Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Penny Dreadful

Ha — and all Maggie thought she was gonna wake up with in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy was a hangover! Instead, she found Andrew in her bed, Amelia in the know, and a long, awkward day of ribbing ahead of her. But the episode was much more than just fun and games. In fact, the big reveal of Callie’s new girlfriend, Penny, was harder on someone than even Arizona. Why? Read on, and we’ll discuss how “Old Time Rock and Roll” also played the blues.

PLAYING DOCTOR | Picking up the morning after Maggie and Andrew had had, as she vaguely recalled, “so much sex,” she didn’t want to let him leave her room — and not for the risqué reason you might think. She was worried that Mer’s kids might see him. (Should we drink every time the kids get a shout-out? Or would that all but mean we’re on the wagon?) Though Andrew assured his one-night stand that he didn’t hear anyone in the hall, he’d no sooner opened the door than he was face to face with Amelia, the Cheshire Cat smile on her face a thing of hilarious beauty.

Soon after, Maggie endured what must have seemed like an endless ride to Grey Sloan, with Mer and Amelia teasing her about her drunken tryst (and Alex trying valiantly to tune it all out). At work, things scarcely improved for Maggie. Not only did she find it difficult to look Andrew in the eye (much less speak rationally), but she was also mortified by what — and who — she had done. “Who screws the interns?!?” she asked, prompting Mer’s priceless response: “The father of my children.” On a more serious note, it also made Grey realize that, OMG, she was a widow. “Vagina City’s a ghost town,” she marveled. And she was okay with that.

As the hour drew to a close, Maggie more calmly informed Andrew that “last night” wasn’t going to happen again. Then, a too-long handshake to seal the agreement resulted in them getting naked right then and there.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | Meanwhile, Mer, Maggie and Amelia totally forgot that they were supposed to be throwing a dinner party that night. Jo — feeling like she was only being invited since she was seeing Alex — didn’t want to go, anyway. But, as Stephanie noted, “You have an invite to the inner circle!” In fact, she noted it so intensely that Jo was moved to quip, “You’re a little bit scary right now.” (And I do so love that about ambitious Stephanie.) In related developments, Arizona awkwardly encouraged Callie to bring her oft-referenced new squeeze, Penny.

THE BAD NEWS BEARERS | After Grey Sloan was hit with a “silver flood” — an influx of senior patients — Jackson and Isaac lost a patient who lied about having taken medication for erectile dysfunction. When his son arrived, Isaac did such a terrible job of telling him what had happened and why that Owen decided the interns needed a crash course in delivering bad news (starting with the four L’s: location, language, body language and leaving the room!). After a 90-year-old that Arizona befriended kicked the bucket before getting to propose to his girlfriend, Robbins broke down in front of April. Since he only met his soul mate when he was 85, he had given Arizona hope that she could find love again. “I don’t wanna find a new soul mate when I’m 90!” April cried. Um, this isn’t about you, Arizona hysterically noted. Catching wind of what Owen was having the interns do, Mer leapt in and gave a heartbreaking speech to the “youngsters” on how to inform a wife that she had become a widow.

THROWBACK THURSDAY | After Amelia pushed a patient recovering from brain surgery to the point of puking, then put Stephanie in charge, Edwards — beyond troubled — pawned off the task on Jo. But why? Busted by Amelia, Stephanie confessed that when she was a kid, she was in a clinical trial for sickle cell anemia. Though she kicked and screamed and fought, her mother just kept repeating that the treatment was all for her own good. “I’m not gonna do that to somebody else,” she said. “I can’t. I won’t.” Shockingly, off that heartfelt admission, Jo accused her friend of making it up. “Don’t you even have a conscience?” Jo asked. (Whoa.) Even worse, Jo told Amelia that Stephanie was a liar, and Amelia told Richard. In turn, Richard informed Amelia that Stephanie was telling the truth. So why, he asked, had Shepherd found it so easy to believe Jo over Stephanie? In the end, Edwards stepped up and retook over the treatment — and, in return, received praise, an apology and a hug from Amelia.

YIKES! | As Mer, Amelia and Maggie’s dinner party got underway — minus Maggie, who was busy with Andrew — Callie showed up with Penny… who turned out to be the doctor who had let Derek die! And Arizona thought she needed more liquor!

Okay, your turn! What did you think of the episode? Did you see the Penny twist coming? Hit the comments!

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  1. Al says:

    I love Maggie!
    I actually steph tonight

  2. N says:

    This eppy was ok, but sad. Not watching next week. I can’t go thru Derek’s death again..

  3. Charlotte Kirkpatrick says:

    What?!! What the hell….sooo uncomfortable! !

  4. Kermit says:

    Only half kidding when I say they are slowly and quietly making Jo unlikable to prepare us for a Meredith and Alex end game.

    • Rebecca says:

      Oh my goodness, that’s totally possible! And so awful! Seriously though, I don’t know why they can’t figure out what to do with that character. How has Stephanie gotten so developed while Jo gets shunned to the side every episode? Wouldn’t she at least get some consideration as Alex’s long term girlfriend?

    • cycworker says:

      I still think Alex/Maggie is the long term plan.

    • Rose says:

      I have never liked Jo. In her very first episode, she, as an intern, complained to Weber about how mean Mer was. She said, “I know there was a plane crash and someone died or almost died or something.”

    • Teddi says:

      I hope that isn’t where this is going. Alex/Mer story line would be horrible. But, Jo needs to go…

    • A.F. says:

      I really don’t care for either one of them. They are both more or less blank canvasses in my book. They don’t have much to contribute to the show.

  5. Emily says:

    Loved this episode!!!

  6. Rick Katze says:

    Nice twist at the end. Meredith seemed so happy during the show. Expected something but not that.

  7. laura says:

    I finally figured out why Grey’s feels so different this season – it’s a full estrogen overload. There are just too many women on this show now! It’s great that women are in charge of all these departments but seriously there are way too many women on this show. We need a new McDreamy. We barely see Alex, Hunt or Webber – we see Jackson but blah. We need some new male blood – a balance of both sexes is what made this show great!

    • laura says:

      Seriously a new drinking game could be if we have a scene where all the doctors are female (and no we don’t count interns or nameless doctors in the background where we don’t know their name).

    • Emily says:

      I actually stopped watching when they had WAY too many women on the show and that Meredith’s younger sister. There are men on this show, they’re just newer and for the vets, this just wasn’t their episode. I love the new Grey’s. MAYBE you are in need of more Alpha males because they have added a more guys that may not have as much of a presence?

    • Lauren says:

      Women in charge! Up is down! Dark is light! Ahhhhhh too many women! They can’t all get their periods at once, the hospital will shut down!

      • Laura says:

        Women in charge is great!!! But the show feels off from last year and I think this is why. Plus I dare you to try my drinking game- you WILL get hammered!

  8. A.F. says:

    That turn at the end! Wow talk about unexpected.
    On another note: Was the music off again? At least in the scene were Arizona was crying the music felt off.

    • fiberlicious says:

      I don’t remember which scene, but at least use alt singers who can carry a tune!!!!! FLAT FLAT FLAT is not pretty!

  9. Grace331 says:

    These covers of popular songs are so bad. It’s distracting.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree about it being distracting! I find myself missing dialogue because I’ll hear familiar lyrics, and the covers aren’t that great. I wish they would stop using them!

      • Actually I don’t know if I’m getting used to them but in this episode I actually liked the Halo cover they did almost at the end. I will never forget the horrible cover of All About that base they did in previous episodes. But in this one I felt the music wasn’t that distracting

    • pecola says:

      I wish they’d stop including these…

      Grey’s used to be so cutting edge with its music selections. Now we’re getting acoustic covers of the Ignition Remix.

  10. DarkDefender says:

    Excellent episode.
    I’m curious where they are going with Jo’s story. She seems like she’s just wall paper right now.
    I love that Maggie is finally indoctrinated into the Grey+Sloan sex club.
    Major bomb drop with who Penny is –> Did.Not.See.That.Coming.At.All.

  11. Coconuts says:

    Jo just lost so many points. She went from “hmm.. boring character that milks the fact that she had it rough” to ” worst character EVER”. I guess she was never really friends with stephanie. To throw her under the bus like that? What if she really was lying? Girl code much? Their friendship is literally over.

    Stephanie is probably the closest thing to Christina when it comes to ambition…which is sad because Christina was 10x worse. I really like her.

    Maggie is my new favorite character… she is HILARIOUS and too cute! I adore the new fling. However… I think Maggie should end up with Alex.

    Alex and Jo are so dry. They are like boy and girl versions of each other… *yawn*.. it sickens me. Maggie’s humor, awkward, innocence and Alex’s sarcasm, toughness would be the perfect balance. They can learn so much from each other.

    Jo can… kick rocks?

    And OMG… Meredith is forced to walk down memory lane. That girlfriend needs to GO.

    Kepner needs to see a psychiatrist. I never liked her… actually… Jo and Kepner should be friends now! Perfect!

  12. Vanessa says:

    The ending was so shocking I was literally gasping. Poor, Mer. 😭🔫

  13. zac says:

    Thank God Maggie got over the my-real-mom-left-me-phase and into this really fun character. I’m guessing intern Andrew is gonna be a regular soon. Webber, Hunt and Grey actually teaching the interns is a nice addition to the show.And that final scene, at first I was thinking where have I seen this girl before and then the flashback came and I was screaming internally haha. Good episode. Loving Grey’s 12 so far

  14. Pat says:

    I have not been a huge fan of Stephanie but I did believe her when she told Amelia the story of what she went through when she was a child but I did not understand why Jo did not believe her. I was not happy with this scene, at all, nor was a happy when Jo told Amelia that Stephanie was lying. Come on writers and producers, these two were friends but in one spilt second you have managed to damage this. So, Callie brings this Penny to a dinner party at Merediths house, but she does not give just a brief synopsis as to what her friend Meredith went through over a year ago before they arrive there.

    • Emily says:

      Given their close relationship, I believe Jo assumed that Stephanie would have told her something so life-altering.

      • Terry says:

        I understand now why Stephanie never told Jo. I can’t believe Jo told Amelia Stephanie was lying, even if she believed it to be a lie, which it wasn’t, that was such a betrayal. No wonder Stephanie never trusted Jo enough to confide in her, Jo pretty much just ended their “friendship” right there.

      • pecola says:

        The thing is, though..Jo’s always quick to not believe Stephanie…this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

        Remember when Leah filed that harassment complaint with the hospital and the board enacted the anti-fraternization rule? Jo was so ticked about it’s impact on her relationship with Alex and she directed all her venom at Stephanie, who’d just been dumped by Avery.

        • sharialynn says:

          Jo is TOTALLY selfish & insecure. Last week she’ s crying over something that happened in Alex’s previous relationship. Full well knwing what he was going thru. This week she let that same insecurity screw her out of a friend.
          I can’t wait for Alex to finally be over her. “Your friends don’t like me” – um, maybe because there’s nothing to like. They are all secure hard working women. I think Stephanie fits tht mold. I dig Steph and have always wanted them to expand her.

          As much as I want to see Jo and Alex split. I really dont wanna see him with Maggie. I kinda like tht there is a Chief/resident relationship worth watching again. I love how Mer and Alex have always been there for each other but I kinda think of it as a lil brother/big sister type thing. I could be wrong and maybe they wld work but. IDK😞

    • Azerty says:

      Considering everything that Mer went through I am not sure there such thing as a “brief” synopsis of her life :D

  15. Pete says:

    If the next episode has another crappy cover of “How to save a life” (aka Official dead Derek song), I’m leaving this show.

  16. pecola says:

    I knew something was coming when Meredith proclaimed her happiness…because, let’s be honest, this is Meredith Grey we’re talking about here…but I didn’t expect this.

    Here’s my question about Penny: how is it that that wouldn’t come up in conversation?

    You’re in a relationship with a doctor from Seattle Grace–a member of the board, in fact–and you never mention that time you killed the nationally renowned brain surgeon from that hospital?! And why wouldn’t she realize that she’d likely encounter Derek’s widow at this dinner party and opt not to attend? It just didn’t make sense…unless Penny’s a sociopath.

    They killed any affection that I had for Jo’s character last night. I mean, the idea that she thinks her *friend* would lie about being tortured by doctors as a child because she lied to get her labs run quicker? That’s despicable.

    • Eran says:

      Because who wouldn’t lead with “oh, btw, I killed your colleague!” on date no. 3? Honestly…

      • pecola says:

        Fair enough, but I think that’d be something that you mention, especially if you’re being invited to a dinner party to meet your new girlfriend’s friends.

        Poor Callie…she just has the worst luck with mates.

        • Azerty says:

          As much as I agree with everything you said, to be fair Penny was not invited until the middle of the episode, after Callie talked to Arizona and April. Mayve there was not so much time to talk about the host.

        • What the What says:

          If I’d only been seeing someone for a short time and they were meeting my friends for the first time, the last thing I would tell them is how said friend’s spouse died in a horrible accident especially if the invite was last minute. From what I remember, Penny was deeply ashamed and regretful for her part in Derek’s death so I don’t see her imparting that information so early on.

          • sharialynn says:

            Why do people keep saying she “killed” Derek? I mean she had a part in his death by not standing up for what she knew to be right. But come on she wasn’t neglectful, she came off as being ignored. That said she’d have to go. Ain’t no way she could break bread in my house.

          • Liz says:

            @sharialynn: because she did kill Derek. She didn’t make a minor mistake, she WAS neglectful. Derek had stable vitals in the ED, including an unchanging GCS. If a patient has stable vitals after a trauma, you take them to CT before surgery. A loss of consciousness with a period of consciousness after, combined with probable/known head trauma, is textbook for an epidural hematoma. It’s also called “talk and die.” That is one of the most basic mistakes an ED physician can make, regardless of whether or not you’re a trauma center. I would sue the hell out of that hospital– and, yes, I am a doctor too.

          • What the What says:

            @Liz…but that wasn’t her call. If I remember correctly she wanted to do the CT but she kept getting overruled by a senior surgeon who wanted to perform surgery on his body instead of looking at his head, Even Derek’s consciousness was talking about how smart she was and how she needed to assert herself in the face of the male surgeons who wanted to show her her place. Her guilt and shame was more about not fighting for what she knew was best for her patient and in her mind that makes her responsible but in reality she had no actual hand in his death; it was the other surgeon who killed him.

    • Kara says:

      I’m still unclear as to whether Meredith sued that hospital or not… timing-wise, I don’t see how she could have since she left town right after the funeral and didn’t come back for almost a year, but it could have happened. If there was a lawsuit, they might have settled and per that agreement, no one involved may be allowed to discuss it. (I know. That’s a lot of “maybes,” but you’re talking about a woman who lives with three invisible children, so anything’s possible.)

    • Derek did die over a year ago in the show.

  17. judy says:

    Pierce and an intern doing that thing, too obvious, and an overused story line. Dislike both characters even more now. No wonder Callie and Meredith have actually had scenes together cos of the girl friend. I’m still too wrung out from having Derek killed off that way to rewatch all those awful scenes. Meredith talking about breaking the bad news was a great scene, but I’m dreading watching Meredith’s grief again

    • B McKee says:

      About the Pierce and the intern thing, you seem to be missing the point by saying that it is a ” too obvious, and an overused story line.” Attendings and interns having sex is probably the single most abiding themes of this show (along with sudden surprising deaths). The list of combinations is a long one: Meredith & Derek, Christina & Burke, George & Callie, Alex & Addison, Lexie & Mark, Arizona & Leah, Alex & Jo, Christina & Shane, and oh yes, Bailey & Ben. The point of the “joke” in this case is that Maggie is horrified by the fact that she has had lots and lots of sex with an intern when apparently at this hospital it is an accepted practice that doesn’t apparently doesn’t even warrant a slap on the wrist unless that’s part of your sexual routine.

      • A.F. says:

        But didn’t they get anew policy last year or the year before, after the breakup between Leah and Arizona, stating that relationships between supervisor and supervised are forbidden?

  18. EM says:

    Excellent episode. Grey’s is bringing it.

  19. Kelly says:

    I guess I have the opposite opinion of everyone else on here because I don’t like Stephanie and do like Jo. Jo just seems scrappy while Stephanie seems…I don’t know the word I am looking for. And also isn’t it a little ridiculous that those have never talked about it? I thought they were the new “Meredith and Christina”, but come on!

  20. :-) says:

    I’m enjoying the Grey’s ride. I like parts. I don’t like parts. I’m still enjoying the ride

  21. Marie says:

    Ok maybe it’s just me but to me it makes no sense at all that Penny does not know whose house she is going to or that Cali and her never discussed the fact that Cali works with Derek’s wife or used to work with Derek. When he died she knew who he was so she had to know which hospital he used to work at. She also must know where her gf works so how can the subject never have come up?!

    • A.F. says:

      We don’t even know how long they both know each other. We know of at least 3 dates, so when should that come up? In Callies case there are more important matters like Sophia to discuss first. Also why should the new girlfriend tell her that? Why should she even assume that Callie did know Derek as more than a colleague?

    • sharialynn says:

      I think tht Derek died a Shepard and Meredith stayed a Grey. Why put it together. “Oh. U honey did u ever work with a Dr. Shpard? U did he was ur great friend. Yeah I’m the doctor tht let him die. How bout we do Thai?”

      I know this may sound bad. But if I were her I wouldn’t be so wrried about Meredith as I would Amelia. Amelia might whoop her tail!!

  22. Kelly says:

    It was an ok episode but I just want Callie and Arizona back together! Not a fan of Jo either

    • sharialynn says:

      I dont want them back together I like this Callie this is the fun Callie. The Calkie who used to dance in her underwear while squatting at the hospital! Callie with Arizona was to wrapped up in trying to make Arizona happy. I like Arizona just not with Callie.

  23. Remizak says:

    I always thought there would be something more about Meredith and the hospital and docs who killed Derek, but this sure isn’t what I saw coming.

    I get that Penny was a last-minute invitation and wouldn’t have known she was going to come face-to-face with Meredith, BUT she’s been going out with Callie for quite awhile. You’d think they’d have had a talk about Penny’s involvement in Derek’s death, right? There’s no way Penny would NOT have mentioned to her new girlfriend, a board member at Grey Sloan, that yeah, by the way, I helped kill your world-famous neurosurgeon and Presidential consultant colleague. Are we supposed to think it slipped her mind or that she did tell Callie and Callie never mentioned it to anybody? Nuh-uh.

    From the preview it looks like Penny did not flee the house immediately. Can you imagine what will happen when Amelia finds out who Penny is? She’ll slice Penny to ribbons.

  24. fiberlicious says:

    Thumbs up: A bad Penny only knocks once. Did NOT see that coming.

    Thumbs down: Maggie and Andrew, Take 2. C’mon, Shonda – that’s the oldest cliche in the book (“we’re never doing this again …..GLOM”). You’re better than that.

  25. Allison says:

    Maggie is just too cute and too funny. When she hid behind Meredith when Andrew walked up to them and she asks what does he want – it was adorable. I loved the preteen regression! As cute and adorable as I found Maggie’s embarrassment about being teased by Amelia and Meredith about her tryst with Andrew, I shrieked when Penny (yikes) showed up at Meredith’s door with Callie. If ever there was a time when a person thought the universe hates me, then that would be it. I cannot wait to see how all that crazy develops. Speaking of crazy, I knew Jo didn’t believe Stephanie, but c’mon, all she had to do was look in her eyes to know that she was telling the truth and then she goes and tells Amelia that Stephanie lied?! OK, so yeah, Stephanie has used some questionable tactics to get things done, but to lie about being in a sickle cell trial at the age of five? She should know her friend would not lie about something as serious and easy to prove as that. Ah geez…well, there goes that friendship. Arizona’s banter with the 90 year old guy was so sweet…until he kicked the bucket…sigh and smh. April and Arizona onscreen brings something lighthearted and comical and I am glad whenever they have a scene together. Grey’s has been really enjoyable so far and I look forward to next week’s episode.