Quantico Simon Truth Gaza Season 1 Spoilers

Quantico EP Clues Us in on Whether or Not to Believe Simon's Story

Quantico‘s Simon may have lied about wearing glasses, adoring coffee and being gay, executive producer Joshua Safran says, but his tearful confession in Sunday’s episode was the real deal.

If you need a little catch-up: Elias intercepted Simon’s “boyfriend” Max and — before hooking up with him — ascertained that the new guy was just a friend of a friend Simon barely knew.

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When the analyst confronted Simon and threatened to tell Quantico he wasn’t who he claimed to be, Simon admitted that he had spent time in Gaza — though as a member of the Israel Defense Forces and not as a volunteer, as he’d claimed — and the experience had traumatized him so much he’d invented a new personality for himself upon returning to the United States.

“I believe on this show, when somebody says, ‘I’m going to tell you the truth,’ it is a version of the truth,” Safran tells TVLine. “I know that’s funny, but what I mean is, when somebody doesn’t say, “This is the truth,” that’s when you can’t trust them.”

Which isn’t to say that we know everything about Mr. Asher, Safran cautions.

“What Simon Says to Elias, it’s not the whole truth, but it is the first time he has been real,” the EP says. “So while there are definitely pockets within there that he has obscured —which we will get to learn as we move forward — that’s not a false confession.”

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  1. Lambsilencer says:

    To be honest, I still think that Alex Parrish actually might be the one who detonated that bomb after all. How she’s constantly established as this perfect agent rookie who seems to be masterful at manipulating the people around her – I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually is the culprit in all this. Her facial expressions during the interview in the last episode gave me some ideas towards that theory.

    • Weezy says:

      This thought crossed my mind during the last episode as she was giving that interview. But then I started thinking about her actions a little more and decided to stick with my original choice (Caleb). Because why would she put herself in a position where she had to escape from the FBI at the beginning (difficulty level high no matter how smart you are) AND continue to act like an innocent person? I guess I just don’t see the strategic benefit…

    • Shaun says:

      If it was her wouldn’t you think she’d have a more viable plan?

    • MelB says:

      I have thought this too, she is actually pretty high on my list. I can’t decide how much we should believe that it actually is one of the trainees. If they end up making that a huge curveball my guess is that it’s Alex’s mom. It would explain the confrontation that happened between her and her husband, as well as why Alex was picked as the target.
      I also can’t decide about Elias. I think the initial threat said it was someone from the training class. But they’ve said it was a nat since then haven’t they? Does that eliminate him; because so far he’s my pick from their group.
      Alex is probably next, it would be an interesting twist.
      Finally I have one of the twins. And honestly most of the reason behind this is just that they haven’t made them out to be sketchy like they have everyone else; which raises my suspicions. It also could be interesting if the other twin found out, although they have kind of already played that story line with the assistant director and her son.
      I don’t know, it’ll be interesting to continue theorizing as the season plays out.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Started to hate Simon on Quantico.

  3. Weezy says:

    Seriously? I thought that was the most obvious “lie” Simon has told so far. I guess it was just the way the actor played it. If we are supposed to accept his story as truth, then how come he made a point to lead with the glasses (because Simon knew Elias knew about the glasses already but if he was trying to deceive Elias, then this would be the obvious place to start the revelation) and how come he was immediately his normal cheerful self (spending time with the girl he likes) almost immediately after? I’m sorry but someone can’t just go back and forth emotionally like that so quickly and make it look believable. Any chance this is a red herring from the EP? Like maybe he saw the episode and thought it all looked so obvious that he needed to play into the Simon is finally coming clean thing?

    By the way I still think Caleb (I think that’s his name) is one of the major players behind the attack and have for weeks now. I know his whole failing out thing was a fraud, but I guess you could say we don’t know for certain the reasons yet.

    • When you reveal truths such as Simon’s, I’m sure that there would be an extraordinary relief. I think that his reaction was one that many would have.(I don’t know if I believe him but I don’t think that his change in demeanor was a problem.

    • Aeol says:

      To be fair, they have kind of set him up with extraordinary skills where you’d think he wouldn’t be strong – the combat training and on the range, for example. Every time he performs some feat of strength, someone is all “ooohhhh Simon who knew?!”

  4. Kim R says:

    After watching from the beginning I will say that we are sticking with it but it is starting to teeter on the edge of being dropped off our list. I think the issue is there is so much going on, flashing backward, then forward again, that there is not a lot of time for actually watching character growth as it happens and then caring about them. Right now we (in this household) don’t really care about anyone.

    • Whatevah says:

      For me the issue is we’re weeks into the show and we don’t know anymore than we knew weeks ago. The story line is not moving..it’s starting to bore me.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Same here :-)

    • Gern Blanston says:

      I thought that I was the only one. My issue is that they seem to be trying to make all of the modern day parts where they meet back up mean something because in the story they haven’t seen each other in a long time. But, the way that the story is being told the viewer just saw them in a scene not just 30 seconds prior so, the emotional feeling that they want the viewer to feel is not there. I wish that they had told the training story first and then gone into the bombing after the fall finale.

  5. marcee says:

    So how is it the FBI doesn’t know about Simon’s past? Poor vetting? Or, if they do know, how are they okay with the fact that he swore an oath of allegiance to another country? Isn’t that a pretty definitive conflict of interest? Nothing on this show makes a lick of sense, but hey, at least they’re all pretty.

  6. dan says:

    I think there is a problem when the EP has to explain what his characters meant after an episode has aired. This is the second article I’ve seen since Sunday’s episode where Josh Safran is explaining what the truth is according to Simon. If viewers have no characters to sympathize with or believe then how can we root for anybody? Mr. Safran killed “Smash” in season two (although it was good for hate-watching) and I’m afraid he is slowly but surely killing this show which held so much promise after the pilot.

  7. hayes says:

    How about the fact that Elias is being a creep snooping around about someone. That’s some obsession he’s got going on

    • Patrick says:

      I am actually fine with FBI personnel snooping around about fellow FBI agents. Such law enforcement types are ideal spies and fifth columnists. Snoop away.