Grey's Anatomy Recap: Maybe Baby

Grey's Anatomy Recap

The promos for this week’s Grey’s Anatomy sure worked hard to make us think that Alex would be handing out cigars a few months down the line. But was Jo really feeling like she wanted to puke because she was expecting? Or was Shonda Rhimes pulling a fast one on us? Read on, and I’ll tell you!

KID STUFF | Early on in “I Choose You” (obviously shortened from its full title, “I Choose You, Pikachu”), Jo seemed to confide in Stephanie that she’d just found out she was pregnant. (It was never overtly stated — this would be important later.) Off her friend’s insistence that she talk to Alex, stat, Jo caught her beau off guard by blurting out, “Do you wanna have kids?” When he stammered a bit — wouldn’t you? — she became frustrated. “It’s a simple yes or no question,” she said. Only, of course, it was anything but a simple question. “What the hell is going on?” he finally asked.

Alex’s day wasn’t much easier on the medical front. Not only did he have on his service Andrew, who seemed to hate kids so much that he felt compelled to insist (over and over),  “I don’t hate kids,” Karev was also treating newborn twins, both of whom were dying of liver cancer. The father was a match to be a donor, but that still left them short a donor. Rather than make the parents decide which baby lived and which died, Alex said that he’d make the call.

That evening, though Karev was only home to get a coupla hours of sleep, Jo revealed that she’d found a document that tipped her off to his frozen embryos with Izzie — and she was not pleased. Was Izzie the woman with whom he knew he wanted to have kids while Jo was just “the ‘Let’s get a dog!’ girl”? Alex tried to explain, but his girlfriend wasn’t having any. So “I have to get sick,” she said, “to find out if you’re all in with me?” Finally, he went back to the hospital. He didn’t want to discuss babies that he never had when he had two already depending on him.

Informed by Arizona that the newborns were out of time, Alex wanted to let Bailey make the call as to which one lived and which one died. But, after a pep talk from Robbins — watching him, “I have been so proud of you,” she said — he stuck it out. He even threw a Hail Mary in hopes of saving both kids. When it didn’t work, bless his heart, he held the dying baby until the boy flatlined. (Sniffle.)

Post-surgery, Arizona delivered the good news about the surviving baby girl, and Alex delivered the bad news about the baby boy. At home, Alex reassured Jo that he wasn’t going anywhere. And, “if having a kid is what you want, I can be ready,” he said. (He even dropped trou to show her how ready he could be.) And all was right with the world again.

FATAL ATTRACTION? | As the hour began, Jackson — tired of sleeping on the couch — kicked April out (mind you, he did offer to book her a hotel room). But when he came home that night, his estranged missus announced that neither was she giving up on them, nor was she moving out. Oh, and she’d made dinner. “What is it, boiled bunny?” asked Jackson. “’Cause you sound crazy.” In April’s ears, however, she sounded like someone who was committed to making things work. If it was hard, so be it — that’s marriage, she said. Unfortunately, her husband had already gone from feeling abandoned when she went overseas to feeling like a reverse hostage upon her return (since his “abductor” wouldn’t stop following him around!). He even threw out the “d” word and promised to have the locks changed as soon as she went to work. In turn, she swore to return with a crowbar. Which didn’t turn out to be necessary. Jackson hadn’t changed the locks — he’d packed up and gone to bunk at Bailey and Ben’s.

MONEY, LOVE, SEX | After Maggie, then Callie, made a face while looking at Mer’s new contract from Bailey, Grey insisted that Callie tell her why. So… ? Bailey lowballed her. “I make a lot more than you,” Callie admitted. “Like, a lot more.” Over drinks that night, Callie and Amelia encouraged Mer to renegotiate. What did Maggie think? Oh, she was distracted as hell. Having been invited to “empirically sexy” Ethan’s wedding, she was questioning her disastrous life choices. Which Amelia, frankly, loved. Maggie “makes me not the crazy sister,” she noted.

The next day, Richard confronted Bailey about her offer to Mer, and got a stellar response. “It’s not my job to be giving away money when it’s not asked for,” Miranda pointed out. And, while Webber had coddled Mer previously, “she needs to rise, and she needs to rise on her own,” Bailey argued. And lest he be left with any doubt, she added, “This is what a feminist looks like, sir.” (Surely, she’d also have dropped the mic if she’d been holding one.)
Near the episode’s end, Mer challenged Bailey about being devalued. “Do you have a number in mind?” Miranda asked. Mer wrote one down. “I can make that happen,” Bailey said, adding, “Well done.” (Extremely well done, Miranda.)

HITS AND MISCELLANEOUS | In other developments, we learned that Amelia occasionally dressed in the backseat while carpooling to work with Mer and Maggie; Andrew confessed to Alex that he didn’t want to be in peds because his past as an EMT had made him afraid that he wasn’t strong enough for it; and out drinking, Maggie just up and kissed Andrew — and, according to the scenes from next week, did a lot more than that, too!

OK, your turn! Did you guess that Jo wasn’t pregnant all along? Hit the comments!

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