Quantico EP Clues Us in on Whether or Not to Believe Simon's Story

Quantico Simon Truth Gaza Season 1 Spoilers

Quantico‘s Simon may have lied about wearing glasses, adoring coffee and being gay, executive producer Joshua Safran says, but his tearful confession in Sunday’s episode was the real deal.

If you need a little catch-up: Elias intercepted Simon’s “boyfriend” Max and — before hooking up with him — ascertained that the new guy was just a friend of a friend Simon barely knew.

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When the analyst confronted Simon and threatened to tell Quantico he wasn’t who he claimed to be, Simon admitted that he had spent time in Gaza — though as a member of the Israel Defense Forces and not as a volunteer, as he’d claimed — and the experience had traumatized him so much he’d invented a new personality for himself upon returning to the United States.

“I believe on this show, when somebody says, ‘I’m going to tell you the truth,’ it is a version of the truth,” Safran tells TVLine. “I know that’s funny, but what I mean is, when somebody doesn’t say, “This is the truth,” that’s when you can’t trust them.”

Which isn’t to say that we know everything about Mr. Asher, Safran cautions.

“What Simon Says to Elias, it’s not the whole truth, but it is the first time he has been real,” the EP says. “So while there are definitely pockets within there that he has obscured —which we will get to learn as we move forward — that’s not a false confession.”