X-Files Trailer: Mulder, Scully and Lots of Questions in Revival Sneak Peek

“In 2002 my investigation ceased, but my personal obsession did not.”

So says Mulder — speaking for X-Files fans everywhere — in the revival’s extended trailer, which Fox aired Monday night. 

The preview, which debuted during Gotham and Minority Report and then was released as an even longer sneak peek on Tuesday, is the most comprehensive look we’ve gotten at the supernatural series’ upcoming return since the project was announced in March.

In the spot, we see: Mulder in both civilian clothing and his G-man suit, Joel McHale’s character, Scully looking concerned, Skinner!, the empty basement office (and its pencil-pocked ceiling), a mysterious old man, a mysterious young man (in flashback), Area 51 (maybe) and more.

We also hear, via McHale’s voiceover, that an attack — which will look like terrorism but will actually use alien technology lying decades in wait — is imminent… and he needs Mulder’s help.

Of course, we’ve got questions. (After all, that’s why they put the “I” in “FBI.”)  Exactly how has Mulder “put the pieces together,” after all this time? Who is the old man, and what does he mean by “You’re close”?How is Cigarette Smoking Man alive? (Or is he?) And why is Scully — who’s not wearing a lab coat, mind you — sitting in the Intensive Care Unit when Mulder comes calling?

The X-Files premieres on Jan. 24, 2016 — but a lucky group of fans at New York Comic Con will see the episode when it’s screened there on Oct. 10.

Press PLAY on the official trailer (above), then click through the gallery below for a closer look at the FBI’s most unwanted in action.

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  1. I started rewatching the series yesterday for the first time since it aired (I originally only saw like the first two seasons, maybe). I’m up to episode 15.

  2. Mare says:

    Honestly, I’m still mad Carter broke up Scully and Mulder, so it’s taken away a goodly portion of my excitement.

  3. 666 says:

    Internet, get your s***t together and upload those videos quickly please!

  4. Drew says:

    I’m intrigued. I am up to season 4 in my rewatch and the show is still great. I am really looking forward to this. That said, I was burned by the last movie and the bad taste isn’t out of my mouth yet. It was horribly written and at times, Chris Carter allowed his petty politics to take priority over the story (what little story there was). I guess what I’m saying is… I *want* to believe.

  5. Lysh says:

    I LOVE it!
    I’m on season 7 on my rewatch, which is not the greatest season. I’m really looking forward to the miniseries though. It looks darker, back to its roots. Maybe it’s because I’m watching as a kinda adult now, but I have a greater appreciation for Cancer Man. I love hearing his voice at the end.

  6. Everytime I think I can’t be more excited, I get more excited.

  7. octopus says:

    Isn’t that guy carrying that body the grown-up Gibson from the original series?

  8. Watching the first season of X-Files, I’ve concluded that an iPhone would have solved many of Mulder’s problems. He could have used it to take photos and videos he would then upload to the cloud, and even make phone calls with it. That’s a parody commercial waiting to happen.

  9. True Believer says:

    I never stopped believing.

  10. Phillip says:

    I wonder how they will be back CSM when he clearly — SPOILER ALERT– died in the finale. He basically disintegrated.

  11. So, no e-cigarettes for the Cigarette Smoking Man.

  12. E says:

    I’m up to season 9 on my rewatch. I forgot just how terrible it was without Mulder. The show just doesn’t work without the Scully/Mulder angst. So excited about the series. I hope it does well so there will be more

  13. Prior to the iPhone, people all over the world shot blurry photos of UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot etc. Now that everyone has what amounts to a film studio in their hand, you don’t see that anymore.

    Where’re the clear HD UFO photos taken with the latest iPhone?

    Do people that take them realize that they really are weather balloons or swamp gas and then delete them rather than post them?

    HD photos of food have replaced blurry photos of UFOs.

    “HD photos of your food have replaced blurry photos of UFOs” is something Fox Mulder should say, lol.

  14. Annie says:

    what I got from that: HIS HANDS ARE ON HER SHOULDERS

  15. Can’t wait for the new X-Files. My all time favorite TV show. Never misses an episode.

  16. shane says:

    why do they say they broke up Scully and Moulder. In the trailor both are there.