The Flash Stars Talk Henry Allen's 'Confusing' and Abrupt Departure

The Flash Season 2 Henry Allen

If you’re still scratching your head over Henry’s sudden leave of absence on The Flash, you’re not the only one. The cast of the CW series is just as puzzled by Mr. Allen’s hasty exit from his son Barry’s life mere hours after leaving prison.

“First of all, I was shocked that happened that quickly, like a lot of the viewers were. It was like, ‘I’m out! Gotta go!'” star Grant Gustin says.

Jesse L. Martin, who plays Barry’s surrogate and last remaining father figure Joe, is just as perplexed. “I didn’t realize it was a competition!” he says with a laugh. “I’m still grappling with the fact that the dude just left. I don’t get it. You’re finally free to have a relationship with your son, and he felt like he had to leave. I don’t know how much me, Jesse, understands that decision.”

Although Henry is “still a part of [Barry’s] life,” Gustin speculates that the two are “talking less right now than they probably even did when he was in prison.”

From Gustin’s perspective, “Barry was not really understanding why, but trying to just give it to him and be supportive of him needing space, I guess, even though it’s kind of confusing to Barry. He’s not sure if he’s supposed to reach out or not right now, but he’ll be there again when Barry needs him.”

Adds Martin: “Maybe he has things he needs to do with his own life, and Barry’s a grown man — and also a superhero! Maybe he felt that getting out of his way would be a better thing. I still don’t get it, though.”