Vampire Diaries Mystery: Who Is Caroline's Future Fiancé?

Vampire Diaries Caroline Fiancé

It was the soul-crushing reveal felt by Vampire Diaries fans all across the globe: In three years’ time, Caroline will find herself happily engaged — and not to Stefan.

In fact, Stefan is the only person we can eliminate from Caroline’s list of potential suitors with absolute certainty; the Dallas-based TV news producer seemed pretty miffed by the mere mention of his name at the end of Thursday’s episode.

“If he calls back, tell him I’m not here,” she barked at an assistant-type named Tony. “And I never want to hear the name ‘Stefan Salvatore’ ever again. Got it?”

Now that we’ve ruled out Stefan, let’s put our heads together and try to figure out who did put a ring on it. Upon hearing that her fiancé wanted to visit Mystic Falls, Caroline told Tony, “He knows that we can’t go back there.”

The “we” part of that sentence has me thinking it’s someone familiar with the supernatural politics of Mystic Falls — aka someone who would know why going back there is such a bad idea. And since we know Damon is still pining for Elena, that pretty much leaves the following possibilities:

* Matt, with whom Caroline already shares a romantic history. (Then again, it sounds like Matt’s getting a lady-friend of his own very soon.)
* Tyler, with whom she also shares a romantic history. (And wouldn’t we love to see him back?)
* Alaric, who will hopefully be less fixated on corpses in three years.
* Jeremy, because why not?
* Enzo, because… OK, it’s probably not Enzo.

Then again, this is a three-year time jump we’re looking at, so it’s also possible we have yet to meet the man destined to win Caroline’s hand. Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on this time-bending twist.