Grey's Anatomy Recap: Penny Dreadful

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Ha — and all Maggie thought she was gonna wake up with in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy was a hangover! Instead, she found Andrew in her bed, Amelia in the know, and a long, awkward day of ribbing ahead of her. But the episode was much more than just fun and games. In fact, the big reveal of Callie’s new girlfriend, Penny, was harder on someone than even Arizona. Why? Read on, and we’ll discuss how “Old Time Rock and Roll” also played the blues.

PLAYING DOCTOR | Picking up the morning after Maggie and Andrew had had, as she vaguely recalled, “so much sex,” she didn’t want to let him leave her room — and not for the risqué reason you might think. She was worried that Mer’s kids might see him. (Should we drink every time the kids get a shout-out? Or would that all but mean we’re on the wagon?) Though Andrew assured his one-night stand that he didn’t hear anyone in the hall, he’d no sooner opened the door than he was face to face with Amelia, the Cheshire Cat smile on her face a thing of hilarious beauty.

Soon after, Maggie endured what must have seemed like an endless ride to Grey Sloan, with Mer and Amelia teasing her about her drunken tryst (and Alex trying valiantly to tune it all out). At work, things scarcely improved for Maggie. Not only did she find it difficult to look Andrew in the eye (much less speak rationally), but she was also mortified by what — and who — she had done. “Who screws the interns?!?” she asked, prompting Mer’s priceless response: “The father of my children.” On a more serious note, it also made Grey realize that, OMG, she was a widow. “Vagina City’s a ghost town,” she marveled. And she was okay with that.

As the hour drew to a close, Maggie more calmly informed Andrew that “last night” wasn’t going to happen again. Then, a too-long handshake to seal the agreement resulted in them getting naked right then and there.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | Meanwhile, Mer, Maggie and Amelia totally forgot that they were supposed to be throwing a dinner party that night. Jo — feeling like she was only being invited since she was seeing Alex — didn’t want to go, anyway. But, as Stephanie noted, “You have an invite to the inner circle!” In fact, she noted it so intensely that Jo was moved to quip, “You’re a little bit scary right now.” (And I do so love that about ambitious Stephanie.) In related developments, Arizona awkwardly encouraged Callie to bring her oft-referenced new squeeze, Penny.

THE BAD NEWS BEARERS | After Grey Sloan was hit with a “silver flood” — an influx of senior patients — Jackson and Isaac lost a patient who lied about having taken medication for erectile dysfunction. When his son arrived, Isaac did such a terrible job of telling him what had happened and why that Owen decided the interns needed a crash course in delivering bad news (starting with the four L’s: location, language, body language and leaving the room!). After a 90-year-old that Arizona befriended kicked the bucket before getting to propose to his girlfriend, Robbins broke down in front of April. Since he only met his soul mate when he was 85, he had given Arizona hope that she could find love again. “I don’t wanna find a new soul mate when I’m 90!” April cried. Um, this isn’t about you, Arizona hysterically noted. Catching wind of what Owen was having the interns do, Mer leapt in and gave a heartbreaking speech to the “youngsters” on how to inform a wife that she had become a widow.

THROWBACK THURSDAY | After Amelia pushed a patient recovering from brain surgery to the point of puking, then put Stephanie in charge, Edwards — beyond troubled — pawned off the task on Jo. But why? Busted by Amelia, Stephanie confessed that when she was a kid, she was in a clinical trial for sickle cell anemia. Though she kicked and screamed and fought, her mother just kept repeating that the treatment was all for her own good. “I’m not gonna do that to somebody else,” she said. “I can’t. I won’t.” Shockingly, off that heartfelt admission, Jo accused her friend of making it up. “Don’t you even have a conscience?” Jo asked. (Whoa.) Even worse, Jo told Amelia that Stephanie was a liar, and Amelia told Richard. In turn, Richard informed Amelia that Stephanie was telling the truth. So why, he asked, had Shepherd found it so easy to believe Jo over Stephanie? In the end, Edwards stepped up and retook over the treatment — and, in return, received praise, an apology and a hug from Amelia.

YIKES! | As Mer, Amelia and Maggie’s dinner party got underway — minus Maggie, who was busy with Andrew — Callie showed up with Penny… who turned out to be the doctor who had let Derek die! And Arizona thought she needed more liquor!

Okay, your turn! What did you think of the episode? Did you see the Penny twist coming? Hit the comments!