Grey's Anatomy Recap: Unhappy Meal

Grey's Anatomy Recap

In the wake of the horrifically awkward meal served up by this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, there was good news and bad news. The good: Mary Richards may no longer be considered the TV character who threw the worst parties. (Look it up, kids!) The bad: That dubious distinction might have been passed on to Amelia, Maggie and Meredith, who was damn near shattered by the prospect of breaking bread with Callie’s new girlfriend, Penny — you know, the doctor whose bad call cost Derek his life. (And here, Arizona thought that she was gonna need stiffer drinks to make it to dessert!) If you can, er, stomach a recap, keep reading.

PASS THE ALKA-SELTZER | Picking up where “Old Time Rock and Roll” left off, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” began with Mer still beyond shocked to discover that her guest list included, basically, the woman who widowed her. Though she put on a brave face, even as Amelia unwittingly embraced her brother’s “killer,” Mer couldn’t fool Alex. Sure, she was smiling a lot. But, he noted, she was smiling “like [she was] in a hostage video or something.” To her credit, Penny tried — repeatedly — to get Callie to let her leave. But, misreading the signals, Torres just introduced her to a tipsy Arizona instead.

GIVE PEE A CHANCE | Arriving at the party tardy, thanks to her tryst with Andrew, Maggie was supposed to do the cooking. And there was a lot of it to do. As Amelia noted during a survey of the kitchen, “This all still looks like ingredients.” But Maggie quickly realized that she had a “raging UTI” and, fearful about whom Andrew might have previously shagged — “Skanks, perhaps?” — she ran back to the hospital to get a battery of tests run and take “a Silkwood shower.” Given that April didn’t even know where Jackson was staying until he told her at the get-together, she leapt at the chance to step in as chef. Anything to avoid her estranged husband! Meanwhile, Stephanie turned down Jo’s offer of an olive branch to clink glasses with Jackson. (Great diss — you KNOW you’re in trouble if somebody would rather chat up their ex than you!) And just when you thought the evening couldn’t get any more awkward, Callie was called back to Grey Sloan, and rather than let Penny leave with her, she insisted that she stay behind… and asked Mer — Mer! — to “make sure she has fun.”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | When Penny tried to speak with Mer, Derek’s widow explained that she could make small talk with anyone but her, then Callie would come back, they’d leave, and Shepherd would never have to see her again. Roger that. Isaac showed up with a ton of cheese since Jo asked for some. Amelia almost caught Jackson and Alex ordering tacos and did catch Penny trying to sneak out. Don’t go, she pleaded. “We’re nice people.” Since just then, dinner was ready, Penny was trapped. But there was more to the story. A lot more. Hearing Penny’s full name, Bailey realized that she had a meeting with her the following week — she was Grey Sloan’s newest resident transfer. As the guests began to put together where Callie’s honey had previously worked, Mer cut to the chase for them: “Perfect Penny killed my husband.”

ROUGH CROWD | After Mer excused herself, Penny tried to explain that she had been one of the doctors that had treated Derek. But the temperature in the room got so cold, so fast that frostbite should have been a concern. By the time Callie returned, Amelia was demanding that Penny tell her — tell them all — what happened. “Did he say anything to you before you killed him?” Amelia demanded. When finally Callie put a stop to the inquisition, Amelia hurled herself upstairs. “We’ll fire that bitch!” she told Mer. “We’re stopping this!” In no time, though, Amelia had gotten pissed at Mer for not informing her right away of Penny’s significance. “I did nothing to you!” Mer yelled. And the scene got so bad that she had to tell Owen, “Get her outta here before I kill her!” (Crazy to think that she’d have to say that about someone other than Penny, right?)

AFTERSHOCKS | When Callie found Penny calling a cab, she asked why her girlfriend hadn’t confided in her. Penny replied that it was a big hospital, and she didn’t know if Callie had even known Derek. In Amelia’s room, Owen pointed out to her that the night hadn’t just been awful for her. So, of course, she turned on him, griping about the fact that he was “perfect.” To contradict her, he revealed that there had been a moment when Cristina’s plane had gone down when he’d been glad, because it meant she’d never be able to leave him. “Don’t ever do drugs,” Amelia said, the mood at last lightening, “’cause you will never be able to stop.” As the “party” wound down, Stephanie accepted Jo’s apology. (She’s a bigger person than, in her shoes, I would be.) When Mer gave Alex the okay to go, he asked what she’d do if he did. So, rather than leave, they both started swilling tequila. “Now [Penny’s] a person,” Mer sighed. Callie came knocking to see if Mer was okay. “Yeah, great,” Mer replied. Then shut the door on her. As the episode drew to a close, Stephanie UN-accepted Jo’s apology when she realized “you need a reason for me to have an edge up on you.” Callie confessed to Jackson that she didn’t know how to turn off her feelings for Penny. (Good news for April — he wasn’t sure that a person could turn off their feelings.) And, accidentally running into Mer on her way out, Penny told her, “Tomorrow morning, I am going to file a request to be rematched with another program, and you will never have to see me again.” But, she added, “I didn’t forget about [Derek]. I never will.” In response, Mer said, “I’ll see you Monday. Don’t be late.”

PLAYING DOCTOR | At Grey Sloan, Maggie was understandably horrified when the doctor assigned to her was… Andrew. But when she refused to get her test results from him, he pointed out that he could just as easily have assumed that she gave him an STD or something as she did him. At the hour’s tail end, they were being all kinds of adorable, with her explaining that it was easy to make assumptions about him, because “your hair is very confident and swoopy. It reaches out to people.”

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