Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving Video: Gayle Tries Bob's Turkey-Day Patience

Ugh, Bob’s Burgers‘ Gayle, we love you… but could you please get your stuff together?

After all — as becomes abundantly clear in this exclusive sneak peek from Sunday’s Thanksgiving episode (Fox, 7:30/6:30c) — the longer Linda’s scattered sister takes to leave her apartment, the lower the chances that Papa Belcher will get back to his family in time for turkey.

“Gayle has stepped on some salsa while salsa dancing and sprained her ankle,” Megan Mullally, who voices Linda’s sister, explains. “There’s a blizzard and she needs to get to Bob’s for the Thanksgiving diner, so she insists that he come and pick her up… and she needs to bring her cat, Mr. Business, along with her.”

Fun fact: Bob‘s writer/producer Wendy Molyneux was a writer on Mullally’s short-lived talk show, and she is responsible for bringing the Will & Grace alum into the Belcher’s world. Molyneux and her sister, Lizzie Molyneux, penned this week’s episode — and several of Bob’s other Thanksgiving installments.

“It’s become this great tradition for them to try to top each one they’ve done,” series creator Loren Bouchard tells TVLine. “We love doing Thanksgiving episodes. It just feels like home base to us for some reason.”

Press PLAY on the video above to get in the Thanksgiving spirit a little early.

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