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Life in Pieces' Thomas Sadoski Talks Newsroom, SVU, Ugly Betty and More

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You haven’t lived, Life in Pieces star Thomas Sadoski says, until you’ve been walloped by Ice-T.

The year was 2009. Sadoski, who would go on to have roles in series like The Newsroom, was guest-starring on Law & Order: SVU as a delusional fan of a polarizing talk-show host. And the script called for Fin to take the crazy guy down.

“I would be standing there, and Ice-T would come running in and would clothesline me over the desk,” Sadoski tells TVLine, laughing as he remembered the day.

“He had so much fun doing that, that we just kept on shooting it and shooting it and shooting it! There were no punches pulled,” he adds. “I was legitimately flying over the desk each time. And I’ve got to tell you: It was so fun.”

There are equally interesting — though far less violent — stories from the other TV jobs on Sadoski’s resumé. At our request, he told us some behind-the-scenes stories from the sets of many (many!) Law & Order incarnations, Ugly Betty, Newsroom and more, and gave us a glimpse at life with his small screen siblings on Life in Pieces (CBS, Mondays, 8:30/7:30c). Click through the gallery below for the highlights.