Nashville Season 4 Recap

Nashville Recap: Well, We Didn't Quite See That One Coming

All of those Juliette-on-the-ledge Nashville promos ABC threw at us weren’t kidding: This week’s episode was fatal… just not for the rock-bottom-hitting Ms. Barnes.

Nope, Jeff Fordham was the hour’s casualty, falling from the roof of a hotel in the process of saving a drunk and drugged Juliette from committing suicide.

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It’s been a while since the ABC drama surprised me; I think maybe the last time was when Rayna showed up on Deacon’s doorstop to declare her love in Season 1. But Jeff’s death — though it makes sense, given Oliver Hudson’s Scream Queens gig — took me unawares and set up an interesting situation for Juliette moving forward in the season.

Will the tragedy (and the investigation into it) sober Juliette to a place where she realizes she needs help? Or will it push her farther down her ever-steeper spiral and create even more distance between her and Avery?

I truly don’t know. But I’m looking forward to finding out. Read on as we review what befell everyone (too soon?) in “Please Help Me I’m Fallin’.”

JU’S DARKEST HOUR | Fresh off a crying jag as she realizes that Avery is really done with her, Juliette contacts his lawyer and agrees to all terms — which, as you’ll recall, involves relinquishing all rights to Cadence. She arrives in the Atlanta hotel lobby with her hood pulled up and her big shades on, giving off waves of “Don’t eff with me” that ricochet around the room. Too bad a fan doesn’t pick up on Ju’s vibe; when the woman tries to take a selfie with her, Juliette knocks her to the ground and straddles her torso, clawing at her like a hungry walker until Jeff pulls her off and hauls her up to her room.

After brokering a small quid pro quo — if Jeff can make the public-relations disaster go away, Gabriela will recommend for the CEO gig at Luke’s company — Jeff goes after Juliette with some real talk. But he’s as mean as he is truthful, and the fact that she drunkenly throws herself at him and scratches his neck as he pushes her away makes the scene even harder to watch. “No wonder Avery left you,” the Smirky Turtle says, his voice dripping with disgust as she snivels on the couch. “What a waste.”

Meanwhile, back at home, Avery sees a news story about Juliette’s attack and wonders if he should contact her. Will and Gunnar advise him not to, and SHUT UP, GUYS.

IT’S BEEN HANDLED | So Jeff pays off the fan to hold a press conference saying she’d provoked Juliette’s violent outburst, and Luke is so impressed that he takes Gab’s advice and hires Jeff to start his “lifestyle brand.” (Side note: What the heck does that mean, exactly? Is Luke trying to be the next Gwyneth? Is he putting together a GOOP-like newsletter? And if so, may I humbly pitch a few ideas? “The 12 Private Jet Hacks You Must Try,” “The Best Cake Recipes for Ramming With a Pickup Truck — Two are Gluten-Free!” and “Goatee Steaming for the Novice.”)

Layla is happy for her man. Though the new gig means losing Jeff as her manager, it also means he’ll be able to move her into his place when they get back to Nashville. And damn it if the pair of them aren’t cute about the whole thing. (Though she also notices the wounds on his neck, and knows Juliette gave them to him, which I’m sure will be important in the future.)

LATER, SMIRKY TURTLE | After Layla leaves Luke’s rooftop party, Jeff catches sight of Juliette wobbling her way to the edge with a vodka bottle in her fist. He has no idea she’s taken every single pill in her possession — both by swallowing and snorting — and has nearly pickled herself with all the alcohol she can find.

(Meanwhile, back in Nashville, Avery receives Juliette’s text — “I’m sorry” — and taking Glenn’s heartbreaking advice from earlier in the episode, deletes her number from his phone. Sob.)

When Jeff’s verbal attempt to stop his client from swan diving into an Atlanta sidewalk don’t work, he makes a move to grab her and pull her away from the edge. But there’s a slight tussle, and as she falls backward onto the roof… he topples over the edge and falls to his death.

And Colt, Luke’s son, sees the whole thing from his balcony.

TERRIBLE TEENS | Let’s move on to the episode’s other bit of unpleasantness: Maddie. She’s still grounded after taking the stage with Juliette in the previous episode, and Rayna decides to confiscate the teen’s phone so she can’t call or text Colt. The kids’ last conversation goes something like this (and reinforces my bad feeling from last week): HIM: “She doesn’t know, does she?” HER: “Know what? That I love you?” Hmm…

But Rayna apparently thinks it’s totally within the bounds of Maddie’s grounding to bring her (and Daphne) to a rehearsal with an increasingly needy and bossy Markus Keen. After declaring that Rayna should be his producer — and then just as promptly deciding that she doesn’t understand what he wants for his new sound — Markus is thisclose to leaving Highway 65. But then Rayna has Maddie sing her stripped-down version of his song (Daphne declines, citing some residual mean-girl mojo left over from the talent show), and Markus acts like the teen changed his damn life with her (admittedly beautiful) voice. “Girl, you unlocked it,” Markus says. (Side note: Ugh.) “Can we go home now?” Daphne says, unimpressed. Oh D, I feel you.

VAYA CON DIOS, BEV | In Natches, Deacon and Scarlett attend a memorial service at the lounge where Beverly sang each Sunday night. The event provides closure for both; as Scarlett sings a tune her mom performed to close each show, Deke imagines his sister singing it. The whole thing is shot really nicely, by the way, giving Dana Wheeler-Nicholson a goodbye that isn’t all ghosty and shifty. On the ride home, Deacon calls his sponsor, Frank, and tells him he wants to buy into the bar Frank owns. Oh, and he wants to rename it The Beverly.

ROOMMATE DRAMA | Will and Kevin break up after Will has an awkward moment with a male fan and uses it as a reason he should’ve never come out in the first place… Gunnar and guitar-tech Erin have bra-on sex — seen only on TV! — but she wants very little to do with him until it’s time for her to crash again for the night. “What is this?” he asks a little sheepishly as she heads for his bedroom. “Fun,” she says, at the exact same time I say, “Free lodging.”

Now it’s your turn. Are you sad or glad to see Jeff go? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Claire says:

    I know it’s crazy, but I kinda liked Jeff with Layla (all the while knowing she can/should do better). I might actually miss him now.

    • Lisa wyatt says:

      I feel the same way. They showed Jeff in a very positive light, even when he rejected Juliettes advances. I didn’t expect Juliette to fall but I definitely didn’t see this coming

    • Wordsmith says:

      Yeah, it’s a testament to the writing of this season that, after all of the crap Jeff has pulled since he arrived on the scene, we now actually feel bad to see him go.
      They did it with Avery, they did it with Juliette (and then undid it, and then re-did it, and so on…) I suppose redemption is kind of their jam.

    • MaryC says:

      I was starting to feel that Jeff actually did care for Layla, especially after he kissed her in public. I don’t understand why she didn’t dump his rear end after she found out he was the one that sent that twitter pic of Christina Aguilera’s character from her party last season. I will kinda miss him?

    • KS says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. I actually started to like Jeff, and I really liked him with Layla. They were good for each other in a strange way. I’m sad to see him go. And I am not pleased to see that Juliette is going to cover it up like it meant nothing and just continue to be a terrible person.

    • Shelley says:

      No, you all at not the only ones. I didn’t see it coming and it kind of broke my heart. I had really grown to like Jeff and I think Layla brought out his human side. Not to mention that o have always liked Oliver Hudson from back when he was on Dawson’s Creek. I will really miss hom

    • Charina McCullem says:

      Me too. He was one of those villans you loved to keep around because he comes out on top. I would rather have seen Juliette die than him. You can never like Juliette no matter what she does now. She’s a sorry mother, a lousy wife, & a murderer. She sucks period.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m just thankful for the promo for next week saying that Scarlet finally cuts her ratty ass hair!

  3. Rose says:

    I’ve always kind of loved to hate Jeff. I’m sad he is gone! That was pretty good shocker.

    Side note- these Hayden scenes are so sad knowing she was going through PPD in rea life. Some of her best work because it’s from a real place.

    This show has its problems but I’m hooked.

  4. Njred says:

    My jaw is still on the ground. Holy…what?

  5. Sara says:

    Jeff had really grown on me. He had changed his ways. Ugh, and he went out on the best night of his life. Won’t lie, I totally cried.

  6. Tina says:

    Wow! I didn’t see that coming. Jeff wasn’t a likable character, but that was a rough way to write him off. Ju sure seemed to sober up quickly enough in the previews for next week. Doesn’t track with all that she took/drank before the pirouette on the roof.

  7. Lucie says:

    Scream Queens must be doing very well for Hudson to leave the show.

    • Amy says:

      Exactly what I thought. I’m really bummed…love him, hate him, slime ball or “seemingly redeemed” at times…Jeff was a character that was always fun and interesting to watch and Oliver Hudson played him perfectly.

      • Amy says:

        Now that I think of it…I’m kinda worried it doesn’t bode well for the survival of Nashville. That the only actor with another gig, chooses the other gig (I mean assuming it was a choice)…
        But then also if Scream Queens is that successful, maybe doing both became impossible.

        • Stephanie says:

          Ehh, I’m thinking they are writing Layla out. Her and Jeff were getting boring with Layla being like ….love me. And Jeff being all… is my cold shoulder. I was kinda hoping that they would have taken Jeff in the direction when he got Layla to sing at that Bonfire thingie but him being evil was just got old. I think he took the character as far is it could go. No one will ever see him as anything but evil and manipulative.
          Also doing both probably became very difficult because I’m guessing they film at the same time.

          • I wish they would write Layla out but they just promoted her to series regular and they LOVE her – she has the most original songs and although I agree that they have already tried many different stories and angles for Layla and she still hasn’t won over a lot of people watching, because the producers/writers obviously love her (and shoving her down our throats) she is here to stay. Now we get to watch her grieve Jeff. Sounds like fun

        • Dude says:

          I don’t think this has much to do with Scream Queens. It’s only a 13 episode series and I don’t see him being one of the four people moving on to next season.

      • smartysenior says:

        I agree completely, I was really glad they found a way to keep him. I think he’s a fine actor who played the evil part to perfection. Somehow this show is full of depressing people who are depressed all the time. I’m not really looking forward to it each week because of this.

    • Jessica says:

      I was thinking the same thing! After all it is a Ryan Murphy production

    • tvjunkie says:

      the episodes for both shows that have aired so far were likely filmed, at the latest, in early to mid September, long before anyone knew what ratings Scream Queens was going to get

  8. Mika02 says:

    Wow just wow I actually thought Cole would die saving her never in my life I thought it would be Jeff!

  9. Jess says:

    While I love Nashville at its core, this might be one soapy plot too many. No Deyna, bratty Maddie, drunk Colt, Juliette off the deep-end, Deacon bought a bar. The Jeff /Layla storyline was semi interesting. There are so many secondary characters it’s getting annoying, but Jeff’s storyline was always one of the better ones. Sorry to see him go. I think Luke should go with him… What does it even mean to have a lifestyle brand?? Is he a Kardashian?

    • Elissa says:

      Seriously! This is my favorite show but…what was that? Only happy scene was Daphne and Rayna talking. And a brief moment when Markus WASN”T being an ass (Not like we care about him anyway!)

      • Dee says:

        Maddie takes all the attention and I think Daphne feels left out a little bit.

        Anyway, I’m actually going to miss Jeff (or the actor at least). As soon as they made him tolerable they killed him off. And I thought that annoying assistant lady was trying to hook up with him too. Poor Layla, she just can’t win.

        • Jill says:

          That’s why they made him tolerable, so you’d feel bad for him when they killed him off. Total personality change in the name of manipulation. Don’t fall for it! He was a terrible character who abused Layla for most of the time they were together. This episode was so awful. This used to be a fun soapy drama with light and sweet moments, now it’s just a depressing s**t show with bratty teens. Oh, and Luke’s “lifestyle brand” is the new Cumberland deal. Who cares?!

          • Charina McCullem says:

            Dontbagree. They never made him an angel just tolerable. He still had a smart mouth, was sneaky, & didn’t care what anybody thought. The only difference is he fell in love. Even Victor Newman from Y & R has a soul mate. Doesn’t make him less of an was. But we can’t get enough of him just like Jeff. Now we have to look @ all The uppity, I never do wrong, but sleep w/your boyfriend soap. At least the music will be good.

      • Mona says:

        Well, it definitely was a surprise. Sorry to see Jeff go, actually had some fun with his version of a bad guy.
        Too bad for another soapy twist though… what a bore, actually not caring anymore since ep. 402 and only keep watching because of Connie Britton. Love Rayna and it’s good to see her with her daughters, and yes, even with Markus (what was that “I’ve seen the light” thing with Maddie??) and hoping against hope that they give us some more of that. And give us tons more Deacon and Rayna already! Together! In a strong relationship, as you’d hope after all this time! Making music! Having a good discussion about how smart it actually is to own a bar as an alcoholic, sure. But if they’re going to use the Deacon/bar/long lost daughter storyline to put a wedge in between them, and, oh no, no, not the jealousy please… Kimberly, another prayer to direct to the Nashville gods here please.
        Well, still hoping ABC/the writers get back to their senses, I see ratings are not too flattering, who knows they get the hint. Enough soap opera!

    • Amy says:

      Agreed Jess (your first line)…just what I was thinking tonight.

    • Joan Wyly says:

      This show has “jumped the shark” to use an old phrase. It started out interesting, albeit a overly dramatic show, but had good music and chemistry between the characters. But this season has been one overly dramatic episode after another. Not one ounce of reality here — I thought the plot was going to allow us to see Juliette head off into a clinic to get help. Instead we get Jeff dying trying to save her. When I couldn’t even understand how he could fall over that edge. He appears to be a fit man, twice her size, how does she manage to cause him to fall?

  10. Morgan says:

    Sara, Jeff changed, say what?? Huh?? He just totally berated a clearly drugged client, ignored her cry for help AND told her husband that she was doing fine. All to save face. No, he was clearly the same slime ball. He only cared that she was going to jump b/c he knew that would mess with his position somehow. What show were you watching?
    It was a pretty good shocker however. While I couldn’t stand him, I wasn’t ready to see him go….so soon.

    • Chloe says:


    • Christina Chippy says:

      You could tell he was considering if to stop her or not even, he just watched for a long moment and did nothing until she was about to fall.

    • doompod says:

      Exactly! He was still a scumbag, but the key was that he finally had everything he wanted: Money, power, the girl. The total Scarface Trifecta. At that point, it’s kind of inevitable that he’s toast.

    • Charina McCullem says:

      I agree somewhat but you can only cry she needs help 4 so long. I went through my battle but never turned my back on my kids. My father didn’t either. Cry for help my ass. She’s no damn victim. She’s a leech. Suck the life out of anything she touches. She was the same way before she even started drugs.

  11. DJ says:

    What was the name of that song Clare sang tonight? I loved it. Are the lyrics anywhere?

  12. Amy says:

    Didn’t see it coming (AT ALL!!) and definitely will miss Oliver Hudson’s Jeff Fordham, who was great in the role, and I loved to watch. I thought he brought a colorful character, that isn’t there otherwise, and was a great antagonist. And lately I loved his seeming turn-around, (while still keeping his edge depending on the situation), with Layla, in particular. I was hoping we were just seeing a “good layer” emerge in a complex character, while still maintaining tough business guy, Jeff. I’m truly bummed and will miss one of my favorite characters on the show.

  13. Chappe says:

    What was name of song Scarlet sang at the bar honoring her mom, Beverly

  14. Dp says:

    Shocker and a bummer!
    Jeff was a great character
    Sad to see him go
    This is my favorite show
    I think ABC should move it to a
    Better time slot
    Like 8 pm Thursday

    • Jake L. says:

      No way ABC messes with the Shondaland Thursday. Considering how serialized it is, I highly doubt a timeslot move would benefit the show at this stage of its life.

      • Delisa T says:

        I agree no Thursday slot !! I love Nashville but NO way does it win against Shonda ! Best part of this show is the music !!

    • Jessica says:

      8pm Thursday isnt a better slot, until the moved GA there all the shows they put there failed. Its only better now for ABC because of GA.

  15. Shari says:

    I am bummed that Jeff died! He was righting his ship and being fairly decent of late. And, I am sad the show is going to lie about his death and call it a suicide. Sad!!

  16. laurie says:

    Darn, i was just starting to like his character

  17. Christina Chippy says:

    For the fact we didn’t see Jeff hit the ground or anything, I’m silently hoping he pulls a TV Drama I LIVED thing. But honestly at this point, I think they should let Juliette jump. She is tortured and ripped apart, 90% by herself and every time she has some progress she is just pulled back down by other characters be it Jeff, Avery, anyone. I don’t think there is anything they can do for Juliette as a character anymore with her staying in one piece. Jeff dying won’t change things for her, just make it worse, she’s going to be labeled as murderer when she was trying to commit suicide and he accidentally fell with only the kid to witness she didn’t push him and even then, there is gonna be some drama of that.

    As someone with severe depression and issues like Ju, I think they should have let her have a closer attempt, a near full on OD, cutting even, something. Letting others hurt and fall over themselves while she tries to kill herself only pushes it further, she needs to feel how close and draw back herself.

  18. reinalov says:

    My favorite villain is gone. I’m no longer watching.

  19. VeeJay says:

    Oliver Hudson is an under rated actor. He was the real star of Nashville. His character, Jeff Fordham was interesting to say the least. He was a slime ball however, there was a very sensitive side. He cared about Juliet which is why he had such harsh words for her. He was hoping it would snap her back into her senses. He was the “Victor Newman” (Y&R) of this show. You love to hate him but hate to see him ho. I wish him well. The previews for the next episode are not very realistic and the writers should not have her lying about what happened in regards to Jeff’s fall. Her character is quickly becoming over the top and boring!
    With all of this said, I love the show

    • Lucie says:

      There was nothing nice or sensitive about Jeff Fordham and there Hudson was definitely not the star of the show. Think back to all the things he did to claw his way up the top and fall to the bottom. He didn’t care about anyone but himself. Hopefully Ju goes back to Glenn since she no longer has a manager. I miss him.

  20. Josieb says:

    Wow, I am hoping he is holding on a ledge down there, he was the best character on this show, love, hate him. He really plays this part well! Bring him back somehow, bad dream maybe, like Dallas? LOL. Surprised.

  21. I like Jeff & Layla together i will miss him they made sparks fly. He might have been a bad guy Layla made him a better person. I did not see that coming. Oliver Hudson played Jeff with so many flaws and layers. He be missed !!!!

  22. Lorna says:

    Tbh, no. I loved the character, but abc promos are always misleading, and the actor has another gig. Still bummed. On another note, it’s irritating that the writers decided to make Beverly a saint and loving mother, when we’ve only seen her as bitter and verbally abuaicw. Glad she is gone.

  23. Pennie says:

    As much as I loathed Jeff Fordham at the beginning I loved that he had softened toward Layla, finally. Oliver Hudson played him perfectly. He had become one of my favorite actors on the show and I am so disappointed that it appears as though he will not be back. I am holding out hope that he landed on a canopy or something and hasn’t been killed off. Oliver Hudson is way too good looking to be playing a bad guy though. And on the matter of the extended breaks this show takes, I hate them!

  24. Brian says:

    Why can’t I quit this show? It’s the guiltiest TV pleasure since Melrose Place.

  25. ? says:

    This is the soapiest thing this show has ever done, and I’m including all of season 1 and Teddy’s wife getting shot in the head and then everyone forgetting she’d ever existed afterward. Haha. Show can never keep a consistent tone. It can never decide if it’s a soap or a drama about the country music business. Been its problem since day one. Well, I don’t care, I’ll watch it til the last episode airs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand why more people aren’t enjoying it.

  26. Delisa T says:

    But why 2 weeks ????

  27. Dean says:

    Sorry, I laughed out loud at the final scene. Way too cheesy. And it’s about time they give Juliette a break, give her at least one episode where she’s happy.

  28. Sharon says:

    Country Lifestyle Branding…taking a selfie posing in your Luke Wheeler Boots, Luke Wheeler hat, Luke Wheeler jeans with your new Signature Edition Luke Wheeler Ford Truck while holding a Coke. Then going inside with your buddies to watch the Luke Wheeler Nascar Team complete with Coke logos on the car and eat Luke Wheeler Brand Pork Rinds.

    • jakis says:

      I was thinking red, white and blue placemats and tablecloths, Americana plates and chargers and silverware, rustic stars hanging from twine to hang on the wall or on your front door, all for sale at Macy’s.

  29. Normandy says:

    I have to say that I saw it coming on the basis of 1) Hudson being a regular on another show and downgraded to recurring on this one, and 2) they have absolutely no idea how to write characters off the show. But when I saw Colt I thought for a second that maybe he would fall to his death and Juliet would witness it.

  30. Victor says:

    Jeff was a good antagonist, probably the only one on the show. Hard to see that go, but LOVE how they did it. It makes even the most ardent Jeff opponents think twice a bit, I’d wager. it’s gotta be confusing to see his final act in life one of putting someone else first, in a dramatic, life-sacrificing way.

  31. Tina Lovell says:

    I can see where Jeff’s demise will set off some other stories but in the same respect I would have loved to seen his character develop and change. At least this way he goes out a hero. Even if not immediately in the eyes of the characters on the show. Eventually everyone will know that Jeff died trying to save Juliette.

  32. TI says:

    Even though Jeff was generally a jerk, he redeemed himself in the end by saving Juliette at his own demise, though I’m sure he didn’t plan that part of it. Now, the show definitely needs a strong antagonist, and it looks like Marcus is up for that role and is playing it well – he is a diva for sure. I just hope they give Layla a chance to rise above this and not go down the self-loathing, alcoholic/druggie road she’s already been down. Let her grow up and be better if she’s going to be a series regular. I also hope it gives Glenn a chance to be her manager. Now that he’s given up on Juliette, he needs someone!

  33. Babygate says:

    Never liked Jeff. Especially with Layla. I thought the daddy dynamic was really uncomfortable to watch. I didn’t like it when he returned so this is great news for me. As long as Juliette, Avery, Rayna and Deacon are alive, I’m happy.

  34. Suzanne says:

    Nobody is going to know Jeff died a “hero” since the previews show they are saying he committed suicide. Or maybe they will say Juliette pushed him. Only if Colt tells what he saw, and people believe him (remember he was drunk as well), only then will Jeff come out a hero. I was starting to like him. Predictions: Deacon and Rayna will break up again over the bar and Frankie’s daughter. Maddie will get pregnant. Gunnar will be “torn” between Scarlett and the slut, but the slut will finally get put in her place by Scarlett. (Where did the Doctor go?) Daphne is being a snotty brat. I hope Nashville isn’t trying to make a point that Country music doesn’t accept gays as headlining stars – what genre does? Will should have stayed in the closet at least until he made a bunch of money doing what he loved most. Then he could tell everyone to go to hell and live happily ever after. But now he is just stuck in reality. Avery poor Avery stuck with a baby and no job. Marcus Keen – I have no idea about how long he will last but I do think he and Maddie, now that she is a “woman”, will get together. after she loses the baby and outgrows Colt. At least Deacon will finally have somewhere to belong – the Beverly. He felt jealous that his sister had a place where everyone loved her for her and not because she was famous.

  35. Chuck E Cheese says:

    We never saw the body hit the ground. There was a balcony just to the left,one floor down.
    So maybe Jeff isn’t dead? Just badly hurt by landing 10-15 feet onto the balcony.

    Why a season ending cliff hanger only 4 episodes into the season?

    Why not just show us the body on the ground. So maybe he is still alive just like Glenn on TWD!

  36. Allison says:

    I am still shocked even though I saw it coming. I knew as soon as Jeff said Juliette’s name that he was going to try and stop her and then end up falling himself. I somehow thought for the briefest moment that he would not be able to keep her from falling and that Juliette would have fallen and I wondered how he would have handled that, but then I thought nah, Hayden is a bigger star (IMO) and to kill off her character while she is going through PPD in real life would be cruel and too much for the actress to handle so Jeff had to bite the dust. I still wish they would have let Juliette fall, but not die, hey its TV, they can make it happen! That way Hayden would still have been on the show and able to get the help she needed and then return to the show. It looks like from the promos (which I know can be misleading) that Juliette is still as lovable (note sarcasm) as always so I don’t know how far they plan on taking this issue with her. The two positives I found in this episode was that for once since she has breathed air into her lungs, baby Cadence was not shrieking or alerting people that the tea was ready (seriously her shrieks were louder than a tea kettle). She was actually quiet and smiling!!! I could not believe it, but was sooooooo thankful and so were my ears! The second positive was Markus’s song. The music and his voice – wow – just so beautiful. It made me see why people put up with talented artists with bad attitudes and big egos – they make up for it by producing quality results. Now if Maddie could produce something other than a sneer on her face, she would make real progress. I did feel like she got a bit of payback when she called Colt and he more or less brushed her off. I was like Ha! That’s what you get for being such a witch to your mother! Yeah, I know he was drunk and most likely had a monster of a headache, but still it served her right. The gut punch she received after being so disrespectful to her mother was a well deserved recompense. Even though there is no episode next week, I think they packed in enough in this one episode so a two week wait is fine. I like how they honored Beverly and am so glad Scarlett has found peace and acceptance and I am glad that Deacon has not let guilt force him to push Rayna away…although she didn’t sound too pleased about that bar thing…

  37. aph1976 says:

    Jeff dying was a shocker.However i’m wondering to explain Juliette’s absence for a few episodes they’ll use her accidentally killing Jeff as the reason.For example maybe Juliette disappears as a result because she feels guilty.

  38. barbara says:

    I was disappointed Jeff died. I had begun to like him as a person instead of the constant ” bad boy”. Hate they decided on this route. I am also tired of the gay drama. If Will wants to be gay, then be gay and get on with it. You can’t have it both ways – tired of the crying in his beer scenes.

    • Margo says:

      I think there’s some realism with the Will storyline, but it could be better written. He does come across more as “whiny” rather than “conflicted”. I’ve met men with self-hatred about their gay leanings, who can only express that side of themselves in secret, hate themselves for having those feelings, and vehemently hate open expression of homosexuality. But currently, Nashville writing is very shallow on the subject.

      Oh, in my other post I forgot to mention – I will miss Jeff too. He was deliciously slick and slimy. Just as you think he’s doing something nice, that good ol’ self-interest/me-first kicks in. He only rushed to save Juliette to cement his position in Luke’s new company…and he certainly did cement his position. Gonna miss you, Oliver Hudson.

  39. Margo says:

    I didn’t see this coming, good job on the surprise. Yes this is a soap, but I’m in it till the end. The writing took a nosedive in the last episode of season one and has never improved, but I like the singing, I’m invested in the characters, and I will probably stay with it to the end. I actually want to see Layla hit it big, she is so soulful when she sings her pain, and that guy who works for Rayna does see Layla’s value. Layla’s so needy, always trying to turn frogs into princes. Jeff was still pretending with her, he hadn’t made a turnaround.

  40. Maddie needs to wake up and open eyes Juliette is not a person you want to admire are look up too she a high strong druggie and person who life is out of control,Deacon you are a dunk you have no business buying a bar.

  41. Andrea says:

    I love that you called Jeff a smirky turtle. That’s the best way to describe his face!

  42. shar says:

    I hate what the writer’s have done to Juliette. I understand she has a real problem too, and I wish her the best, but on the show, this should have been fixed by now. I was so glad when she and Avery got together. I hope they get back together soon.

  43. Love Me Some Deacon! says:

    It’s like the writers finally read caught up reading these recaps and the comments! Yay – Scarlett is getting rid of the HAIR! And Jeff? Viewers have wanted him gone for a long time! The writers almost had us liking him even though we could see how he played Layla. Every time she complained he calmed her down with another “prize”. She beat the crap out of his car because he posted the pictures from whats-her-names party, and Jeff calmed her down by telling her he wants them to really be a couple, that he really cares about her. She got upstaged by Marcus Keen? Jeff kissed her in public. She got mad about Juliette scratching his neck? Jeff says she can move in. And yet, somehow he looked sincere, even though he was still smarmy. I’m ok with him being gone, but really hope they don’t take him his former screen time with Marcus or Luke’s business lady associate.

  44. Bren says:

    Sad to see him leave but understand its hard for him to do 2 series at the same time. Side note, I think this show needs to rethink splitting up Juliette and Avery. Need a good couple to show that a marriage in Nashville can be successful. Just my opinion.

  45. kristina says:

    I thought I’d not care about Jeff dying but man this was tough. I’m honestly hoping for a miracle. He really redeemed himself staying true to Layla and saving Juliette. I honestly thought the writers would have him let her die. Please let a miracle happen.

  46. dodi beauchamp says:

    I’m surprised to say that I’m going to miss Jeff! But I am. I loved Oliver Hudson on Rules of Engagement. And he really showed off his acting chops in Nashville, he was totally believable as an a#$@*&/! Don’t know if I’ll watch Scream Queens. Layla has that new movie out, Jem and the Holograms, I can see her falling into a deep depression after Jeff’s death. So maybe her exit will following shortly.

  47. Anna says:

    Yeah, didn’t see that one coming either. Which is saying something, since TV shows rarely surprise me these days. And – I never thought I’d say this – I will kinda miss Jeff, too. Hated him last season, but this season he has been kind of interesting to watch.
    Also – did anyone else think that Kevin just broke up with Will for no good reason? If they love each other, he handled that situation very poorly. I hope they figure out their stuff, I like them together.

  48. Deb Mac says:

    Should’ve realized that as they slowly made JeffTheBeanCounter more likable, they were planning his demise. That’s one of the biggest tropes in the history of TV! And yet I was bamboozled! Yes, he’s always been a slimeball. And still was last night. But dangit, Layla softened him. And he made her far less grating because he encouraged her to behave like a woman instead of a brat. They became favorites of mine. I didn’t even realize it was happening at first. But I remember feeling great panic when Layla almost drowned in the pool way back when. And now I find myself fretting over what’s going to happen to her. She’s clearly madly in love with Jeff. And now he’s just gone.

    In the previews for the next ep, we heard Juliette claiming that Jeff committed suicide. So clearly KILLING HIM — which is exactly what she did — isn’t going to be her wake-up call. Her downward spiral continues and now it’s left to poor drunk little Colt to step up, do the right thing and DESTROY HER. Of course he won’t. She’ll probably use the fact that he was drinking and that it will hurt his dad’s business if the truth comes out. Best to let poor dead Jeff take the wrap for everything. And OMG what will the idea that Jeff killed himself do to Layla? He just got a new job! He just asked her to move in with him! It can’t be true! I can hear her hysterics now. She’s showed herself to be a tough little cookie before, but this is going to wreck her.

    And it bugs me that I care so much! About freakin’ Jeff Fordham & Layla Grant! Whom I used to loathe. Oh, Nashville, you do know how to put a gal through the wringer.

  49. Sara says:

    I think Kayla is gone too since she plays in the Jem movie. I really liked Jeff and where he was going, maybe they will bring him back

  50. fan Girl says:

    When ABC wants to say goodbye to a some one on a show , it usually kills him or her. Like what can see in Grey’s anatomy. It’s not fair that we drop tears because of a contract!
    I really get Lyla and her twisted feeling for Jeff.
    My feelings for Jeff like her.I hate him.But I didn’t want him go . Well done writer! You prepare us to grief for him in previous episode by Lyla’s song.