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Dominion Season 3 Spoilers

Dominion Finale: EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Death and [Spoiler]'s Betrayal, Explores Lucifer as Season 3's Big Bad

Warning: The following contains spoilers about Dominion‘s Season 2 finale.

Well, Dominion, that’s one way to end the Lady of the City’s reign.

Yep, Vega’s leader Claire Reisen was one of the many fatalities claimed by the Syfy series’ Season 2 finale, shot to death by Duma, the violent angel sharing a body with her father. (If you’re new to the show, now would be a good time to hit Google.) The hour also found:

* David Whele choosing to stay in the city where his son died rather than escape to relative safety in Helena with Arika. (Whele later was brought in front of the Duma/Gen. Riesen dyad, where it looked like things would not go well for him.)

* Alex performing a mass eviction for the first time, with those he saved going on to stick around and fight the 8-balls on his behalf.

* Lucifer, via the Prophet, ridding Gabriel of the darkness… and then later being revealed as needing Alex to complete his Voldemort-like return to corporeal form.

* Alex professing his love for Noma, who later reveals herself as being #TeamLucifer, thanks to the sweet new wings the Son of the Morning gave her.

TVLine caught up with series creator Vaun Wilmott to get his take on the packed episode, whether Claire is really and truly gone and what a possible Season 3 will look like. Read on for the scoop.

Dominion Season 3 Spoilers ClaireTVLINE | Claire is now — I was going to say “with the angels,” but that’s not a good euphemism for this show.
[Laughs] That’s not really a good place to be!

TVLINE | She was a character who grew considerably stronger over the course of two seasons. Was this trajectory always the plan for her?
The idea was always that in Season 1, I think of all the characters she has a really interesting arc in that in Season 1, coming out of the pilot she was just innocent and had these really lofty ideas and believed in freedoms and democracy and all the tthings that were almost, in this world, a luxury. And then once the split with her dad happened at the end of Season 1 and she was really thrust into the role of leader as Lady of the City, it became about how much the use and limits of power would change her and challenge her as a character. And would she become like her dad? So in many ways, I find her a very sympathetic character because she still had these ideas and these ideals she wants to implement but she’s bumping up against reality: the entrenched power of the V6s, the David Wheles, the angels outside the walls. There’s all these things that are basically conspiring her to stop her from actually making the world she would live in if she could.

TVLINE | Is this the last we’ve seen of Roxanne McKee?
I think it is the last you’ve seen of Roxanne.

TVLINE | William is dead, as well. Is this the last we’ve seen of Luke Allen-Gale?
William, interestingly, this is the example of a character that I think could live again, could come back, we could see again in some kind of a supernatural twist.

TVLINE | Speaking of the Wheles, it doesn’t look good for David in his final scene, but it occurs to me that this man always somehow gets out of terrible situations.
He very much is set up for some kind of a really difficult future. [Laughs]

TVLINE | We see Alex perform an eviction on a larger group of people than we’ve ever seen before. Is the thinking that maybe someday he can perform an eviction on the whole city?
We’re certainly toying with that, with this new escalation in his powers. The idea that we established in Season 2 is that he could be the great destroyer or the great healer. There’s so much locked potential in those tattoos on his body; we really don’t know the extent of what is really growing within him.

Dominion Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | Lucifer rises from the muck at the end of the episode — we’ll see him embodied in human form in Season 3?
Yes, definitely. This teases it. We left it open in terms of, because of what you see in the pool, he’s definitely a man. He’s definitely a human, or humanoid. But it leaves it open to the actor you want to cast. But yeah, he’s the big bad in Season 3.

TVLINE | Let’s talk Noma and her betrayal. How far back did you know she would turn on Alex?
Interestingly, I originally revealed that she’s an angel in the pilot. In the end of the Season 1 [concept] document, they were actually leaving Vega, her and Alex, and we learn that she is in league with Gabriel. Now, that’s not how it played out, so that was always in my mind that that story was in her past, that at one point she was on Gabriel’s side. Probably once we knew, midseason, that she was gonna rip off her wings to save him, I knew that was going to change her and really challenge her, and almost break her in a way that caused her personality to be affected and her loyalties and her path…

Once we hit on that the darkness was going to be in [Episode] 11 and that was going to unlock a person’s worst nightmare, then it all fell into place. We knew that hers was going to be getting her wings back, and she’s not going to want to lose them a second time, and what does that mean for when she comes out of the darkness? And then in [Episodes] 12 and 13, we built out that whole backstory where we learn about the day that the Seventh Seal was broken and then we learn that she was in league with Gabriel, and then all these big secrets started coming out.

TVLINE | How will her betrayal affect Alex? We hear him saying that he’s fallen for her earlier in the episode.
It’s going to be really heartbreaking and a huge betrayal. Of course, the big whammy — besides this — is that she was the one that actually killed his mother. That’s a secret that could shake everything to its core… Also for her, does she know what the extent of this deal means? Does she know that she was getting her wings back to turn him over to be sacrificed?

TVLINE | This season split the action among several locations: Vega, New Delphi and Mallory. Would next season follow suit, or would you pull all the characters together again in one place, like Season 1?
I really enjoyed our storytelling this season. It opened up the world and allowed the characters to occupy their own space and their own parts of the world as well as tell really unique stories to each character. I’d like to continue with that model.

TVLINE | Can you imagine a Dominion where the characters abandon Vega because it’s so literally godforsaken?
[Laughs] Oh, definitely. Yeah.

TVLINE | Will action possibly take place in Helena next season?
One of the things that really worked well for us this season was opening up New Delphi, and having that new character Julian as the new villain… I would hope that we could do Helena in the same way we did New Delphi this season.

TVLINE | How are you feeling about the show’s renewal chances?
Right now, we’re waiting to hear… I know they are very happy with the show creatively, they have really supported me and the show. The numbers will come in, and we’ll hear. As of now, I don’t really have an inkling. I’m hopeful.

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  1. dirkanger23 says:

    The beginning of this season was pretty slow & plodding but I gotta say that the last 4 to 5 episodes were really great. I was totally invested in the Darkness part of the storyline by season’s end & I also thought that all the deaths were justified in the course of the story. Syfy has to renew this show for at least another season. They can’t leave us without a conclusion to that cliffhanger.

    • BostonGreekGirl says:

      I was totally thinking the same thing. This season started a little slow but midway thru it really turned around and now i get why they built everything up slowly. I’m so hooked on this show I hope it comes back. So far Syfy have taken away Warehouse 13 and now Haven they can’t take this away too.

  2. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for this article!!! That was an awesome finale to a wonderful season of a fantastic show! I really hope Noma doesn’t go totally to Lucifer’s side (though I would LOVE to see Kim Englebrecht play bad). And I am so happy that David somehow once again made it out alive! I really couldn’t imagine Dominion without at least one of the Wheles. Really hope they can bring back William somehow once again! I really, really, really hope that SyFy renews this awesome show!

  3. shutuprob says:

    Well, four words: No Roxanne, No show.
    Seriously. She’s acting rings around pretty much everyone else on the show *including* Alan Dale, which is no mean feat, and, of course, Anthony Stewart Head, who should be given more to do than chew scenery.
    Kim Englebrecht is improving by leaps and bounds every couple of episodes and even faster since Noma lost her wings, so she’d be almost as big a loss to the show as McKee would be.
    Hoever, Was it just me or was Claire’s body missing from the suite when Whele wax brought to Duma? Since I think they aren’t dumb enough to really kill off the character played by their MVP actor (it’s only season 2 and this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy), I just want to make sure that I’m seeing the scene correctly as it could imply that there’s another way to make Dyads than the now-destroyed Amphora of Darkness and thereby point to Claire’s possible fate.

    • ? says:

      Nah. I like her as an actress but her storylines were always the most tedious. The writers never really justified the need for her as a character on the show other than to be embroiled in romantic drama with Alex, which was boring. Probably because they had no chemistry. All season long, whatever she was doing with the politics in Vega was never as interesting as what happening elsewhere. And Arika is a much, much better foil for David.

    • Katnea says:

      @Shutuprob – You got me so curious bout Claire’s body MIA, that I had to go back and review the Whele scene again! (Haha) Anyway, yes, after carefully reviewing the video clip like 3 times in a row, all that was actually shown, was Whele coming in ‘before’ he reached the step area. Then the scene cut. Next it came back and focused directly on Duma. Also, Whele was not only limping when he entered the room, he was looking directly at the floor as well. Whele facial expression never showed any kind of shock at seeing Claire’s body sprawled on the steps either. (Shrug) But hey, ya never know with this show…eh? ; ) The way I see it, the producers really did leave themselves a lot of wiggle room during this last episode. And sure the writers could resurrect Claire’s character … but I really don’t believe they will. (And actually, now that I think about it, I believe I did see this actress (Roxanne) playing in another show that just started up this fall?)

      Yup, I for one will be anxiously awaiting the barn burner final season of Dominion next year! Seriously tho, with Lucifer coming in to settle the score with his two bros… WOW… its gotta be good…eh? (Grin)

  4. Beverlie says:

    I am 50 and have never been a fan of science fiction. For some reason last year I began watching Defiance and then left the channel and began watching Dominion.
    I love both shows and love to watch Michael move his swords. I hope to see both shows come back. It seems the powers that be cut the shows as we get hooked. So much cheaper for the networks to put in a no name actor or reality show than to pay these guys what they deserve to come back.
    Did I saw how much I enjoy watching Michael. :-)

  5. darnell says:

    This was a awesome show I enjoyed it I get off of work on Thursday late night after 11 but when I get home I watch it I followed it from season 1 and now finished with season 2 I want to see season 3

  6. Shaun says:

    Noooooo,don’t kill the hotness that is Roxanne!!Claire and Alex were the best part.

    • Jason says:

      Agree with everyone 1000%, that killing off Claire is a huge mistake, they need to keep her alive, the love interest between Alex and Claire is one of the best parts of the show. I do not like Alex and Norma together, the chemistry isn’t there like it is with Alex and Claire!!!

  7. curtis says:

    I will come back because that was a killer season finale, I loved the way introduced lucifer, I’m ok with claire being dead, I hated noma from the beginning anyway, and I want lucifer to get his body back and crush everyone. Also I’m glad david and william wheele are both dead.

  8. m3rcnate says:

    Fantastic show, fantastic finale, definitely needs another season. Put the first up on Netflix (like they just did for Dark Matter) and gain a new following from there and renew Dominion for season 3.
    My hope going forward is that Noma and Alex still love each other, that even though he is betrayed and heartbroken, he still fights for her to come back to the “light” side. They have been a fantastic coupling and it would be great if they ended up together.
    In regards to the main place for the next season to take part, having it take part in Helena would be FANTASTIC. It is a new city to us, we haven’t seen it, it is all female (unique to see), and would have their queen back and the dynamic of her being in charge would be awesome. Would be fun to see Alex there and him be one of the only males in the entire city. Would also allow the show to cast a bunch of females to take Claire’s place on the show (in terms of role, a kickass female lead) and at some point the showrunner decide which actress pops the best with the actors & actresses and have her become the new lead for that role (the others can die in battle or just fade to background characters or w/e).

  9. PBS says:

    I have to say, overall, Season 2 of Dominion blew Season 1 away. The biggest strength of this show was when it was in New Delphi and dealing with the mythology behind the Angels. They’re the biggest mysteries in (both Legion) and Dominion, so the more mythology they develop for the Angels and Alex’s tattoos, the better. I loved every moment of the flashbacks between Michael / Gabriel / Noma. And Julian was such a great villain to play off Michael and Gabriel.

    Watching Tom Wisdom, Carl Beukes and Simon Merrells act across each other, the latter chewing up the scenery against the more stoic former, is awesome. Three FANTASTIC actors and then throw in Hakeem Kae-Kazim as the false prophet. AWESOME.

    And YES! I’ve been waiting for Alex to flex his powers as the “chosen one.” The mass eviction was awesome and I really hope we get to Alex become stronger and perform a mass city eviction because I really like the idea of him being the healer of both Angels AND Humans.

    The weakness of the show was when it was dealing with the power struggles in Vega with Claire as a mostly incompetent leader. Almost every decision she made had me facepalming. Can’t say I’ll miss Claire. The semi-pseudo love triangle was getting annoying too. Nothing against Roxanne McKee, she’s been a fun actress to watch since her days in GOT. But Claire. AGH. When she couldn’t suss out Arika as being her mole even though she saw with her own eyes Arika leaving the command room and needed Gates to figure it out, I head-desked.

    Hopefully if there is Season 3, we will get more Angel mythology. The introduction of Lucifer should be a step in the right direction. I was delighted when they made Kim Engelbrecht a series regular, Noma is so badass (still cringe when I think about the wing-ripping) and seeing a “fallen” Noma is going to be fun. Though potentially angsty as her betrayal’s going to hurt and don’t wanna see Alex hurting over it. I don’t think I’ll look forward to that.

    Oh yes and more Michael and Gabriel flashbacks please. The bromance is real.

  10. Terrific interview. Season 2 of Dominion was just so much fuller and richer in character development and plot development. I frequently hear complaints from people that even with 13 episode seasons there’s a risk of “filler” episodes. First, i don’t truly ascribe to this theory. But, even if you do, that certainly wasn’t the case with this season of Dominion. Every single episode was jam-packed.

    Sadly, SyFy did their utmost to disadvantage this show, in terms of timing of the season, timing of the broadcast and placement with its stable of shows. Shameful, really. Because the ratings potential was blown. And, it STILL managed to keep its head mostly above water despite incredible competition for a cable show (GoP debates, NFL football, New Network show premieres.) I hope that this is factored into a decision of what the viewership COULD be next year.

  11. Robert leigh Gilbert IV says:

    I’ve loved every single episode this show is very detailed I had you guessing the whole time through season one season two was just as good and now that lucifers coming back I had a feeling that might happen but I was still blowing off my feet I love the show please continue only downside was that Noma made a deal Lucifer but I hope it turns out for the better and not worse

  12. Robert leigh Gilbert IV says:

    And I also like the way you showed how the markings were first given to his father or guardian Jeep in the show when his mother died but in the movie Legion (obviously which is also the main reason why I started watching the show and now LOVE IT) when Michael died after Gabriel killed him the markings transferred to Jeep and in the movie it just showed Michael coming down escaping to find the child and everybody and everyone started being possessed but then in the show when you showed that it’s actually Gabriel that really started it because he broke the seventh seal, I love all the facts that you guys put in there, and pay attention to such detail Love the angel mythology and Michael and Gabriel no mom all of them are amazing William I’m 50-50 on him come back or not Claire sucks about her down for what about Julian what’s going to happen with him amazing show keep it up

  13. ♥MichaelTheAngel says:

    i love the whole show. the first season was slow moving, but season 2 was roller coaster thrilling. look forward to season 3. I am a huge Michael fan. I hope to see him wash again in the ocean, love that scene. hot angel Michael washing up in the ocean. that was hot! but I like all the cast. the ones who died in season 2 will be missed, but not david’s son. david son was crazy. I didn’t like him much. he was so boring. he did get interested in season 2, but then he got crazy again… but the other characters I like and the other characters that died will be missed. maybe the dead characters in season 2 will come back. like Claire… hope to see angel Claire help alex and make norma more jealous. its cool to see 2 women fight over a man. one human and 1 angel, well fallen angel now.. love to see more sexy scenes with Michael and love to see more shirt-less, sexy scenes with Gabriel… Gabriel tied up in bed without a shirt was hot!

  14. Askania-Nova says:

    I really enjoyed Season 2. All the dynamics, storylines, acting, locations, the score were lifted onto a new grand level. And it’s really taken with the fans.
    I agree with everything Vaun said. Every character has its cycle. But it’s really HARD and HEARTBREAKING to say Goodbye to favorite characters and brilliant actors. I hope Vaun would keep it in mind.
    Also I’m VERY excited about Lucifer! (Please, let be Theo James, please). And I’m surely very hopeful for Season 3! Come on Syfy! RENEW DOMINION!

  15. Kate says:

    I will be so disappointed if Dominion isn’t renewed. This season has been incredible, and I really take my hat off to Vaun Wilmott’s ability to juggle a storyline with many branches, and give all of his excellent ensemble cast an important role to play in that storyline. Stand-out performers for me this season have been Carl Beukes and Roxanne McKee. The one down-note in this interview is the likelihood that we won’t see McKee back as Claire. I hope very much that isn’t the case if we do get another season – she has depicted Claire’s character journey so well.

  16. Carmelita says:

    I want Clare back or I wont watch it anymore. She and Alex should be together.

  17. Kpap says:

    Am I the only one watching that really hated Claire? I am so happy she is probably gone for good. I think this season really turned around from the beginning and I can’t wait for season 3!

  18. What an utterly phenomenal season. S2 has upped the anti, simultaneously ushering in a sharp increase in the quality of the show. The storytelling was incredibly crisp and exciting, the cinematography and direction amazing and the score phenomenal. I sincerely hope its renewed. Having said that, GUTTED about Claire’s death, William’s death and Noma’s betrayal. I can only hope that Julian survived. The writers did such a great job.

  19. Could someone explain me!? Lucifer was jealous about humankind, what are the author talking about?

  20. nate says:

    i love this show it has everything, best on syfy and one of my top 3 on television hands down, Dominion, Power and Empire.

  21. MK says:

    Enjoyed Season 2 and hope season 3 would get more interesting, really liked Noma and Alex together, please dont separate them. Didnt like Claire much and dont wanna watch her more.

  22. Betty Jeanette Lovette says:

    Please, { bring it on}, season 3 is definitely anticipated in my book!

  23. Betty Jeanette Lovette says:

    Would definitely love a return of the show, season 3 is most anticipated.

  24. way says:

    We must have season 3… great show

  25. Marcie says:

    Now that Claire is gone, I won’t be watching. She has suffered so much and, now, you cannot think of a way to bring her back for Alex (especially given Nome’s betrayal)?

  26. jeff tan says:

    We need Claire back. She’s so sexy. She’s the reason I watch..

  27. Carmelita says:

    Dont care if they dont renew, Claire is gone

  28. shelbyann34 says:

    I’m pretty bummed they killed off Claire. I really enjoyed her character development, and I hope the writers plan to replace her with an equally strong female lead. One who isn’t portrayed as a villain.(Noma and Arika)
    I really love that they set the next season up for Gabriel and Michael to be on the same side, I just love the dynamic between the two. I really hope this renews for a third season, I think the writing is great and always interesting.

  29. lili says:

    i want claire back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Barbara Fu says:

    You know it’s funny–I found Claire/Alex to be the weakest part of the plot, middling was the 8-balls, then the revolutions, then it gets really interesting with the tension between Michael and Gabriel, and I love and adore the rivalries between the Riesens, the Wheles and Helena. And the Wheles totally break my heart every time they’re on screen. It’s interesting to me to read other commenters with very different ideas about that.

    It’s curious and awesome to read other commenters with different perspectives on all that.

  31. Season 2 was a massive improvement over season 1. Here hoping for a season 3.

  32. Edwin Lesperance says:

    You just got to have a 3rd season. This is the only show I regularly watch. I’ve never missed an episode.

  33. Annette L. Hubner says:

    Season 2 Was So Exciting And Convoluted And Has Such A Following, It Would Be Wonderful To Keep It Going For For Season 3 And More Just To See What Going To Go Down For The New Season.

  34. Eric Wilmoth says:

    I just got into this show seen both seasons and the movie before that I like the show even more and would really love to continue watching more. Keep it going guys and really would like the show to continue its own thing away from the movie as well goodluck

  35. kristi says:

    Looking forward to a 3rd season for Dominion. It can go in so many directions, that it should be around for many seasons.

  36. Maiya says:

    Will there ever be a novel to this tv show? I am beyond dying to read ahead and figure out how this all turns out!

  37. Tino says:

    The cancellation of this show was a real let-down, as the “series finale” could’ve been the 2nd coming, which I’m sure would’ve been an epic episode.
    Now we need a written story line to give the fans closure.
    Screw you sy-fy.

  38. Liz says:

    I have loved this show from the beginning but if the show comes back and the powers that be were STUPID enough to kill off Clair, I WILL NOT be watching. I watched for Clair, Alex and Michael.

  39. Alyssa Rouse says:

    Love, love, love, Dominion!!! Thanks for making such an awesome show and please continue to make it!

  40. amber post says:

    I really enjoy dominion so please bring back a season 3

  41. angel says:

    is the show really over do u know how mad that makes people we love the show

  42. Michael says:

    okay this is what I think. I think it was stupid to cancel the series on a cliffhanger if you’re not going to renew the series. personally I believe the show is good enough for season 3 action sci-fi cancelled it that the writers producers or creators of the show should take it to another network. I don’t believe that the actors would care what network it was on if they knew how deeply the fans feel about the show. or if not, Syfy

  43. Michael says:

    sorry about that everyone I got cut off before I got to finish my comment. like I was saying I believe the series was awesome and basically no series should end without having a true ending there is no ending here what happens to Michael and Gabriel do they make it to the chosen one on time, and with Lucifer does he rain hell on earth they gave him the power of creation in the show but we will never see it never see if the good guys win or the bad guys win. I might not know a lot about producing shows directing them or writing them but I’m really good at watching them lol as are all fans and we’re the ones watching giving them ratings where the one saying it’s good or bad don’t the fans deserve at least a true ending. if it was up to me I wouldn’t give up take the show to a different network it will be watched hey everyone could you imagine this show uncensored on like HBO or Showtime that’s food for thought Thanks for hearing me Happy watching

  44. Joan Lewis says:

    Please do not cancel Dominion. This is one of my favorite shows and you can’t end the show without a proper ending. Is their father coming back, is Alex going to die or is Noma a good angel or a bad angel. Please another season.

  45. This was one of the most exciting season i watched, very confusing, left me in the dark and unpredictable… i did not like the way they killed the lady of the city, it was so sad and I wished she could have gotten married to Alex at the end.. It was so sad and I felt like crying…. I can’t wait to see season three.. Good Job to the producers

  46. carrie says:

    I love this show its the best I’ve seen in a lon time its so sad that there isn’t a season three I think it would be a great hit I’m in south Africa plz make a season three

  47. ughhhh not renewing???? you are going to leave us hanging????????????

  48. Gafman says:

    This season is intresting

  49. Pam dufresner says:

    I want it back, its s great series.

  50. Leanne hindy says:

    Im heartbroken that there is not a 3rd season please please please give it another chance