Scream Queens Recap: Mommy Issues

At this time last week, I was pleading with Scream Queens to give us answers or give us deaths. I’m happy to report that Tuesday’s episode gave us plenty of both.

Let’s start with the death: Ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer (aka “that really unusual girl with the very odd candle fetish”) has left the building. The non-Boone Red Devil took her out after failing to off Dean Munsch — in a spectacular homage to 1960’s Psycho, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh — but we can all take solace in knowing that Jennifer died doing what she loved: vlogging about candles.

But enough about that dead freak, let’s talk answers. Not only did Munsch give Grace the name of the girl in the bathtub (“Sophia Doyle”), but an asylum inmate also gave her a 20-year-old painting of Gigi… with two babies! Gigi played it cool when confronted with this admittedly spotty evidence, all the while mapping out her master plan: Convince Wes to put a ring on her finger — and put that Veronica Mars wannabe Grace in a padded room.

And just when it seemed like the plot couldn’t possibly get any thicker/more ridiculous, we learned a million and one crazy things about Grace’s backstory: Her mom, originally named Bethany Stevens, was the president of Kappa Kappa Tau in 1995 (“‘Waterfalls’ is my jam!”) and met Wes at that very same party. Nine months later, along came baby Grace, who was only alive for a short while before her criminal mother — with a rap sheet that included shoplifting, larceny, meth possession, etc. — drove drunk into a tree.

In the episode’s final moments, a peculiarly bearded Nick Jonas made his triumphant return to the role of Boone, and during an angry phone call with [Mystery Killer No. 2], the Joaquin Phoenix look-alike decided that Gigi has exhausted her usefulness, implying that this whole murder plot is really the Devils’ idea, not merely Gigi’s.

Like I said, we got a ton of answers this week, and I’m even OK with the new questions thrown our way, including: Who were the two babies born in the bathtub? Did Wes also know Gigi in college? And did he just deliver the most casual confession of arson in human history? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode, plus any new theories, below.

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