinks it’s a bad idea for him to enter into a business partnership that puts him within arms’ reach of liquor at all times. He counters that he would never waste Beverly’s ultimate gift by using it to strain cocktails outta his blood stream. He’s close to tears as he leaves to play The Beverly, but he shakes it off to perform a rollicking tune called “Like New.”

Later, bucked up by Bucky, Rayna comes to the bar and apologizes, saying that she believes in Deacon. “Nothing’s ever gonna keep me away from you. If this is what you want, I’m going to do everything I can to support you,” she adds. Still, when they hug, she looks dubious as to whether she can keep that promise.

SHORN FREE | Looking for a new start, Scarlett cuts off all her hair and decides last-minute that she’s going to tour with Gunnar. When Noel snarks that her new ‘do doesn’t jibe with the band photos printed on the merch, she shoots back, “Feel free to call Locks of Love and tell them you need my hair more than a sick child does.” Apparently, what Scar was hiding under all of that hair was a boatload of sass! (And if you want to know the story behind why Clare Bowen made the big cut, click here.)

Caleb seems resigned to Scarlett’s busy life (though I’d argue that if your DOCTOR boyfriend can put his phone away for an hour or two, Scar honey, you can, too.) And when Gunnar gets Erin — with whom he’s still sleeping — a gig as the tour’s sound tech, all the final details are in place.

BABY & BLUES | Will’s entire episode, summed up in a sentence: “Kevin broke up with me and I am sad. GRR.” Avery’s entire episode, summed up in a sentence: “My marriage is ending and I am sad. SOB.” And when the two commiserate late one night, Will’s gentle friendship completely breaks Avery, who starts sobbing at the table. Like, high-pitched, collapsing-face sobs. And later, when the guys go up to sing to little Cadence, I’m the one who’s in the fetal position. Though, side note: What adult in his or her right mind would have a full-on conversation mere inches from a baby that just fell asleep?!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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