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Bones Season 11 Spoilers

Bones' David Boreanaz on [Spoiler]'s Death ('You Have to Continuously Change'), Booth's 'Intense' Journey

If you feel the need to take an extra long look at the above picture of Booth’s happy family on Bones, we totally understand. The joyous feeling seen on the clan’s faces stands in opposition to the somber, stressful vibe of Thursday’s Season 11 premiere.

As the episode opens, we discover that Booth and Brennan stayed put in their home even though they left their old jobs. Since we last saw them in Season 10, she’s written two books already and is helping classify artifacts for the Munich museum, while he’s working as a freelance instructor at the FBI. Or so Booth says.

After bidding goodbye to his brood with a lingering, heavily loaded look, he disappears — as in goes missing for days. Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian discovers a body, and all the evidence points to it being the G-man. Brennan, of course, is reluctant to accept that the remains are her husband’s — even as Angela IDs the gun found at the scene as Booth’s. The remodeling on the bones, too, is consistent with the injuries Booth endured from his abusive father.

Brennan insists on examining the remains by herself. “We left all this behind. It can’t be him. It just can’t,” she tells Angela.

She’s right to be in denial — the body is actually Booth’s brother, Jared, which explains all the similarities — and you better believe her temporary replacement Arastoo and Cam get a mouthful from Brennan on the Jeffersonian’s quality of work.

Bones Season 11 SpoilersFBI agent Grace Miller (played by 24‘s Kim Raver) is brought in to investigate the case, and it turns out Booth is her No. 1 suspect in Jared’s Murder. After visiting Jared’s wife, they discover that a friend, not Booth, was helping troubled Jared get his life back on track. The influx of cash, however, was coming from Booth, which means he was either helping his brother or planning something with him, making him an accessory to whatever criminal acts they were undertaking, Miller points out.

So where is Brennan’s missing other half? He’s with Jared’s pals, robbing a house — and practically bleeding out from a stomach wound! On the scene, the team also discovers an expertly shot-to-death man. And with that, the action is To Be Continued.

On a break from filming the upcoming Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover, star David Boreanaz talked to TVLine about the impact of Jared’s death on Booth, the “intense” second half of the season opener and the state of Booth and Brennan’s marriage.

TVLINE | They killed off your brother, poor Jared — and offscreen, too! What was your reaction?
I know! You have to able to adjust on the fly and do things that make sense for the story. I think it’s fine. You have to continuously change things up by killing characters. I don’t think anyone’s safe. My character’s not even safe on the show. One of the hardest things is to be able to make that change. So no, it was good. I didn’t mind.

TVLINE | I always hoped they would bring Brendan Fehr back as Jared for an episode. I guess that’s out of the question now.
Unfortunately, he’s done. He’s history. Flashbacks maybe.

TVLINE | How is Booth dealing with the loss?
It’s weighed a little bit on him because he couldn’t help Jared out when he was alive – and he can’t even help him out when he’s dead. It’s a struggle for Booth to get that and something that he’ll come to grips with… and maybe affects his journey this whole season.

TVLINE | He was keeping this from Brennan, that he was trying to help Jared. Does that create any tension between them?
[shakes head] There’s an understanding at the end of the [next] episode where she gets why they need to go back to their jobs, so to speak. So there’s a reason for it.

TVLINE | I was surprised to discover they left the Jeffersonian and the FBI, but they didn’t actually move away.
They’ve got a nice house in the woods! They might as well stay there.

TVLINE | How quickly are they back at the Jeffersonian?
It happens pretty quickly. It’s not like an ongoing arc. [Booth will] reevaluate where he stands now in the FBI and how Aubrey has moved up and how annoying that is. He doesn’t have his office. There’s some funny stuff coming up.

TVLINE | He’s below Aubrey now in the ranks?
Yeah. I’ve got to go through all the retesting and shooting and evaluations to get reinstated.

TVLINE | Is he happy to be back at the FBI?
Yeah. He’s happy. The character thrives off saving people and helping them.

Bones Season 11 SpoilersTVLINE | At the end of the premiere, you’re bleeding and you’re with these guys who have just robbed a house. What can you tease about the next episode?
The second half is much more intense in terms of trying to find out why he’s in that predicament. There is a great end to that episode that reflects the connection between him and Bones.

TVLINE | What kind of trouble has Booth gotten himself into?
So many things. He’s got a life. A lot of secrets.

Bones fans, what did you think of the season premiere? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick.

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  1. Missy says:

    If the premiere is any indication of how this season will be and how the new show runners are going to run the show… I just have to say, season 11 will be AWESOME!

  2. lily says:

    Great interview. Awesome opener. Can’t wait till next week!

  3. July Lark says:

    Well Boranaz might think cow-towing to jr fbi agent is funny, but Assby didnt earn it. Do the writers think we are stupid? Apparently…. maybe it’s their way of validating their promotions to showrunners after everybody else flew the coop. Disgusting. Not only disrespecting Booth but also the FBI. No way am I watching this trash.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      Slow your roll. Booth quit the FBI. There’s no way that agency would just let him come back with the same level of seniority; they’re but a union.

      • I just have to say ... says:

        *NOT a union.

        • anon says:

          Booth got his job back before when he left before without demeaning him like this to a junior agent, its unbelievable hackjob crap

          • 1mars says:

            Booth left his job 2 other times and did not have to fight to get it back, when he went to Afghanistan and when he left to be head of the FBI in Germany. I would have no problem if even Agent Miller took his job, but its demeaning and humiliating to a Unit Leader to have a Jr FBI agent take over his job and office and now Booth has to report to him? sigh

          • John NYC says:

            Neither military service nor a foreign FBI posting is quitting the agency as he has this time. He severed his employee status: that’s a much more serious hole to climb out of.

          • Tatharnio says:

            When he went to serve in Afghanistan, he didn’t quit. He took a leave of absence. When he was running the FBI office in Germany, he obviously didn’t quit the FBI, and therefore wouldn’t have lost any rank or seniority. This time he quit. And while he was quit, he was joining up with a group to rob some druglords. It’s quite possible THAT has something to do with his reduced status as well.

            Also, Aubrey obviously isn’t a ‘Junior’ agent anymore. Presumably in the last 6 months since Booth left, he’s been promoted, hence the reason he has Booth’s office, and his job as Liaison to the Jeffersonian.

    • Boiler says:

      I doubt they will miss you!

    • heather says:

      Booth will have his job back by the end of ep 3, if you follow David on twitter you will see a pic he posted with a cake and his bobbleheaded bobby. Saying Booth is back!!!!

      But I do agree having Aubrey, a junior agent lording it over a senior agent of 20 yrs isn’t funny to me either, it is degrading and telling me how little they think of Booth and his contribution to the team and show

      • Boiler says:

        I don’t get your second paragraph and those like it. He QUIT the FBI. Per the interview, please read, he said why he is not back to his original position yet. C’mon

      • kmw says:

        While I am not a big fan of Aubry his lording it over every one to me is just a contrivance for the sake of the story. I do not feel they are disrespecting Booth, he did quit after all. Aubry will out of the office pretty soon and taking orders from Booth again. Aubry didn’t detract me from loving this episode. I really liked it more than I thought I would

    • 'A' Is Alive says:

      As someone else pointed out, he didn’t really quit the other times. This time, he actually did. He left his position. They’re not going to just keep it open in hopes he’d come back. That’s how the work force goes. Say a Principal in a school quit and a year or two later, decided to come back, their position is filled. Same with management, CEO, Captains, etc. You can’t just quit and expect to have your position when you decide you might have made a mistake. It doesn’t work like that.

  4. I just have to say ... says:

    Great season premiere; much better than ‘Castle’.

  5. anon says:

    Booth has taken time off before and he never had to go through getting reinstated, but now the bones writers just to humilate him to elevate the detestable Aubrey.

    The sooner Booth gets reinstated and gets his office and position back the better

    Also, way beyond cruel to kill off Jared after doing the same to Sweets, how much pain are they putting on Booth

    • I just have to say ... says:

      Booth didn’t take time off – he quit.

      • heather says:

        Brennan quit too but her position and role somehow isn’t compromised or she doesn’t have to jump through hoops to get her job back

        Booth quitting for 6mts doesn’t diminish his experience of 20yrs

        I feel like this plot is just being used for humor and I don’t find it funny

        • Boiler says:

          Humor?? Are you kidding me? C’mon. As with the others did you even read the article

        • John NYC says:

          The “Jeffersonian”, aside from being make believe, simply isn’t as stick up the butt about people quitting as the FBI?

          AND he’s got internal affairs after him at the moment. That sort of stink tends to linger even in an agency whose director liked cross dressing.

        • 'A' Is Alive says:

          The Jeffersonian is make believe and might have different regulations. Booth QUIT his higher rank position and they assigned it to someone else. The FBI definitely has different standards. If you quit, you can’t expect to get your position back. Demoting someone else who JUST got promoted just because the guy who quit his job has more experience? No. Definitely doesn’t work like that in ANY type of work. The other times, he took time off to go do other things so its understandable his position wasn’t permanently filled. This time, he quit for good meaning no one knew he’d up and decide “Oh, I think I made a mistake and want to go back to my old job.”

          • heather says:

            A principle wouldn’t be replaced by a teacher who just had a few years on the clock. The principle would be replaced by a another principle or someone with years of experience .

            The problem isn’t Booth quit his job and someone else got it, the problem is that a junior agent who had to beg to work a case is now filling the role of a Senior agent six months later. Booth wasn’t just a FBI agent, he was actually head of the department, which goes to agents with years of experience who have earned it, which makes Aubrey’s current job status even more ridiculous and idiotic

            I don’t have problem that someone got Booth’s job, I have problem that it was Aubrey, junior agent.

          • linds says:

            Thanks Heather – you expressed my feelings perfectly. The only sour note in an otherwise great episode. Why do they keep shoving this idiot down our throats. I know Sweets is gone, but cut your losses with this horrible miscast… just about anyone would be less annoying. Except Daisy. Daisy would be worse.

    • Boiler says:

      First I think Aubrey is a great character. Second Booth quit so he would not be immediately back to his old spot. Did you even read his explanation in the interview.

      • heather says:

        Brennan quit her job too, but I don’t see having to report to an intern until she gets reinstated

        And its not only that, Aubrey is a junior agent, there is no way in hell he would get to take over senior agent Booth’s office in 6mts, its like saying an intern doctor is suddenly head of surgery without having to put in any time and years. Unbelievable nonsense

        We already have an Agent Booth we don’t need a poor copycat version that the Bones writers are so desperately trying to do with Aubrey, its just insulting….ugh

        • kmw says:

          Yes its implausible that Aubry would have his job in six months but remember Booth quit. With Aubry in the cast were they really going to hire someone else for this episode? No they weren’t. With the way they had to play this story Booth is in trouble with them They will not just automatically let him come back. Although to be fair it is just as improbable that Brennan would just take over because she said so. These are plot devices that to me didn’t distract from the episode. I am not a huge fan of Aubry either but I have complained enough about him and I wont let his presence ruin the rest of Bones run. Great episode cannot wait till next week

          • heather says:

            Characters exist when the writers write them. They could easily of had a senior agent in Booth’s office with a few lines delegating to Aubrey what to do

            This isn’t about Booth quitting, it’s about the absurdity of a junior agent with the status of a Senior agent…its making the FBI look ridiculous, and the other agents who should of been in line for the job look dumb as bricks

            Its about how they made a big deal that Brennan can’t be replaced and no one took over her office space and doing the exact opposite to Booth, making Booth look like he is a replaceable goldfish who can be replaced at the drop of a hat with the squints, with Caroline and within the FBI.

            The take over by Aubrey stinks, hes such a Mary Sue, what’s next he’s running for president? Director if the FBI? Ugh

        • Tatharnio says:

          Check out the FBI ranking structure. First of all, there is no rank of ‘junior agent’. There is Probationary Agent, Special Agent, and Senior Special Agent, and then 3 more ranks above that. So Booth was hardly at the top of the food chain in the first place. If we believe that Aubrey was a Special Agent and Booth was a Senior Special Agent, then that’s only one rank between them. It’s entirely possible for him to have been promoted that rank in the 6 months, as it would be awarded based on merit. As for people in line to take Booth’s job? Go back and watch the first season, Booth wasn’t that hot on working with the ‘squints’ at the Jeffersonian in the first place, so I don’t think there are people breaking down the door to take that spot. Also a job like that would give preference to someone who already knows the job, and has worked with the individuals involved. Aubrey is the logical choice since he’s worked with them for the last year.
          You’re right, an intern doesn’t jump from being an intern to a Head of Surgery. Aubrey wasn’t the equivalent of an intern, and Booth isn’t the equivalent of the Head of Surgery.

          As for Brennan getting her job back, in the 6 months Cam still hasn’t found a permanent replacement for her, so her job is still open.

          • anon says:

            Go back and watch any ep, Booth isn’t just a Senior Agent he is HEAD of Special Crimes. He is HEAD of the department, even Aubrey said Booth trained all the the agents that were going out to search for Booth

            Booth wasn’t just liaison, or a senior agent he was HEAD of the department, hence why he had the office

            Making Aubreys take over of Booth’s office even more ridiculous

            Agent Flynn, a senior agent with rank, took over Booth’s job in season 8, I had no problem with that cos he wasn’t a green behind the ears junior agent who got super fast tracked inn 6mnths

            It so ridiculous, laughing at the stupidity if it

    • John NYC says:

      “TVLINE | He’s below Aubrey now in the ranks?
      Yeah. I’ve got to go through all the retesting and shooting and evaluations to get reinstated.”

      He’s a FORMER agent getting re-employed so of course he’s going to get retested, get shooting qualified and psyche evaluated. There’s actually zero indication of anything more than standard employment in processing in his reply. Frankly he didn’t answer the question of what his and Aubrey’s relative rank would be, unless it’s his probationary status and that’s as temporary as any probationary period would be.

  6. Boiler says:

    Excellent premiere!!

  7. RBA says:

    I loved it. Great premiere.

  8. Rebecca Monroe says:

    It was Awesome ,wish it had been for two.hours . BRENNAN and BOOTH =BONES

  9. John NYC says:

    Other than not nearly enough David, terrific episode. Loved Bones’ emotion!

  10. Maria says:

    I only tuned in because I like Kim Raver…I hadn’t watched Bones in years up until tonight…but I think I’ll be back. What a great episode! And it’s also refreshing to watch a show that doesn’t look like it forgot to pay its electric bill…(I’m talking to you, Castle producers. Your set is too dark!)

    • WJSC says:

      Oh my gosh! I couldn’t agree more! On Castle, even when they’re at the police department the lighting looks like something from the 19th century! I’ve seen the same on other shows, too. What’s that about? Is it some kind of cost-cutting measure? I don’t get it!

  11. 1mars says:

    One other thing, Christine misses her “Uncle” Aubrey, if they stopped killing off Booth’s family she could have a real uncle. btw, does she even know she has an Uncle Russ?

  12. kmw says:

    Great episode. It was moving really well and made good use of what little they had of David Boreanaz. I loved the flashbacks especially their first kiss. Kim Raver was terrific and of course Emily Deschanel was great as always. It is unfortunate they killed Jared off screen but in this case they had no choice. Booth is obviously doing something to protect his family and get justice for Jared. Yes I wish he was honest with Brennan but its totally in his character to do that for his family and she will come to understand that. Just a great start to new season

  13. TYATES says:

    BRING BACK SWEETS!!! Have it written as a fake death. A top secret under cover job to help catch the undertakers copycat or something.

  14. fatalsin says:

    Wow reading the comments… lots of Aubrey haters…even if Aubrey out ranks Booth when he comes back I don’t see Aubrey using that positional at all… he wants to be a part of the team and fit in… he wouldn’t risk it by being a jerk..but just my 2 cents lol

    • Boiler says:

      Great comment. He’s a little quirky but I really like him personally

    • Ella says:

      Nah, it’s not ‘lots’ of Aubrey haters. Just the same handful of people who feel the need to comment everywhere. Seriously, Aubrey is here to stay, so they need to get over it.

    • Deena says:

      ITA. I like Aubrey and don’t see him lording it over Booth. That wouldn’t be in character imo. They couldn’t have both come back too easily and can’t see Bones being an underling. It= don’t have see it as a big deal that they promoted Aubrey when it would never happen irl because this is a tv show after all.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      I was surprised at the end of last season to discover just how much I like Aubrey. I think he’s a great addition to the show and a good foil for Booth.

  15. Nancy says:

    I really enjoyed this episode….I can’t wait for the second half. I want to know the story about what is happening. I was surprised to learn about Jared being so bad that Brennan and Booth didn’t want to associate with him. Padme was obviously angry with Booth’s WIFE! lol I guess she wanted the gifts to keep coming and she expected Brennan to foot the bill?
    I don’t think Booth is protecting his family….he was out to help Jared and perhaps stop some human trafficking? He left his wedding ring behind because he didn’t want anyone to know he had a family. That way the bad guys wouldn’t go after them like the bookie did last year if things got bad.
    I do think he will have some explaining to do to Brennan. But I’m sure they come to an understanding.
    It was really good. And I liked Agent Miller much more than I expected to even though she was so harsh. I’m guessing her ‘partner’ may be involved in something bad too? I don’t know lot of intrigue.
    I’m not worried about the Booth/Aubry thing right now. Sounds like they will play it for laughs for an ep or two….but maybe they will end up being on the same level???? I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. But agree the FBI is a huge organization, not like the small lab at the Jeffersonian where Brennan is truly Ruler of the Lab! She lets the squints play, but she rules. :)

    • John NYC says:

      “TVLINE | He’s below Aubrey now in the ranks?
      Yeah. I’ve got to go through all the retesting and shooting and evaluations to get reinstated.”

      Yes, I expect his having to “jump through some hoops” to get requalifed for a firearm etc. will be a great excuse for him to grouse a bit to Brennan and complain she doesn’t have to take her medical exams again etc. Leaving an opening for her to point out why… lol. The woman may lack many things, ego and (justified) self-confidence isn’t one of them and she’s not shy in sharing. She definitely could use a bumpersticker I’d see around Oceanside (Camp Pendleton Marine base): “It’s hard to be humble when you’re the best”…. Brennan must have that tattooed somewhere..

  16. KC says:

    This show needs to go. It’s definitely showing it’s age – I turned the channel after 10 minutes.

  17. Rita Sioros says:

    I really don’t see how Aubrey can out rank Booth he was only gone 6 months There were a couple of things didn’t like episode Booth was so much more thorough than Aubrey. Still like the other Brennan.

  18. Rita Sioros says:

    I really don’t see how Aubrey can out rank Booth he was only gone 6 months There were a couple of things didn’t like episode Booth was so much more thorough than Aubrey. Still like the other Brennan. Comments Different!

    • John NYC says:

      “TVLINE | He’s below Aubrey now in the ranks?
      Yeah. I’ve got to go through all the retesting and shooting and evaluations to get reinstated.”

      While Booth is on probationary employment status until he clears the incoming standards the janitors probably “outrank” him. He’s just got to get reprocessed in and meanwhile until he clears the various standards, shooting qualification, psyche evaluation etc. his status is probationary.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree John, I think Booth is only ‘below’ Aubrey until he re-qualifies for the FBI in some way. I don’t agree on Brennan, her field is totally different. She’s still writing text books and very much involved in her field even though she’s been away from the lab. We saw her cataloging items for the German museum. And she is the best….the tattoo is a cute idea! LOL Now I’m not sure she’d qualify to carry a gun….that was often a contested point. Remember Booth wanted her to carry the cuffs while he was her gun! :)
        In fact, are B&B still work partners? Or has Aubrey totally usurped her role in the field with Booth. I get while she was pregnant that was a fuzzy area. I’m not clear on entirely clear on Aubrey’s role, but I don’t hate him. He’s a nice guy.

        • John NYC says:

          The “old” Brennan from the pilot and early on? She of the clunky jewelry and grinning attitude to getting detained by Homeland at airports?

          She’d totally have that tattoo. 😐

  19. amysue4772 says:

    It gets a big fat F because anything that ends in to be continues. . . is a big huge fail

    • Why? it’s not the show’s fault Fox won’t air both episode in one day and part two of the two-parter has to air next week. What even?? This comment is a joke.

    • Really? says:

      Wow, I guess your reading skills must be very bad–they have been doing articles about this ALL summer about being a two part episode. I’d suggest you read things before commenting–it just makes you look sad………(and incredibly stupid) SMDH

      • John NYC says:

        Well, unless it’s the very last episode of the very last year of ANY show it’s ALWAYS being “continued” whether they close with that crawler or not.

        I mean “serialized television” much?

  20. WJSC says:

    Wow — I’m shocked to read so much Aubrey-hate in these comments! I really like that character! Beyond that, I’m glad to read the show will be turning a bit more toward its early roots. I’m very much looking forward to this season (which will likely be the last season).

  21. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    I thought the season 11premier of Bones was fantastic, intense,suspenseful, sad, happy/Booth alive & a touching family scene at the beginning. I also think Ms Deschanel did a suburb performance in her reaction to Booth missing & the flash backs added that extra drama of B&B’S love for each other. As for Aubrey, I believe he being top dog will be short lived after Booth’s re-certification, because Caroline will make sure Booth gets his office back like she did before. The Writers delivered BIG TIME in giving again a fantastic 1st episode of season. I am looking forward to next week & the remainder of season……..especially Betty White…….One last thing, I hope FOX will consider additional seasons after season 11, after all SUV/NBC is on their 17th year & I hope they get 20 years. Let’s face it, there are not that many good shows on TV now, Bones & SUV is clean & decent for whole families to watch together. Love Bones

    • Paula Downs says:

      Bones clean for families? NOT!! I love the show but even I in my old age, I have to cover my eyes regularly.

  22. 4theloveoffilm says:

    So much vitriol aimed at Aubrey! Everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion, of course, and here is mine:

    I love Aubrey. I adored Sweets and miss him (heck, I still miss Zack), but Aubrey isn’t Sweets’ replacement. And Sweets is gone because JFD is a talented writer as well as actor. I like that Aubrey is all about food. I like that he honors Sweets by reading his old files and books and seeing B&B and team through his eyes. I love that he has Booth’s back, always. That he has BRENNAN’s back. That he adds something and helps out without trying to detract from anyone else. That he ingratiated himself with everyone and is committed to the team. And he has a sense of humor. I think he is a good character and a nice addition. He might have gotten a promotion and whatever, and I could of course be wrong, but I think he respects Booth too much to lord it over him much if at all. I don’t see him belittling Booth or whatever else so many of you seem afraid will happen.

    I think Jared dying is a little sadder than the team will make it out to be, though. Booth lost his “adopted” little brother, Sweets. Now he loses his real one. Jared was trouble, but he did help rescue him from the Grave Digger, and it seemed they were on better footing.

  23. STOP says:

    Are you people seriously mad because Aubrey has Booth’s position at the FBI?! You all need to get a life! It’s TV, therefore, fiction! Move on and enjoy the actual world. Jeez, it is absurd to see this kind of discussion, who cares?

  24. patricia says:

    Hi, I glad to see there back, Bones and Booth are great. The reat off the team are wonderful. It’s about time Bones had a go at Cam. You can’t kill of Booth anf Aubery ia a good , in his own way. IT’S Great they are all back, Bones know’s Booth and know’s how he works on cases. Can’t wait for the next episodes. Keep up the good work and the great stories lines to come.

  25. maxine says:


    • Wendy says:

      Named after Booth’s “Pops”, the baby’s great-grandfather. So his name is Hank. (The show’s way of acknowledging Ralph Waite and his death.)

  26. anne acuff says:

    I have not been able to watch since the killed off Sweets. I took it off my series record on my dvr. Plenty of other shows to watch.

    • Really? says:

      I’m curious, Sweets was killed last year–so, if you have plenty of shows to watch other than Bones, and you removed it from your DVR. Why are you here, commenting on a show you no longer will watch? Do you just like to whine?

  27. monmax says:

    Stopped watching first semester last season. After reading the synopsis of S11E01 I remember why. What a bore. My gut tells me this is the last season.

    • Really? says:

      Have you met anne acuff above? You both should do lunch. You both are not watching a show for over a year. Yet still feel the need to come and whine about it–yikes.

      • John NYC says:

        Facebook lacks a “Shows I’m still not watching” status line? So I blame Zuckerberg. 😰

      • monmax says:

        Just counterbalance my dear. Not all of us are in awe over a show that (in my opinion) has reached its peak a couple of years ago.

        • Really? says:

          Oh, so that is your version of “counterbalance”? Complaining about a show you not only don’t watch anymore, but, taking the time to seek out posts about the show and whine about how it reached its peak a couple of years ago. Huh. Most people who don’t care for a show usually stop watching and find something else. At least most normal people….

  28. Molly says:

    Don’t try to make sense of this story, people. The writers just make it up as they go along. Christine is supposed to be 4 but she looks about 7. Booth, Brennan, Angela and Hodgins were all leaving at the end of last season and they are all still around. And did anyone notice that the new baby has no name? You really have to suspend your disbelief and just play along with whatever the writers phone in from week to week.

    • Tvwatcher says:

      Really?! Do you even watch the show
      1)The little girl who play Christine is 5 not 7
      2) Hodings and Angela decided to stay in the last episode of season 10
      3) The baby’s name is Hank, Booth said it twice in the opening scene

  29. patricia says:

    Hi, Been reading what David been saying that , he thinks it time to warp it up after season 11. Bones can carry on with out him. Bones is done around the Bones and the team, and anyone of them can be changed. Emily is the mean person if she goes then the show may so well come to an end.

  30. Karen Hooten says:

    I love this premiere. Thought it is the best. Hope Bones goes on forever!

    • Linda says:

      I hope it goes on forever also. There isn’t another show that has written such a great love story without writing one! Bones will never love another and the writers need to keep them together. The lack of love scenes keep us coming back!! Do you realize that they have never had a love scene!!! Anyways, I also live how they work together and solve the murders, it is really interesting. And love the whole cast too.

  31. Debi says:

    Don’t like Aubrey

  32. Diane nelson says:

    “lol,bones is the top movie in kenya love bones

  33. cs says:

    I love Bones,but can you please make Temperance more human. Make her talk more normal and less robotic . The chemistry looks forced and she used to be awesome. How can they not notice the difference . She’s completely unlikeable when before she was endearing. What is wrong with your writers?I’d rather watch old reruns. You can be smart and not robotic, not to mention they went overboard on the superior attitude. Try watching how she use to talk before. The forced laughter is not good ,and the interaction between Booth and Brennan should be more romantic and not so harsh, seriously work on it people. I am not the only one. I want to stay a fan!

  34. cs says:

    I love Bones,but can you please make Temperance more human. Make her talk more normal . The chemistry looks forced and she used to be awesome. How can they not notice the difference . She’s completely unlikeable when before she was endearing. What is wrong with your writers?I’d rather watch old reruns. You can be smart and not robotic, not to mention they went overboard on the superior attitude. Try watching how she use to talk before. The forced laughter is not good ,and the interaction between Booth and Brennan should be more romantic and not so harsh, seriously work on it people. I am not the only one. I want to stay a fan!

  35. Agent Booth says:

    I can’t believe how much my frakkin’ sister-in-law makes per hour!!!!